New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 5

Edward's P.O.V

Why on hell was Bella going back to that place? It was literally hell on earth.

They would kill her as soon as they had her alone. Why oh why oh why? Why? I couldn't get my head around it.

My beautiful Bella had gone to the Volturi because she wanted to die. I now knew how she felt as she had raced to save me from dying.

I sat with my head in my hands, feeling depressed.

If only I had been there when Bella had woken up as I had planned to but being a coward stopped me from doing that. If only.


Alice's thoughts screamed at me. I ignored her and looked out of the window. We were flying from Rome to Florence.

According to what Alice previously said, we weren't that far behind Bella.

I just prayed that we would catch her before anything drastic happened.

'I bet you wished you had listened to me.'

I sighed at this thought. Alice was right. She had been for the past eight months. I gave a tiny nod of my head, only visible to Alice.

'You better hope we catch up with her or I'll personally kill you myself!'

I didn't care about her last thought. If Bella was dead I would die too. It would be easy as we would already be in Volterra.

I would irritate the Volturi and then I would be dead with my Bella. I felt Alice tense up next to me.

Great, she had seen my plans. A moment later she turned to me and growled quietly so the passengers wouldn't hear her but the intent was clear.

'Make things worse you moron.'

I didn't care. At least I would be at peace with Bella. Alice got out her phone and dialled her home number.

She was obviously calling our family to tell them what was happening.

I knew Esme, Carlisle and Jasper would be worried sick. Actually Rosalie and Emmett probably would be too.

'Hello? Jasper love, don't panic. I'm fine, I'm with Edward. No... He's fine too.I know you're all wondering why we ran off like that but we have to go back to Volterra..........'

I watched a family across the aisle from Alice and I. Alice wasn't speaking and was listening to Jasper.

In this family there was a man, a woman and two children. The man and woman looked like they were deeply in love and absolutely adored their children.

They were the perfect family. I wished I could have this with Bella. Maybe I could as long as I saved her in time.

I turned my attention back to Alice as I couldn't look at the family anymore. Finally Alice started talking again.

'Jazz, Edward and I will be careful. We're not going to get ourselves killed or become one of the guards.......Jazz, you know I will never ever leave you. I love you way too much.......'

Alice's words immediately made me think of Bella. I was a stupid idiot for leaving her.

I put her in the hands of stalking vampires and werewolves. Urgh! I need to find her so I could set things right.

I love her so much, more than life itself. I could never leave my Isabella Marie Swan as long as I lived.

'Jasper it's Bella. We're going to Volterra to stop her killing herself.She really believes our stupid brother doesn't love her anymore so she doesn't want to live.They are meant to be together as they're both as stupid as each other..........No Bella woke up to find no Edward there and realised he wasn't coming back to see her after she risked her life for him......'

Alice turned to glare at me. Then her expressions turned to worry.

'Jazz you do not need to get a plane to Volterra! I forbid you too. Edward, Bella and I got out last time and we will this time.You have my word. I better go. I love you Jasper Whitlock. Goodbye Jazzy.'

I heard Jasper reply to Alice then she hung up on him. She closed her eyes then sighed.

'We'll be at the airport in five minutes.......'

Alice was interrupted by the captain repeating the news to us and the other passengers.

When we were finally allowed off the plane Alice and I squeezed our way past people and were one of the first passengers to get off.

As we approached the air stewardess who was saying goodbye to all the passengers she started smiling widely.

'Wow I sure hope they aren't together. He is so hot. I hope he's single. I want him! I hope he says something to me when he walks by.'

As Alice and I passed her she smiled at us and started fluttering her eyelashes.

'I hope you enjoyed your flight.....'

I nodded at her then Alice and I rushed past. I knew she was disappointed but I didn't care. I wanted Bella.

We ran out into the street and saw a car waiting to be used. We ran over to me and Alice turned to me.

'How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?'


'Oh don't worry Edward. It's what I said to Bella when we were chasing after you.'

'Thanks for sharing but come on, we're wasting time!'

Alice glared at me before getting into the car.

'Why couldn't it have been another Turbo?'

'I'm getting you one for Christmas, remember?'

'Good. Yellow.'

'I know.'

We were driving at 130mph. Alice had insisted on driving as I wasn't coherent enough to.

'Bella I'm coming!' I thought to myself.

I closed my eyes and imagined seeing Bella.

I wondered what it had been like when Bella and Alice were racing to save me from death.

I will always be grateful to my one true love. I suddenly felt Alice tense beside me. I quickly grabbed the wheel.


'She's heading towards the clock tower. In about 2 minutes I'm going to stop and you have to run at human speed to her.

She's walking so you should catch her.'

I nodded at this. I let go of the wheel and started to prepare myself. The 2 minutes passed extremely quickly.

'Edward, remember the clock tower.'

How could I ever forget that particular clock tower? It was now important in two events.

'I won't interfere but I'll be watching just to make sure. Plus I'll be the way for us to get home.'

I smiled at Alice then got out of the car. I saw my sister drive off. I took a deep breath then started heading towards the clock tower.

Bella was constantly on my mind as I ran in the direction of the clock tower. The streets were packed with people.

I tried to squeeze past them as quickly as possible while desperately looking for my love. After about 5 minutes I reached the sunlit plaza.

The clock tower was in the distant. I put my sunglasses on as quickly as possible then continued running towards the clock tower.

Then I saw her. My beautiful Isabella Swan walking in the direction Alice had told me she would be. She looked as beautiful as she always did.

Time really does make the heart grow fonder. I was such an idiot to stay away from her after she risked her life for me.

Now she was ending hers because she thought I didn't want her. I had to stop her.


A/N: Sorry felt like being evil and doing what happened in Edward's point of view as well. I'll hopefully update this weekend. Thank you and please please please review. I really value your opinions :):):) x x x

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