New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 48

I felt as if the world had slowed down. Everything was moving in slow motion around me. I could see Edward charging at Aro, knocking him down. I could feel my body staggering about as I tried to keep my balance. I was supposed to be graceless as a vampire but I could barely stand. My mind couldn't work out what had happened. It was like I was in shock. The last thing I could remember was Aro pointing some sort of gun at me. I knew I must have been shot; especially given Edward's reaction and the fact he was now fighting the leader of the Volturi. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I glanced down to see blood seeping out of my body. What was happening? I was a vampire; this wasn't supposed to happen! I was supposed to be immortal and I couldn't be killed by a bullet. I watched Edward scream something at Aro but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I tried to move closer to Edward but ended up just falling to the ground. I felt as if my body was on fire. I was reminded of the time when I was changing from a human into a vampire. My body had never felt so much pain. I could barely move as it was if all my energy had been drained. I managed to roll my head to the side to see Edward holding Aro by the neck.

"What have you done to her!?"

I could tell Aro was just laughing, despite how hard Edward was pressing down on his neck. I opened my mouth to call out to my husband but all I could feel was a little bit of blood dripping out of my mouth. I knew this was the end. Today was the day I died.

"She's been shot with a poisonous bullet Edward. Your wife is going to die."

At that moment Alice, Carlisle and Emmett burst into the room, quickly scanning the contents to discover Edward strangling the leader of the Volturi coven and me dying on the floor. Edward looked up at his family.

"Emmett keep him here. Carlisle I need your help."

I watched as Edward let Aro go and Emmett immediately grabbed his neck. Suddenly Edward was by my side, pulling me into his arms and letting out sobs.

"Oh God Bella what has he done to you? I'm so sorry my love, I'm so sorry."

I tried to answer but a little bit more blood came out of my mouth. I felt as if my body was shutting down. I didn't know this could happen. Edward just kissed my forehead and turned to Carlisle.

"Carlisle what can we do? Please, oh God, please help me. Save her Carlisle."

Carlisle leaned over me and examined the blood coming out of my mouth. I could see Emmett and Alice fighting to keep Aro still. Carlisle looked at my chest where the blood was spilling the most.

"I can try to remove the bullet but I don't know if it will work."

"You have to save her Carlisle! Alice, what do you see?"

Alice didn't say anything and just looked at Edward. I knew they were having a telepathic conversation. Edward just shook his head.

"She'll be fine. She'll be with me forever."

I managed to gasp out my love's name.


Edward immediately looked into my eyes, showing all the love and sorrow displayed in his.

"I love you so much Bella. I'm going to save you. You can't die. I won't let you leave me."

I slowly shook my head, feeling the tears that would never fall.

"I'm sorry Edward. I love you."

Edward was frantically shaking his head, clutching me to him.

"No! Bella please! We're supposed to have forever. You can't leave me. I love you my beautiful Bella. You're my life. If you die, I die."

I tried to speak but more blood was coming out of my mouth. It was getting difficult to keep my eyes open. I desperately wanted to stay here in the moment with Edward but it was so hard.

Edward was holding me tightly to him, weeping openly. I could make out Carlisle focusing on my chest and I guessed he was working out what to do with the bullet.

I heard a noise and noticed the rest of my family were in the room, as well as Marcus. Jasper looked around before speaking.

"Caius is dead."

Edward's head snapped up.

"I don't give a damn about Caius. I give a damn about saving my wife."

That immediately got everyone's attention as they crowded round me. I noticed Jasper was standing nearby, holding onto Marcus. Suddenly Marcus spoke.

"What did you do to her Aro?"

Everyone's attention turned to the two leaders as they waited for an answer. I was gripping onto my husband trying desperately to stay awake. Edward's hold on me tightened. Aro just glared at his brother.

"I shot her with a poisonous bullet."

Marcus just stared at his brother in horror when suddenly Edward turned to Marcus.

"Where is it? Will it save my Bella?"

I had no idea what was going on but I had to keep my eyes open. I knew once they closed, I was a goner. Jasper let go of Marcus who stepped forward

"I discovered Aro had this gun and had to take precaution in case he used it against me. It took me many years to make but I have the antidote. Isabella only has minutes left. She needs to drink it immediately."

"Where is it?"

Edward was yelling, obvious frantic with the news that I had only minutes left. I felt as if I was out of my body and none of this was happening to me. It was like I was falling asleep but wanted to stay awake. In a moment or two sleep would succumb to me, or in my case death.

Marcus quickly ran to a bookshelf and began scanning for books. Alice moved so she was standing beside her husband.

"Marcus please hurry. She literally has a minute left."

In a flash Marcus pulled out an odd looking book and opened it. There was a secret section in the book and from that, Marcus pulled out a small tube containing some purple liquid. He immediately hurried to my side.

"Edward she needs to drink all of this. Do it now."

Edward took it from Marcus and unscrewed the lid. Carlisle helped to lift my head so I would drink it while Esme sat next to me and held my hand.

"Bella sweetie drink this and everything will be okay."

I was immediately reminded of the ballet studio when I had been attacked by James. I had been dying then and Edward had saved me by sucking the poison out. I was dying now and Edward was going to save me by cancelling out the poison thanks to Marcus.

Edward held the tube to my lips and I opened my mouth, ignoring the blood seeping out. I felt the liquid enter my mouth and immediately wanted to gag and spit it out. What the hell was it? Edward seemed to notice I wasn't keen on it.

"Swallow it Bella! Goddamn it Bella, swallow it! I am not losing you."

With every last bit of energy I had, I swallowed the disgusting purple liquid. I laid in Edward's arms, feeling the antidote hit my system and suddenly the pain was gone. I smiled at Edward and sighed. I didn't know whether the purple antidote had worked before my eyes were closing and the last thing I saw was the sight of my husband smiling back at me.

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