New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 43


I felt the same as my wife. The Volturi had our family! They had kidnapped our family! They had no right to do that! I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how this would end.

"I know love. I'm in shock."

I was holding Bella in my lap, staring at the wall ahead. I didn't know what to say. I had been a Cullen for so long and there was a chance my family could be killed. I may not always get on with them but they were my family and I loved them. I couldn't get my head round the fact my family were now prisoners in Volterra.

"Edward I'm so sorry. This is all my fault."

What? I looked at Bella with confusion.

"What do you mean Bella? How is this your fault?"

She buried her face in my neck, needing to be held. I hated seeing her like this. I tightened my arms around Bella and one of my hands was gently rubbing at her back.

"This would never have happened if I hadn't returned to Volterra and gone to the Volturi."

I shook my head and tightened my hold on my wife.

"That is not true at all! Please don't blame yourself my sweet Bella."

Now Bella was shaking my head, tears filling her eyes that would never fall.

"It's because I'm still alive that the Volturi have taken our family. They feel like we disobeyed them. It's all my fault Edward. I'm so sorry."

I moved back slightly so I could cup Bella's face with my hands.

"Bella it is not your fault. Do not blame yourself. The Volturi can't do this. It is nothing to do with the fact you are alive. You told me yourself that Aro forbid the Volturi from killing you and once you hit your head, Aro made Felix get rid of you and take you back to the alley. Aro would have just made them kill you. He should have known I would turn you into a vampire. There is something else going on here. They're just using the fact you're not dead as a reason to take our family, just to look like they have a reason."

"But what's the real reason then?"

I let out an exasperated gasp and rested my head on Bella's shoulder. She started stroking my hair and placed a kiss to my neck. What was the Volturi planning? Why had they taken our family?

"I don't know love. I'm racking my brain here but I can't work out what they are planning."

"Will everyone be okay? What will the Volturi be doing?"

"I'm just hoping they won't hurt because of Carlisle's connection to the Volturi. They should just be in a prison cell somewhere. The Volturi have a prison for vampires to wait for their sentencing."

"Will our family be sentenced?"

I shook my head.

"I don't think so. There is nothing they can give them a sentence for but I don't trust the Volturi. They always make things up and make up any reason to execute a vampire. They were quite happy to kill us when you, Alice and I were in the presence of the Volturi."

Bella didn't say anything for a while. I guessed she was struggling with her thoughts.

"Could this be a trap? Aro has always wanted to add you and Alice to his collection. Maybe he is planning a trade of some kind?"

My eyes widened at this. Why hadn't I thought of that? This could be what Aro wanted. He always wanted to collect powers.

"You might be right. But Bella don't underestimate your power. You are a shield. You can block powers. This will interest Aro. He was already interested in you when we were in Italy and he couldn't read your mind. Aro will be able to see what your power is as soon as he touches someone in the family's hand."

I wouldn't let anything happen to Bella. I knew Aro would be interested in her. Had the Volturi set a trap? Were they holding our family hostage in exchange for Bella? I knew Aro was interested in Alice and I. Speaking of Alice, I didn't understand why she hadn't seen this. It seemed like Bella was on a similar wavelength to me.

"Edward I just thought… shouldn't Alice have been able to see the Volturi coming for them?"

"Yeah… that is what is worrying me as well. She should have seen it."

Bella moved off my lap and grabbed my phone, holding it out to me.

"We need to get a flight to Florence immediately Edward. I'll pack everything but we should probably leave the majority of the things here."

I nodded in agreement and took the phone.

"I'll sort out the flights. I'll meet you by the boat in five minutes. Pack a small bag of our essentials but other than that, leave everything in the room."

Bella nodded and gave me a quick kiss before I left the room. I quickly called the airline and booked the earliest flight from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, then from Rome to Florence. I knew we would be tight with time but we had to get to Italy as quickly as possible. Once everything was booked, I left the house and made my way to the dock, knowing Bella would be sorting out our belongings. It was sad our honeymoon had come to an early end but our family needed us. After a minute or two Bella came towards me and I immediately took the duffel bag off her and put it in the boat.

"I've booked a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Rome then from Rome to Florence."

I helped Bella into the boat and jumped in after her. I immediately started the engine and guided the boat away from the docks.

"Hang on tight love. We're going to have to go at full speed; faster than on the way here."

Bella nodded, already holding onto the boat in preparation. We had to get to Volterra as soon as possible.


We had shortened the time from Isle Esme to Rio de Janeiro and had run to the airport to save time. We had to fly from Brazil to Italy as it was a lot quicker than running the whole way. We had to get to the Volturi as quickly as possible. I hated the fact the Volturi had our family. I just wanted them to be safe. I knew they could handle themselves but the Volturi were the head of the vampire world. They made up the rules as they went along. Whatever happened when we got to Italy, I knew it wouldn't be pretty.

Bella hadn't been able to sit still on the flight from Rome to Florence but to be honest, I was having a hard time myself. I was so worried. What was going to happen? I just prayed that my loved ones would come out of this alive and everything would be go back to normal. I just wanted to have my happily ever after and my family were a part of that.

"This is your captain speaking. We will be landing in Florence shortly. Thank you for flying with us today."

Bella turned to me and smiled weakly. I hated this. I reached over and took her hand in mine, giving it a squeeze.

"Everything's going to be okay Bella."

She nodded and squeezed my hand back.

"I love you Edward Cullen."

I smiled back, knowing that it wasn't a proper smile.

"I love you too Bella Cullen."

Bella and I continued to hold hands as the plane landed. As soon as the seatbelt sign was off, we were up. I led Bella through the crowd, enabling us to be one of the first of the plane. We were able to quickly make our way through the airport as we didn't have to collect any luggage. We exited the airport but made sure to keep in the shadows.

"Taxi or steal a car?"

I knew Bella would be against stealing a car but I knew she wanted us to get to Volterra as soon as possible. With my driving we'd be there in half the time. Bella seemed to agree

"You should drive."

I grinned at my wife for the moment before remembering our situation and became serious.

"Wait here."

I quickly headed to the car park and scanned for an unattended car. I wanted a car that could get us there in no time. I spotted a brand new Ferrari and grinned. Bingo. I had stolen cars so many times it was second nature to me. I got into the car and started the engine. I drove to where Bella was waiting and saw her face. She had obviously expected an expensive car. I opened the door and gestured for Bella to get in.

"You had to get the most expensive car didn't you?"

I just smiled.

"That's the way I roll."

Bella settled back in the seat as I put the car into drive and off we went, speeding out of the airport car park. Bella and I didn't talk on the way to Volterra but we held hands across the console, needing one another. I was driving over 150mph. After about half an hour, I started slowing down as we were nearly there. Eventually we came to a stop and I parked the car.

"Don't worry the car will be returned to its owner. The police will always wonder why three cars went missing from Florence and turned up in Volterra."

Bella let out a soft chuckle at that as we got out of the car. I couldn't believe we were back here. This place was full of horrible memories. I knew Bella was thinking along the same lines so I made my way quickly to her side. I wrapped my arms around my wife and held her to my chest. She hugged him back, obviously scared.

"I promise you love. Everything's going to be okay. I love you."

"I believe you and I love you. Let's do this."

Everything had to be okay.

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