New Moon Alternate Ending


I smiled at everyone in the room, feeling so much love for each individual person. Today was mine and Edward's first wedding anniversary, with many more to come as we were going to be together forever. Edward's arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me close, pressing a kiss to the top of my head. I leaned into my husband's touch, relishing in the moment.

After I had drank the antidote, I had woken up back in my room in the Denali's house with Edward sitting at my bedside. I had felt extremely human in that moment as I had also been reminded of waking up in hospital after James had attacked me. Edward had immediately enveloped me in his arms and thanked God that I was alive. I was extremely confused and couldn't remember what had happened at first. To my knowledge, Edward and I should have been on Isle Esme, enjoying our honeymoon. I had been frantic with worry, especially when Edward had mentioned our family had been held hostage by the Volturi. I had immediately wanted to see them so Edward helped me down the stairs to the living room where everyone was waiting thanks to Alice. Before I could say anything or ask what had happened, I was embraced by the Cullen family, all hugging me tightly as if they were scared they would never see me again. My mind was still completely confused and I had to sit down for a moment. For some reason I felt extremely weak and tired, despite the fact I was meant to be an immortal vampire with incredible strength. Edward was immediately kneeling in front of me and cupping my face in his hands, asking how I felt. I told him I was sorry but I just needed some space. I let my mind wonder and tried to fit in everything that happened. Very slowly, everything came back to me. I remembered getting the phone call from Kate and immediately heading to Italy. I remembered Aro wanting me to join the Volturi but I had refused and he had set Felix on me to kill me. I remembered killing Alec and Jane before Aro pulled out some sort of gun which could kill a vampire. I remembered seeing Edward as I was shot and feeling like I was going to death. I remembered the final bit where Marcus had produced this purple liquid and I had been forced to drink it, despite the fact I was barely clinging to life. I couldn't remember anything after that. Everything had gone black and suddenly I was back in Alaska.

I had asked my family what happened after I blacked out and they were all so relieved I remembered what had happened. Edward told me that he had been so scared I had died but Marcus had assured him that I was alive and pointed out how I was still breathing and moving, that my body just needed to recover. I had asked what had happened to Aro and Edward just snarled. My husband told me that he had killed Aro and had taken pleasure in doing so. I was relieved at the news as I had been worried Aro would want revenge. Carlisle explained that Marcus and a few members of the Volturi were not killed but would build the Volturi again from scratch; creating a better world for the vampires and that they would not be making the same mistakes as last time.

So here we were. It had been a year since I had become Mrs Cullen and it had been nearly a year since I almost died thanks to a sadistic vampire who was now dead. I sometimes still couldn't get over everything that had happened in the last two or three years. In a short space of time I had met Edward, nearly died several times, discovered the man I loved was a vampire, had my heart completely shattered, been reunited with my love, turned into a vampire, discovered that werewolves exist and that my former best friend was one, left Forks, moved to Alaska and married the love of my life and gained a new family. Despite all the down sides, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. Edward was my life and we had forever.

Alice raised her champagne flute in the direction of Edward and I.

"To Edward and Bella. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. You will have many more to come."

I laughed at Alice's words, knowing that she had in fact seen this in the future. My future with Edward and the Cullens was secure.

Everyone raised their glasses and cheered for us. I just smiled back, overwhelmed at the love in this room. I caught Jasper's eye and grinned. He looked like he was on cloud nine with all the emotion in the room. I cleared my throat and looked at my family.

"Thank you so much for everything. I don't know where I'd be with you. I love you all."

Everyone awed before I heard Emmett shout, "Group hug," and immediately I was caught up between all my family members. Edward managed to keep hold of me as Emmett tried to squish us, causing me to laugh. Eventually we pulled apart and Edward pulled me to him.

"I love you Isabella Marie Cullen."

I grinned up at my husband, knowing that I would always be in love with this man.

"I love you too Edward Anthony Cullen. Forever and always."


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