New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 36

Today was the day. I was getting married to the love of my existence. It seemed so long ago that I had moved from Phoenix to Forks to live with my father and had met Edward Cullen. We may have had a bumpy start to our relationship but now we were getting our happily ever after. We would be together forever and would never have to worry about one of us dying of old age. We had the perfect life together. It was strange to think back to the time when I was a human and had met Edward Cullen for the first time. He had been so repulsed by me and had been acting so strange. It was incredible to think how much our lives had changed from that very moment. Soon after that Edward saved me from Tyler's van and our weird but wonderful relationship began to blossom. I remembered when we started dating and suddenly I was separated from my love because I was being hunted by James. After surviving that near death experience, we had six amazing months together before what happened at my eighteenth birthday and Edward left me, breaking my heart. I honestly don't know how I survived our time about but all I know is that it helped make me the person I am today. Maybe I didn't deal with it very well at times but I had to learn how to cope. I had to put on a brave face and be strong. It was difficult living with a broken heart and trying not to be killed by a vampire out for revenge. I was so happy Victoria was out of our lives for good now. The whole incident with the Volturi had been terrifying but it had led me back into Edward's life. Despite the misunderstanding which involved me going back to Italy to die, everything had worked out for the best. I did hate the fact my parents and friends thought I was dead but there was nothing I could do about it. I hated the fact my former best friend would prefer me to be dead but once again there was nothing I do could. I just had to accept what had happened previously and look to the future, with my soon-to-be husband by my side.

I was sitting in Alice and Jasper's bedroom at the vanity desk, letting Rosalie and Irina do my makeup. Tanya was focusing on curling my hair and Kate was just lounging on the bed laughing at the look on my face. I had never enjoyed playing 'Bella Barbie' and the fact I was a vampire didn't change that, despite the fact I could sit still for much longer and didn't have to have bathroom breaks. Alice kept going downstairs to keep an eyes on things while helping me to get ready. My thoughts turned to Edward getting ready for our wedding. I knew he was getting ready in our bedroom with his brothers, only a few feet away. I couldn't wait to be married and go on our honeymoon. I had no idea where we were going as Edward had planned it all. Not matter how much I pleaded, no one would tell me where I was going. I was never good at surprises but guessed that I would just have to wait.

Alice came running back into the room, looking slightly frantic, and made her way over to Tanya.

"Tanya it's time to start braiding. I want it intricate. The veil goes here, underneath."

I just sat there, not moving at all while my hair and face was being worked on. Alice sent Kate to go and retrieve my wedding dress.

When Kate came back, she was holding my wedding dress high so it wouldn't touch the ground.

"Edward and the boys are ready."

"Keep him out of here! He can't come in here!"

Alice sounded so angry and looked like she was going to jump on me to stop Edward seeing me before the wedding. Rosalie just laughed at her sister.

"He won't cross you today Alice. He values his life too much and wants to marry Bella. He'll wait outside for the girls to be ready."

Alice nodded before making me stand up, happy my hair and makeup was perfect. All the girls helped to ease my dress over my hair and makeup. I stood perfectly still as Alice fastened the long line of pearl buttons up my back. I knew that if I had been human, I would have been shaking so badly the satin would have been quivering in little wavelets down to the floor.

"Okay you're done. Rosalie and I have to go and get changed into our bridesmaid dresses. Tanya, Irina and Kate, if you would like to head outside please. We'll see you shortly."

Rosalie and Alice quickly left the room and my future cousin-in-laws kissed my cheek and congratulated me as they left the room. The three of them looked so beautiful. I felt happier that I was a vampire on my wedding day as I knew I would look plain compared to the others. I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. I did look beautiful. I was wearing a dress that reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. Of course it was designer as Alice would never let me wear something off the rack. Suddenly Alice and Rosalie were back in dresses that flowed down their bodies like a silvery waterfall.

"Oh Bella you're perfect. It's time. Are you ready?"

I nodded, feeling so happy but yet terrified at the same time. I knew it was just nerves. Alice pulled me from the room while Rosalie grabbed my bouquet of roses, orange blossom and freesia. We made our way down the stairs, taking care not to ruin our dresses, and stopped just outside the door. Rosalie handed me my bouquet.

"It's our turn. Count to ten then follow us."

Wagner's traditional wedding march was now playing. I watched as my soon-to-be sister-in-laws walked out the door to where the wedding was. I slowly counted to ten, waiting for my moment. It suddenly struck me how much I wished my father was there to walk me down the aisle and give me away. I knew that it had to be this way. I had chosen this life and I was happy. I couldn't dwell on the past otherwise it would just upset me.

A sudden fanfare trilled through the soaring music. I knew this was my cue. I slowly walked forward to the slow tempo of the march. I clutched at my bouquet as I walked through the door. I was immediately distracted by the profusion of white blossoms that hung in garlands. I took in the crowded faces that were all focused on me, grinning away. I kept looking until I found him at last, standing before an arch overflowing with more flowers. I was barely conscious that Emmett and Jasper were at his side, with Carlisle behind the three of them. All I saw was Edward's face. It filled my vision and overwhelmed me. He was utter perfection and I couldn't wait to be his wife. When Edward met my awed gaze, he broke into a breath taking smile of exultation. I suddenly felt like sprinting down the aisle towards Edward but I knew that wasn't the etiquette at weddings, plus Alice would literally rip my head off.

Thankfully the aisle was short and I was soon by my fiancé's side. Edward held out his hand and I took it, knowing I was home.

We kept our vows to the simple and traditional words that had been spoken a million times at wedding all around the world, though never by a couple quite like us. It was nice to know that although we didn't have a normal relationship like every other couple, we could still make the vows to one another. Carlisle traded the long 'till death do us part' for 'as long as we both shall live' which I thought was a lot more appropriate. I looked into Edward's eyes the entire time and I knew my life was finally coming together. Everything was settling into its proper position. Nothing else mattered but Edward.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, do you take Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Edward grinned at me, looking absolutely breathtaking.

"I do."

I saw everyone in the audience smiling at the two of us making our vows.

"Isabella Marie Swan, do you take Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

I knew that if I had been human I would have been sobbing hysterically. Thankfully my eyes had just filled with tears but they were ones that would never fall.

"I do."

My words rang out, clear and victorious. Carlisle smiled fondly at the two of us.

"It gives me great pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

I heard everyone get to their feet cheering. I heard Emmett whooping and making inappropriate comments. I heard Alice saying that she hoped Edward wouldn't mess up my lipstick. But none of that mattered.

Edward's hands reached up to cradle my face. His golden eyes looked like they had tears in them too. He bent his head towards mine and I stretched up on the tip of my toes and threw my arms around my new husband; bouquet and all. Edward kissed me passionately, throwing all his love into the kiss. I eagerly responded, pulling Edward closer to me. Eventually we pulled back and just looked at one another. We ginned at one another, both displaying a deep joy.

Esme's arms were the first to find me, her eyes looking like she would be crying if she could. All our family had jumped up and were hugging the two of us, congratulating us both. I felt myself being lifted up by Emmett as he squeezed me tightly. I smiled widely at how accepted I felt in this family. I felt so happy and knew I had found where I truly belonged.

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