New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 3

Edward's P.O.V

I was sulking in my room of course. I had seen Bella for the first time in eight months and now she was alone, I had left her again.

Alice came in and glared at me before leaving again. This made me chuckle, but my chuckle was a frustrated one.

Why couldn't I be with the love of my existence, the girl whose face I saw every time I closed my eyes..... my beautiful Isabella Marie Swan.

Alice came in again and glared at me.

'Oh for god's sake, what do you want Alice? You've come in five times and all you do is glare at me! How can I help you?'

Alice glared at me again before speaking, 'She risked her life for you. She went to the Volturi to stop you being killed. Bella loves you. You love her, but because you're a stupid stubborn vampire, you won't go to her!'

'It's for her own safety Alice, nothing else.'

'Give it up; you're too much of a coward Edward. You're worried about what might happen when you finally speak to Bella.

Yes you have hurt her so much but she still loves you. She was devastated when I told her that you wanted to die.

You need to go and talk to her. You definitely owe her that much at least! GOD!' Alice screamed the last word before storming out of my room and slamming the door as hard as she could.

Without known to my annoying little sister, her words had got to me. I owed Bella so much. She still thought I didn't want her.

I cringed at the words I had said that day. That day was the worst of my entire life.

Killing innocent people was nothing compared to telling my reason for living that she was unloved and unwanted by me.

I remembered how Bella looked during our little trip to Italy. Massive dark bags under her eyes due to lack of sleep and she looked too thin for my liking.

We had been apart for eight months. Surely she would have healed over time. It definitely didn't look like it.

If I was human I would definitely look like that too. The last eight months had been hell for me. They obviously had been hell for my love too.

I thought back to what Alice had told me and the family about what Bella had been up to. How Laurent tried to kill my beautiful angel in our meadow.

Why was she in our meadow in the first place?

How she had nightmares every night and screamed in her sleep, how for the first week after we left she refused to eat or sleep,

how doctors suggested she was catatonic, how lifeless she was all because of me, how she became best friends with the vile werewolf Jacob Black and a young werewolf too.

They are so dangerous. Bella really was a danger magnet. I thought about what Alice said about Victoria.

A menacingly growl came out of my mouth. I had left Bella for my own safety when in fact it meant I wasn't there to protect her,

catch her when she tripped (which was often), kiss her and tell her how much I loved her.

Had Bella actually been trying to kill herself when she jumped off the cliff or was it as she said: for fun?

I was grateful to the dog for one thing, saving my Bella from a watery grave. If Bella had really died, there would be no point to life.

When I left her it was hard to get past a minute. I realised it was stupid thinking there was no reason for living without Bella when she was fast asleep in her bed in Charlie Swan's house.

Alice suddenly barged into my room, a look of horror on my face.

'Do you mind?'

'It's Bella.'

I immediately froze. I started to watch the vision we were both now watching.


'So you want to die do you?' Aro sneered at Bella.

'I do. The Cullens definitely don't want me and I didn't want you to have to come to Forks so I knew it was best to come to you.'

'You are a very intelligent human Bella. Spilling your blood will be a shame but it is something you actually wanted to happen but we shouldn't argue.' Aro smiled

'No.' Bella whispered back.

Aro, Caius, Marcus and the other vampires in the Volturi all started moving towards Bella. They were just about to reach her when the vision went black..............


I jumped out, snapping out of my sulk immediately.

'What the hell was that Alice? What was that? Why.... but.... why.....?' I looked at my sister. She looked like she wanted to cry.

'She believes you don't want her. She woke up at 1:00am this morning after sleeping for about 14 hours.

Of course you weren't there. She took this to mean you definitely didn't want her. She doesn't want the Volturi to come here in case they harm Charlie.'

'Where is she now? We have to stop her!'

Alice closed her eyes then answered, 'She's on a plane from Seattle to Florence. It took off 10 minutes ago. I guess we're going back to Volterra.'

'We?' I stammered, taken back.

'I love Bella too. Of course I'm coming. Let's go!'

We ran down the stairs, past our family and into the garage. We jumped in my Volvo and sped off. I just hoped we weren't too late.

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