New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 4

A/N: Sorry that it's taken me so long to update. Kind of had writer's block. I won't take so long in the future. Bella is now on the plane from Rome to Florence.

Bella's POV

I had lost count with the number of times I had been on planes the couple of days. My flight from Atlanta to Rome seemed like it took forever.I had tried constantly to distract myself from thinking about the Cullens or Edward. The pain was still there when I thought about them, my family.Well... I know I still think of them as my family but I guess now they never will be. I tried my hardest not to think of where I was going and what was going to happen.I was going to hurt Charlie so much. Renee and Jake would be devastated too.I just wish I had got my happy ending, the one I thought I had last year with Edward, the love of my life.I hoped Edward would never go to back to Volturi over his guilt for not wanting me.He should be allowed to live his live and not feel guilty about whatever happened to me during his absent.

'Would you like a drink madam?'

This voice startled me, pulling me away from my thoughts. It was one of the flight attendants on the Rome to Florence flight. The flight was only about 2 hours. I suddenly realised how thirsty and hungry I was.

'Yes please, can I have a coke please?'

He handed me a coke and I muttered my thanks. The flight attendant stared at me for a while before moving on.I stood up and went to the bathroom on board the plane. I looked in the mirror for a while and realised why I was being stared at.I had a permanent look of horror on my face, with huge black bags etched in my pale skin. I sighed and closed my eyes.In a few hours time I would never have to see this face again.

'Excuse me? Are you done in there? You've been in there for ages and I need a wee!'

I opened the door and there was a little girl standing there, waiting to use the toilet.

'I'm sorry I'm done now. You can go in.'

As I made my way back to seat my mind turned to the little girl. She had her whole life ahead of her.I wanted to warn her about heartbreak and what it's like to lose the one you love the most, especially if they no longer love you back.Edward once told me the one thing that mattered in Charlie's life was me. Remembering this broke my heart even more.This would actually kill Charlie. Harry Clearwater had recently died and he was just a little bit older than my own father. Ithought about my own death and what I should expect. An image came into my mind. The image was of the small, dark woman clutching the rosary.I tried to stop the tears but I failed miserably. Other passengers on the flight were staring at me as I tried to control my emotions.Those innocent people had no idea what was in store for them, what horrific death they would have.They had led them to their death unknowingly by the vampire Heidi. Every time I thought about that incident, I mainly saw the woman clutching the rosary.She knew what was going to happen to her. I knew what was going to happen to me.I was similar to the woman with the rosary in many ways but I wanted to die, she didn't. I didn't want to think about this anymore. I wanted it to be over.

'Attention passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are now arriving in Florence; please remain seated during the landing. I hope you had a pleasant flight.'

Wow that was lucky. I listened as the announcement was repeated in Italian and other languages.I closed my eyes as the plane landed. A few minutes later we were allowed off the plane.I made my way around the airport and was grateful I didn't have a suitcase to pick up and that I could just leave.I went out the main entrance of the airport and saw a line of taxis. I went up to a free one and got in. The driver turned round and glared at me.

'Volterra per favore.'

He smiled then nodded at me and drove out of the airport. I remembered the last time I was in a car on my way to Volterra.Alice and I had been in a hurry to get to Edward before the Volturi killed him. I remembered the sentence she said to me when we needed transport to get to Volterra.

'How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?'

The thought of Alice saying this made me laugh, causing the driver to question my sanity.The thought of Alice in general devastated me. She would be devastated if I killed myself.She rushed back from Alaska from she had the vision of me killing myself. I hoped she wouldn't be too mad at me for what I am about to do.My mind turned to Jacob. He would hate me for sure once he found out I died because I couldn't live without Edward.I knew Jacob was in love with me and that was hard to deal with. I loved him like a brother, nothing else.I hoped when I was dead, he would get over me. I couldn't think of my loved ones anymore. I didn't know how much time I had left.I closed my eyes and spent the rest of my time on earth in Edward's arms.

'Mi scusi? Che sarà 68€'

The driver quickly pulled me out of my daydream. We had arrived in Volterra. I never thought I'd be back here again so quickly. I got out my purse and handed him 80€.

'Keep the change.'

I smiled at the driver then got out of the cab. I instantly recognised where I was. I had only been here two days ago.All the memories came flooding back.... how I run through the crowds on St. Marcus' day, looking for the clock tower.An idea came to my head. I would make my way over to the clock tower.That was where Edward... I took a deep breath at his name... had been standing when he wanted to step out into the sunlight.It was the place where the two Volturi guards, Felix and Demetri, first appeared. I slowly started walking towards the clock tower.I knew the way there, I just didn't have to run this time. I had no one to save.As I made my way to the clock tower I started thinking about Edward and the Cullens, the one place I felt I belonged.I thought about Charlie, Renee and Jake. Those three were my human family (I know Jake is a werewolf but I still count him as human). There were so many people I would be hurting but I couldn't continue living like this. The last eight months had been a nightmare and I had to put a stop to them.

After 10 minutes of walking I reached the sunlit plaza. I could see the clock tower in the distant.The plaza was still filled with people everywhere but not as many people two days ago. I continued walking, edging round people.I had reached almost the centre of the plaza, the clock tower the distance away I had just walked, when I heard someone shout.


I froze. It was the voice of an angel.

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