New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 49

I felt as if the world had slowed down. Everything was moving in slow motion around me. I stared in horror as I saw Bella staggering about after she had been shot. I saw red immediately and charged at Aro, knocking him to the ground.

"What have you done!?"

I was screaming at Aro, not entirely sure what was going out of my mouth. I saw Bella try to take a step but end up falling to the ground. I couldn't comprehend what was happening. I wrapped my hands around Aro's neck and squeezed tightly.

"What have you done to her!?"

I could tell Aro was just laughing, despite how hard I was pressing down on his neck. I could see and smell the blood dripping out of Bella's mouth. What was happening?

"Isabella's going to die"

"She's been shot with a poisonous bullet Edward. Your wife is going to die."

At that moment Alice, Carlisle and Emmett burst into the room, quickly scanning the contents to discover me strangling the leader of the Volturi coven and Bella dying on the floor. I looked up at my family, feeling desperate.

"Emmett keep him here. Carlisle I need your help."

"Sure Edward."

"Of course son."

Emmett ran over straight away as I let go of Aro. Before he could move, Emmett had grabbed Aro by the neck. I raced over to my wife lying on the floor and pulled her into my arms, unable to control my tearless sobs.

"Oh God Bella what has he done to you? I'm so sorry my love, I'm so sorry."

I watched as Bella opened her mouth but a little bit more blood came out. I kissed my forehead, not knowing what was about to happen, before turning to Carlisle."

"Carlisle what can we do? Please, oh God, please help me. Save her Carlisle."

Carlisle leaned over Bella and examined the blood coming out of her mouth. He focused on her chest where she had been shot and blood was spilling out.

"Edward I'm sorry."

"I can try to remove the bullet but I don't know if it will work."

"You have to save her Carlisle! Alice, what do you see?"

I looked up at her pleadingly. She just looked sadly back at me.

"The future keeps changing Edward. One minute she's okay, next she's not. I'm sorry Edward but I don't think this is going to have a good outcome."

I just shook his head.

"She'll be fine. She'll be with me forever."

My love managed to gasp out my name.


I immediately looked into her eyes, showing all the love and sorrow displayed I felt.

"I love you so much Bella. I'm going to save you. You can't die. I won't let you leave me."

Bella slowly shook her head, her eyes full of the tears that would never fall.

"I'm sorry Edward. I love you."

I was frantically shaking my head, clutching Bella to me.

"No! Bella please! We're supposed to have forever. You can't leave me. I love you my beautiful Bella. You're my life. If you die, I die."

Bella tried to speak but more blood was coming out of her mouth. I could see it was getting difficult for her to keep her eyes open. I desperately wanted Bella to be okay. She had to be.

I was holding my wife tightly to me, weeping openly. Carlisle was working out on Bella's chest, slowly and carefully removing the bullet but I didn't know what that would do.

I heard a noise and noticed the rest of my family were in the room, as well as Marcus. Jasper looked around before speaking.

"Caius is dead."

"He tried to attack us so we killed him."

My head snapped up at that. I had more important issues to deal with than the death of Caius.

"I don't give a damn about Caius. I give a damn about saving my wife."

That immediately got everyone's attention as they crowded round Bella. I noticed Jasper was standing nearby, holding onto Marcus just in case. Suddenly Marcus spoke.

"What did you do to her Aro?"

Everyone's attention turned to the two leaders as they waited for an answer. I was gripping onto my wife, desperate for her to stay awake. I could feel Bella gripping onto me so my own grip tightened. Aro just glared at his brother.

"I shot her with a poisonous bullet."

Marcus just stared at his brother in horror.

"Oh God he finally used that gun!? I hoped he never would. Poor Isabella. She's dying. I was so sure he was going to use that on me. That's why I created an antidote just in case."

I quickly looked up at Marcus.

"Where is it? Will it save my Bella?"

I had no idea if this would work but I had to try. Marcus might be able to save my wife. Jasper let go of the Volturi leader, who stepped forward and spoke to me.

"I discovered Aro had this gun and had to take precaution in case he used it against me. It took me many years to make but I have the antidote. Isabella only has minutes left. She needs to drink it immediately."

"Where is it?"

I was yelling, obvious frantic with the news that Bella had only minutes left.

Marcus quickly ran to a bookshelf and began scanning for books. Alice moved so she was standing beside her husband.

"If we do this in time, Bella should be okay Edward."

"Marcus please hurry. She literally has a minute left."

In a flash Marcus pulled out an odd looking book and opened it. There was a secret section in the book and from that, Marcus pulled out a small tube containing some purple liquid. He immediately hurried to my side.

"Edward she needs to drink all of this. Do it now."

I took it from Marcus and unscrewed the lid. Carlisle helped to lift Bella's head so she would drink it while Esme sat next to me and held Bella's hand.

"Bella sweetie drink this and everything will be okay."

"She has to be okay. She's my daughter and I know my son won't be able to live without her."

I held the tube to Bella's lips and she opened her mouth, ignoring the blood seeping out. I suddenly noticed Bella's discomfort as if she wasn't going to swallow the antidote.

"Swallow it Bella! Goddamn it Bella, swallow it! I am not losing you."

I watched as Bella finally swallowed the purple liquid. I held in my arms, feeling terrified. What was about to happen? Bella smiled at me and I immediately smiled back, feeling so relieved. Suddenly Bella's eyes closed and she was still in my arms.


No! No! No! She couldn't have died. It was supposed to have saved her! I frantically looked at Marcus, feeling my eyes pool with tears. All of my family looked horrified and I quickly blocked out their thoughts of how sorry they were. Marcus calmly looked at me.

"She's not dead Edward. Her body is simply getting rid of all the poison and healing herself."

He gestured to the fact Bella was breathing and the fact a few of her fingers were moving slightly.

"She's just taking time to recover Edward. She'll be absolutely fine in no time."

I let out a sigh of relief as I smiled up at Marcus, feeling so much compassion for the man who saved my wife.

"Thank you."

Marcus smiled at me.

"You're welcome. I will always support love. I just wish I had my own mate to celebrate with but sadly she's gone. I apologise thoroughly for what Aro and Caius did."

I turned to look at Aro who Emmett was still holding.

"That bitch should have died. I can't have her threatening my power!"

I passed a sleeping Bella to Carlisle and Esme before strolling over to Aro. I glared down at him.

"You nearly killed my wife."

Aro just looked at me.

"You kidnapped my family to lure us here and tried to kill us, before almost killing my wife. Rot in hell Aro."

And with that, I grabbed Aro's neck as Emmett quickly let go. I snapped his neck rapidly to the right before ripping his head off and throwing it to the ground. Emmett grinned at me as Aro's body slumped to the floor.

"Nice one bro. That bastard deserved to die."

I smiled at Emmett before returning to my wife's side. I took her back in my arms and held her close. Carlisle looked at Marcus.

"What is going to happen to the Volturi now? You're still in charge?"

Marcus shrugged.

"I will probably still lead the Volturi but nowhere near to the extent of my two brothers. I will not torture or kill vampires for no reason. I will make the world a better place. I will do it in the name of my loving wife Didyme. Now if you'd excuse me."

I smiled at Marcus before pressing a kiss to Bella's beautiful head. I watched as Marcus gathered Aro's body and put it next to Jane's, who I guessed Bella had killed. He pulled a match out of his robes and struck it, throwing it down on the bodies. He turned to his and smiled.

"You may go now. Let me know how Bella is once she wakes up. I apologise for all the trouble. I hope I don't have to see you again unless it is for a pleasant reason."

We all smiled at Marcus before bidding him farewell and exiting the library. Esme stroked Bella's hair before smiling at us.

"Let's go home."

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