New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 40

Eventually morning came and I was lying across Edward's chest, revelling in his arms wrapped tight around me. My eyes were closed as I relaxed in bed with my husband. Normally I would have been asleep but now it was just a time to relax. We had been up all night consummating our marriage due to the fact neither of us needed sleep and we had plenty of energy until we needed our next feed. Lying here with Edward felt very easy and natural. I could feel Edward's fingers softly trailing down the contours of my spine as if he was lightly tracing patterns on my skin. I let out a sigh of contentment and Edward pressed a kiss to my hair.

"A million dollars for your thoughts?"

I chuckled slightly and pressed a kiss to Edward's collarbone.

"I was just thinking… we belong together."


I moved slightly to kiss Edward's neck but instead seemed to get something white and fluffy in my mouth. I coughed a little as I spat it out. I noticed it was a bunch of feathers.

"What the…"

I looked around to notice the room was covered in white feathers, as well as Edward and I. I had no idea what had happened.

"Edward where have all the feathers come from?"

My new husband just chuckled.

"I… um I bit a pillow last night."

"You what?"

I just stared at Edward, unable to believe what he had just said.

"I bit the pillow. I got carried away slightly and I didn't want to bite you."

"You bit the pillow?"

I just laughed, looking around the room.

"You can't talk. You broke the headboard!"

I gasped at Edward's words, looking at him in shock.

"I broke the headboard?"

Edward nodded, a smirk forming on his beautiful face.

"Hey don't smirk at me. How did I break the headboard?"

Edward's smirk just continued to grow. I just rolled my eyes at how smug he looked.

"I'm guessing you got carried away last night as well my love. You certainly seemed to enjoy yourself last night."

I slapped him on the arm, glaring at my husband.

"You probably would have broken the headboard if I hadn't."

Edward just let out a musical chuckle and pulled me into his arms so I was laying on his chest.

"I'm sure I would have. That was fantastic first night as husband and wife my dear sweet Bella."

"Mmm it sure was baby."

Edward manoeuvred our bodies so we were looking into one another's eyes.

"I love you baby."

I grinned up at Edward, reaching out to caress his cheek.

"I love you too baby."

"Want to continue consummating our marriage?"

"I'm surprised you even have to ask!"


The honeymoon continued to be amazing. I felt as if I was dreaming. It was complete paradise. We had been on Isle Esme for about four weeks and I had had the most amazing time. It had been better than any holiday I had ever been on. The island was so beautiful. I felt like I could live there forever. We had to go to the mainland of Rio de Janeiro to hunt but that was fine with us. We didn't have to go too often as we were on our own and didn't feel the need to hunt. Once a week we had a few cleaners come and ensure the house was perfect. One of the cleaners was an older woman who gave me pitiful looks while glaring at my new husband. Edward had explained her thoughts were full of how evil he was and how he must have changed me when I was an innocent girl who fell in love with him. I had told him to ignore her as she didn't know what she was talking about. She was just suspicious and was going on what she had been told about vampires when she was younger. Edward was always polite to her even though she wouldn't speak to him. I just continued my happy life, not letting the woman get to me. I was so happy at the moment nothing could bring me down. It was so nice to just have time together without any interruptions, despite the cleaners coming in once a week. As much as I missed the Cullens and the Denalis, I knew it was good for Edward and I to have some alone time. I probably would have gone insane if I had all my new siblings around me constantly, especially Emmett making jokes about our sex life. This time allowed us to settle into our married life before we would go home and re-join the rest of the family. There would always be the opportunities to have time to ourselves over the years ahead as many of the others had done. It was nice to have such a big family after being an only child for so long. I loved the Cullens and now the Denalis as if they had been my family all along. I just couldn't believe how lucky I was.

I had spent the day reading 'Pride and Prejudice' on the beach, taking in the beautiful surroundings, while Edward was having a swim. Edward had told me I would have been able to swim with the dolphins and tropical fish if I was human but now I was a vampire, the fish could sense a predator nearby so kept well away. I didn't blame them to be honest but I wished I had got the chance to swim with dolphins, especially since Renee had lived in Florida.

I lowered my sunglasses to watch my husband walk out of the water. My eyesight was fine without the sunglasses but I wanted to wear them since Alice had packed me a very expensive pair plus I looked good in them. I watched as Edward walked out of the water 'Daniel Craig James Bond' style in his small speedos. He was such a beautiful man. I had always loved when Daniel Craig walked out of the water in his blue speedos but somehow Edward made it a million times better. Edward walked over to me and sat down on his towel, smiling at me.

"Have I got something on my face love?"

I chuckled at that.

"I'm glad you can't hear my thoughts as they're not ladylike at the moment."

Edward smirked at that.

"You thinking about James Bond?"

"How did you know?"

Edward leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"Because you made me watch that film so many times. I was just waiting for the perfect moment to re-enact it for you."

I reached out and grabbed the nape of Edward's neck, pulling him down in for a kiss. Edward manoeuvred himself so he was on top of me. We kissed passionately, our tongues fighting for dominance. Eventually I gave in and let Edward dominate me. We kept kissing, our hands trailing down one another's bodies. Edward rolled us over onto his towel so I was on top. I knew he was probably still concerned that he was crushing me, despite me being a new born vampire.

Suddenly I could hear Edward's phone ringing from inside the house. Who on earth was ringing us when we were on our honeymoon? Only our family members had Edward's number. I didn't have a phone with me as my old phone was back in Forks and I was eventually going to get a new phone. Edward and I pulled apart, looking at each in confusion. I got off Edward and we quickly ran back to the house, hand in hand. Edward grabbed his phone and looked down at it in confusion.

"It's Kate. Why is she ringing me?"

I shrugged, feeling concerned.

"I don't know but she wouldn't ring without a reason. Answer it baby."

Edward smiled softly at me before pressing 'accept' on his phone.

"Hello? Kate what's going on?"

I watched as Edward left my side and listened to whatever Kate was saying. I sat down on the bed and just waited. I knew Edward would tell me what Kate said.

"What? What do you mean? How did it happen?"

Edward sounded stressed. I knew I wouldn't like whatever Kate was saying.

"They can't do this! When did this happen?"

I sat up straight, wanting to take my husband in my arms and just to hold him.

"Kate I need to talk to Bella. I'll call you back. Bye."

Edward hung up and sat on the bed, throwing his head into his hands. I moved next to him and wrapped my arm around him.

"Edward sweetie what's wrong? What happened?"

Edward didn't answer straight away so I stood up and moved in front of him. I moved Edward's arms and wrapped them around my waist as I rested my chin on his head.

"Tell me when you're ready baby."

Edward just held me tighter to him for a moment until he moved back and pulled me into his lap.

"Bella don't panic when I tell you okay. We'll figure this out."

This didn't sound good.

"You're scaring me Edward. I'll try and remain calm."

Edward nodded, looking serious.

"Kate told me that she and the Denalis went hunting and when they came back, our family were home but there was signs of a fight in the house. She told me Demetri was in their house. They demanded what he was doing there and where was our family. Demetri told her they knew you were a vampire and how the Cullens had disobeyed the Volturi. Bella… the Volturi took our family."

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