New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 46

I leaned forward, positioning my body into a crouch, ready to attack at any given moment. Aro had threatened to kill me when I had refused to join the Volturi. I knew what was going. This was the battle I had been expecting ever since Edward got the phone call from Kate. There was no way things could be simple with the Volturi. I had known there was no way the Volturi would simply let our family come home with us. The last time I had been here I had learnt how terrible the Volturi were and they had basically left me for dead, despite saying that they wouldn't kill me because Carlisle was Aro's friend. The Volturi just changed the rules as they went along. Carlisle had gone from being Aro's friend to being a prisoner who was tortured by members of the Volturi. I would not let the Volturi get away with hurting my family.

I noticed Edward had mirrored my position next to me, a growl falling out of his lips. He was braced for a fight as well. The Cullens were family and we protected family. We weren't going to let some power hungry vampires break up our family.

Aro just let out his high pitched laugh.

"Oh come now you two. You seriously think you can win against us… the most powerful vampires in the world."

I clenched my fists in anger as he laughed again.

"I say we have a pretty good chance."

Aro's eyes narrowed in anger as Caius growled at us. Marcus simply looked bored. Aro glared at me for a moment before smiling. Edward started moving towards me for a moment but stopped. I looked at him questioningly but he just shook his head. Aro beckoned Jane over to him and she went and stood next to him.

"Jane how about you show Mr and Mrs Cullen what fools they are to try to fight the Volturi."

"Yes master."

Jane stood in front of us with a small smile displayed on her face. I couldn't believe that someone who looked so innocent would take pleasure in torturing other people.

"This may hurt just a bit."

I wondered if Jane and Aro had forgotten what had happened last time. Maybe they thought that now I was a vampire my immunity would have gone. I knew I would be okay because I had my shield protecting me. I immediately imagined my shield stretching out and protecting Edward as well. I felt Jane's power hit my shield but of course both my husband and I weren't affected. Jane frowned and doubled her efforts. Nothing happened. I noticed she had just turned her attention to Edward, having given up on me. She knew I hadn't worked before but didn't understand why Edward wasn't writhing on the floor in agony.

"I don't understand why this isn't working!"

Jane was furious now as was the other members of the Volturi. They didn't like what was happening. Aro let out an angry growl.

"Jane let's make our young friends hurt by inflicting pain on their family."

Jane grinned at me before spinning around and focusing her attention of the members of our family. There was no way I was letting her hurt them again. I imagined my shield stretching out and surrounding my family, keeping Edward shielded as well. Once again I felt Jane's power hitting my shield as well as Alec's power being sucked out of my shield. I could see my family's eyes coming back to life and they weren't being numbed by Alec's power.

"What is happening!?"

Aro was yelling frantically as he watched the Cullens come back to earth now that the spell had been lifted. I let out a sigh of relief as I saw that they were all okay. I kept my shield around all my family, keeping them safe from any of the Volturi's powers that could affect their mind. I could see Aro was panicking, not knowing what was happening. He looked at me in confusion and anger, wanting to know what was going on. I simply smiled at him.

"I'm a shield Aro. I can expand my shield to protect my loves ones from people like you."

Aro just stared at me but then a small smile appeared on his face.

"Oh my dear Bella. Think of all the opportunities you'd have if you joined the Volturi."

I couldn't believe this guy. There was no way I would ever be a member of the Volturi

"There is no way in hell that I'd ever join the Volturi."

Aro just sighed and gestured to someone.

"I guess it's time for you to go. Felix."

I knew instantly that he wasn't letting me leave. He intended for me to die. I growled as Felix started towards me, a happy glint in his eye. I knew he thought he was going to enjoy this. Before Felix could get to me or I could do anything, Emmett had charged into Felix and had knocked him to the ground. I spun around to see Jasper had taken on Demetri. Aro telling Felix to kill me had triggered a fight. Rosalie had pinned Heidi to the ground while Alice was basically kicking Chelsea's ass. Carlisle and Esme were working together and I saw him distract Afton while Esme jumped on his back to pull his head clean off. Edward was fighting with Corin and Renta, having already ripped off Corin's arm. I turned my attention the brother and sister and went for Alec first. I would deal with Jane afterwards. I ran towards Alec, feeling his power bounce against my shield before grabbing his arm and throwing him to the ground and pouncing on him. I was so grateful I still had my new born strength otherwise I wouldn't be too confident taking on members of the Volturi. I was surprised how easy it was to fight Alec. It was like he didn't know how to fight as he had constantly relied on his power and didn't know what to do now I was able to shield it. I punched Alec in the face a few times as hard as I could, wanting to inflict pain on him for hurting my family, before wrapping my hands around his neck. I began twisting his head from side to side quickly before I ripped his head right off and threw it to the side. Alec's body went limp beneath me and I hear a scream of fury. I glanced up to see Jane glaring at me. She was using all her energy to try to push through my shield and cause me pain. I growled at her and jumped to my feet. I started charging at Jane and for a moment she just stood there, before she turned and started running. She quickly opened a door and sprinted out of the room. I immediately ran out of the feeding chamber, ensuring I wouldn't lose the blonde bitch. I chased her into some sort of library and I knew she was cornered. I grinned at her, feeling so much satisfaction for what I was about to do. Jane had this coming.

I immediately charged at Jane and kicked her in the abdomen, causing her to fly across the room. Before she could get up, I wrapped my hand around her neck.

"You are a complete bitch Jane."

Jane just smirked at me even though I was basically strangling her.

"You won't get away with this."

I just glared at her and repeated the same process I did to her brother. I started moving her head from side to side before ripping it off. I watched as Jane's body slumped to the ground before chucking her head on top of it. Once the fight was over I was sure we'd go round and burn all the bodies. I knew I had to see if everyone was okay and help if possible. I turned around to find Aro standing by the library entrance, just smiling widely at me. I immediately leaned into a fighting stance, ready to go if needed be. Aro walked over to a magnificent looking desk in the library and stood by it, looking down at Jane's body.

"Oh Bella you could have been great addition to the Volturi. You could have been one of the most powerful vampires in the world. Together we could have dominated the vampire world!"

I let out a laugh at that, watching Aro lean against the desk. I wondered if Edward knew where I was.

"Aro I don't know how many times I need to say this… but I would never join the Volturi! Over my dead body!"

Aro was the one laughing now, his laughter echoing around the beautiful library. He walked behind the desk and opened a drawer. I braced myself for a fight, ready for Aro charging at me. Instead he pulled something out of the desk drawer. I couldn't see what it was until Aro walked around from the desk, smirking at me. He was holding a gun.

"Aro what is that?"

A normal gun wouldn't work on a vampire. Aro knew that. I was suddenly terrified at what Aro had in his hand.

"This is a device I've been working on. You see, I always knew that one day I would have to defend myself and the Volturi against a powerful enemy. I now see that it is you Bella Cullen. I made this gun to eliminate vampires like you."

I froze at his words, my eyes trained on the gun in Aro's hands. I could see his finger resting on the trigger.

"What does it do?"

I didn't want to hear the answer but I knew I needed to know if Aro was going to kill me with that thing. Aro's smile just grew wider.

"Well you see my dear Mrs Cullen, each individual bullet contains a large dose of poison. It rapidly spreads through your body and kills you in minute. No antidote."

I stared at the gun, knowing that in any minute Aro would be pulling the trigger. I had to stall him. I suddenly could hear footsteps heading in our direction. I was grateful help was coming but I didn't want anyone to be hurt because of me.

"How did you make this gun?"

I could hear the footsteps coming closer. I didn't know what was about to happen.

"I'm a genius and oh Bella you can't distract me."

Aro raised the gun and directed it at my chest.

"Goodbye Bella Cullen."

I couldn't move. There was no time. I had to watch as Aro pulled the trigger, my husband burst into the room. I watched as Edward realised what was happening but it was too late. I felt the bullet pierce my skin and saw Aro smile while Edward was devastated.

"Bella! No!"

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