New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 44

"How are we going to do this?"

We were standing to the side of the clock tower, hidden in the shadows to ensure that we weren't spotted by any humans who saw our skin sparkle in the sunlight. Edward and I were standing hand in hand, trying to prepare ourselves for what we were about to do.

"What do you mean love?"

Edward was looking at me with so much love, it was as if he was looking at me as if he would never see me again. I knew he was worried about what would happen.

"Are we going to sneak in or walk in with our heads held high and demand to see Aro?"

Edward seemed to deliberate my words, wondering which would be the best course of action.

"I think we should walk in with our heads held high, go up to that desk and ask Gianna to see Aro. If she says no… well we'll get our way no matter what."

I nodded in agreement, knowing that it is the right way to go. We don't want to give them any other reason to hurt us or our family.

"Let's the best thing to do. I guess we should go in Edward."

Edward nodded before looping his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck knowing he wanted just to treasure this moment together. Edward rested his forehead against mine and I smiled at his sweet breath brushing over my face.

"I love you so much Bella. Forever and always. No matter what happens."

I felt like crying. Why did this feel like goodbye?

"I love you so much too Edward. I always have and I always will. No matter what happens."

Edward leaned in and kissed me, holding me tight against him. I kissed him back, throwing all my love for him and emotions into the kiss. We kissed for a couple of minutes before pulling apart and resting our foreheads against one another's again.

"Let's do this."

I nodded and smiled sadly.


Edward smiled softly back at me.


We pulled apart but Edward grabbed my hand in his once again. We started walking and quickly entered a building. I didn't know where I was going but obviously Edward did so I followed his lead. Eventually we walked into a lobby and I noticed a woman behind the desk. I recognised her from when Edward, Alice and I had met the Volturi the first time. I knew this was Gianna, the woman who desperately wanted to be a vampire and turned a blind eye to all the humans being killed. She was just standing there behind the desk quite happily, as if she wasn't surrounded by bloodsucking vampires. Edward and I looked at one another before nodding. We walked over to the desk and both smiled at Gianna, even though our smiles were as fake as you could get.

"Hello we'd like to see Aro please."

Gianna turned to look at us with a smile on her face before I saw recognition in her eyes and the smile faded.

"He's busy right now."

Edward leaned forward and spoke in a low, threatening voice.

"Gianna… we want to see Aro and we will see Aro."

Edward was snarling at the human in front of us. I didn't want to know what she was thinking. I was glaring at Gianna too. She obviously knew who we were. I glanced around to see a few members of the Volturi surrounding us, watching us with an evil glint in their eye. They knew something was going down and they wanted to be around when it happened.

"I'm sorry Sir but you can't go in there without an appointment."

Edward growled loudly, causing her to flinch back. Suddenly Felix appeared out of the shadows smiling at Gianna who grinned back at him.

"It's okay my dear Gianna. They don't have an appointment but Aro was hoping they'd come. He'll be delighted that Edward and Bella Cullen are here to see him."

"Of course. I'm sorry Felix. In that case I'll let them through."

"No worries Gianna. Keep up the good work."

And with that he winked at her. I just shook my head when she giggled in return. Edward rolled his eyes as well but he was still snarling at her. Felix turned to us with a smirk on his face.

"Well well Bella, you look good as a vampire."

Edward's growl echoed the room at his words. I squeezed Edward's hand to let him know he had to calm down and that I didn't care what Felix said. Edward stopped growling but just glared at Felix. Felix just continued to smirk as he gestured to us to follow him. We followed him through the underground passages until we reached the feeding chamber. I hated this room so much. I had been in here too many times. Felix pushed the doors open and we followed him in. Inside were all the vampires I had encountered the last two times I had been here. Aro, Caius and Marcus were all sitting in their thrones with the others scattered around the room. There was no sign of any of our family members. I just hoped we weren't too late. I would never forgive myself and I knew Edward wouldn't either. Edward and I stopped in the middle of the room, side by side, ready for whatever happened.

Aro stood up at the sight of us, his arms spreading wide.

"Edward, Bella! Oh how lovely it is to see you!"

I couldn't believe it. Aro was acting so casual, as if we'd pop in for a visit. I could see this had angered Edward as well, considering how his fists were clenched and he was growling.

"Oh cut the crap Aro! What have you done with our family!?"

Aro's cold laugh filled the room, making me shudder at the sight of him. I was determined to remain strong and in control so I held my head up high, ready to give as good as I got. I was glad I had Edward by my side.

"Oh dear Edward. Your family disobeyed the Volturi."

I had to say something.

"That is a lie Aro."

My voice rang out loud and crisp. All the vampires in the room were looking at me with surprise. Aro was staring at me, his teeth gritted.

"What was that Mrs Bella Cullen?"

I hated how he said my name. It was so creepy.

"Our family have not disobeyed the Volturi. We told you the first time we met that I would become a vampire and that was the agreement. Look at me. I am a vampire now. We haven't disobeyed you in anyway."

The room was silent. Edward was looking at me in surprise and what looked like wonder. He had a small smile on his face, which I hoped meant he wasn't mad at me for speaking out like that to the Volturi leader. Aro had a weird smile on his face.

"Oh Bella you are a clever girl. Felix, Demetri, Alec, Jane… go and get the rest of the Cullen family. Let's reunite them with dear Bella and Edward here."

The four vampires bowed and quickly left the room. I didn't know what was going to happen. I gripped Edward's hand tighter, needing to know he was with me. Edward squeezed back gently reassuring me.

Suddenly I saw my family for the first time in nearly a month. They walked into the room and lined up in a straight line. I gasped at how dead they all looked in their eyes. I didn't understand. What had happened to them? What had the Volturi done to them?

Edward leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Alec is using his power on them. It numbs all the senses and you're basically a zombie."

I stared up at my husband in horror. This wasn't right. Our family didn't deserve this.

"Jane's been torturing them and then Alec's been numbing their senses."

I just continued to stare up at Edward. How could the Volturi do this? Carlisle had been Aro's friend. Suddenly Aro laughed once again.

"Oh Edward you make it sound worse than it is."

I glared at Aro, full of anger.

"What's the truth then? Why are you doing this? How did you get past Alice?"

I hadn't realised I had let go of Edward's hand and had started to move forward. Edward wrapped an arm around my waist to hold me to him. Before Aro could speak, Edward spoke first.

"Alice's visions depend on people's decisions. The Volturi used this to their advantage."

The three Volturi leaders just laughed at what Edward had said. I was so angry.

"Why are you doing this?"

Caius just smirked at me.

"For fun."

I growled at him wanting to lunge at him, but Edward held me back even though he was growling himself. Aro held his hand up to Caius.

"Brother please. Now now Bella, calm down my dear. We're doing this as we want you to be a member of the Volturi."

The other members of the Volturi did not look pleased at this news, especially Jane. Felix looked quite happy at the news which caused Edward to glare at him and growl.

"You see Bella, I could tell you would be talented. When I found out you were a vampire, I had to have you. I knew you would turn us down if we asked you. My brothers and I came up with a way to get you for our own. A trade for your family. It all worked out so perfectly. You were away with Edward and we were able to seize your family. They tried to fight but they were no match for the Volturi. We'll even let Edward stay with you if you cooperate."

I just stared at Aro in absolute disbelief. They had kidnapped my family because they wanted me? It was absurd. I loved how they thought they were being generous in letting Edward stay with me. They had tortured my family to get to me. I would never be part of the Volturi, so help me God.

"I will never be part of the Volturi. Over my dead body."

Aro just grinned at me, showing off all his sharp teeth.

"Well my dear that can be arranged!"

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