New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 37

Today was the day. I was getting married to the love of my existence. It seemed so long ago that I had first met Isabella Swan. I had been waiting forever to find a woman that I would love and I had wondered if I would ever find her. Meeting Bella had been the best thing that ever happened to me. We may have had a bumpy start to our relationship but now we were getting our happily ever after. We would be together forever and would never have to worry about one of us dying of old age. We had the perfect life together. It was strange to think back to the time when Bella was a human and I had met her for the first time. I had immediately been attracted to her blood as she was my singer. Aro had called her my 'la tua cantante', the Italian expression for a human whose blood particularly appeals to a certain vampire. I was so appealed by Bella's scent that my throat had burned more than it ever had before. I ached to drain her blood and it took everything in me not to drain her blood. Instead I had run away to Alaska. It was incredible to think how much our lives had changed from that very moment. Soon after that I had saved Bella from Tyler's van and our weird but wonderful relationship began to blossom. I remembered when we started dating and suddenly I was separated from my love because she was being hunted by James. After surviving that near death experience and me considering to leave, we had six amazing months together before what happened at her eighteenth birthday and I left Bella, leaving her in the forest. I honestly don't know how I survived our time about but all I know is that it helped make me the person I am today. Maybe I didn't deal with it very well at times but I had to learn how to cope. I had to put on a brave face and be strong. I had thought my world was over when I heard Bella had killed herself. I couldn't live without her. I hated the fact Bella had been through so much when I had left to keep her safe. The whole incident with the Volturi had been terrifying but it had led me back into Bella's life. Despite the misunderstanding which involved Bella going back to Italy to die, everything had worked out for the best. I did hate the fact Bella's family and friends thought she was dead but there was nothing I could about it. I had to keep my Bella safe. I had turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. If she died, I would die. I knew Bella hated the fact her parents thought we had been in a car crash and died but we had to accept it. I also knew Bella was distraught that her former best friend would prefer her to dead rather than be with me. To be honest I was glad that mongrel was out of our lives. I just had to accept what had happened previously and look to the future, with my soon-to-be wife by my side.

I was standing in mine and Bella's bedroom looking at my reflection in the mirror and making sure my bow tie was perfect. I smiled slightly, knowing that Bella was only a few feet away been given the 'Bella Barbie' treatment by my sisters and cousins. I could hear Alice barking out instructions before she would run out of the room to ensure everything was perfect downstairs. I could imagine my future wife sitting there feeling displeased as she was being pampered over. I couldn't wait to be married and go on our honeymoon. Bella had no idea where we were going as I had planned it all. Not matter how much she pleaded, no one would tell me where we was going. I knew Bella was never good at surprises but she would just have to wait.

"Bro how does my tie look?"

I turned to look at Emmett who was gesturing to his own bow tie.

"It looks good Emmett."

"You feeling nervous?"

I turned to look at Jasper who was smiling slightly. He could obviously read all my emotions.

"A little. I want this to be perfect for Bella. I can't wait to be married."

"Dude it will be perfect. Don't sweat it."

I grinned at Emmett's advice, happy that I had such great brothers.

"The boys better not come here. I have the wedding dress!"

Kate's thoughts entered my head as she passed by. We were ready to get downstairs and wait for my bride who used to blush.

"Kate can you tell Alice we're ready?

"Of course!"

I heard Kate enter Alice and Jasper's room and tell them that we were ready. I immediately heard Alice screech about us not coming in. I didn't want to see Bella before the wedding. I wanted the moment where I saw her walking down the aisle.

I left the room with my brothers down the side. We headed downstairs and outside. I was immediately distracted by the profusion of white blossoms that hung in garlands. I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. Of course Alice would go overboard, despite it being a small wedding with only family in attendance. I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Tanya, Irina and Kate coming outside as well. They all looked beautiful but nothing on my Bella. The three girls kissed my cheek one at a time and smiled at me, before heading to their seats. I could see Carmen and Eleazar sitting down already with Esme talking to Carlisle.

"Can everyone take their positions please? The wedding will start momentarily."

I made my way up to the altar and stood in position under an arch of flowers; my two best men by my side. Esme sat down as well, smiling at me. I waited for a few moments, feeling slightly nervous but then reassured when Jasper sent some calming vibes.

Wagner's traditional wedding march started to play. I watched as my sisters walked outside and started to walk down the aisle. They both looked beautiful. Jasper and Emmett were commenting on their appearances in their heads; Emmett's worse than Jasper's.

"She looks beautiful Edward."

I smiled at Rosalie, happy everything was okay between us and okay between her and Bella.

A sudden fanfare trilled through the soaring music. I knew this was my Bella's cue. I stood there in anticipation, waiting to see my bride. I could smell her bouquet of roses, orange blossom and freesia. And then I saw her. She looked magnificent. She was so beautiful, she reminded me of an angel. I loved how she styled the wedding around nineteen eighteen. I felt my face light up as I watched her slowly walk forward to the slow tempo of the march. I watched as she took in the faces of our family smiling happily at her. I saw Bella looking until her eyes met mine. Nothing else mattered in the world and all I could focus on was Bella's face. It filled my vision and overwhelmed me. She was utter perfection and I couldn't wait to be her husband. I felt my face break out into a grin. I could see Bella looking like she wanted to run towards me but she stopped herself.

Thankfully the aisle was short and Bella was by my side. I held out my hand and Bella took it, knowing she was home.

We kept our vows to the simple and traditional words that had been spoken a million times at wedding all around the world, though never by a couple quite like us. It was nice to know that although we didn't have a normal relationship like every other couple, we could still make the vows to one another. Carlisle traded the long 'till death do us part' for 'as long as we both shall live' which I thought was a lot more appropriate. I looked into Bella's eyes the entire time and I knew my life was finally coming together. Everything was settling into its proper position. Nothing else mattered but Bella.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, do you take Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

I grinned at Bella, feeling so many love for my soon-to-be wife.

"I do."

I saw everyone in the audience smiling at the two of us making our vows.

"Isabella Marie Swan, do you take Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

I knew that if Bella had been human she would have been sobbing hysterically. Thankfully her eyes had just filled with tears but they were ones that would never fall.

"I do."

Her words rang out, clear and victorious. Carlisle smiled fondly at the two of us.

"It gives me great pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

I heard everyone get to their feet cheering. I heard Emmett whooping and making inappropriate comments. I heard Alice saying that she hoped I wouldn't mess up Bella's lipstick. But none of that mattered.

My hands reached up to cradle Bella's face. I knew I had tears in my eyes as well. I was married to my one true love. I bent my head towards Bella's and she stretched up on the tip of her toes and threw her arms around her new husband; bouquet and all. I kissed Bella passionately, throwing all of my love into the kiss. Bella eagerly responded, pulling me closer to her. Eventually we pulled back and just looked at one another. We ginned at one another, both displaying a deep joy.

Esme's arms were the first to find me, her eyes looking like she would be crying if she could. All our family had jumped up and were hugging the two of us, congratulating us both. I saw Bella being lifted up by Emmett as he squeezed her tightly. I smiled widely as I saw how accepted Bella was in this family. I felt so happy and knew I had utter happiness in my forever.

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