New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 6

A/N: Speech is in Italics

Bella's P.O.V

I spun around so fast. I nearly feel over. Two cold, strong hands grabbed me and stopped me falling.

Instead of being released I felt myself being dragged away from the crowds and into a deserted alley.

I wondered what was going to happen. I had been sure I had heard his voice but now I was unsure about the vampire that was holding me.

Why would it be him? I hadn't seen them due to the fact my eyes were closed. I guessed it would be a member of the Volturi.

Hopefully I wouldn't feel any more pain. Suddenly the hands moved to my face and held it tightly. I had to open my eyes.

When I did I found myself lost in topaz eyes – his eyes. I was back with Edward. I scrutinised his face, his beautiful face. He looked furious.

I suddenly felt afraid but I knew he couldn't yell at me without attracting attraction.

'What the hell do you think you're doing Isabella Marie Swan?'

I didn't reply. I just stared at the godlike creature that stood right in front of me.

He had obviously hunted during the hours I had slept after we had got back from Italy the last time.

He looked so beautiful it hurt. I was glad I was going to die as I knew I wouldn't survive the pain.

'Why? Why would you do this? I can't believe how stupid you are!'

This caused me to glare at him. He may be able to live without me but I certainly can't live without him.

I knew he only went to the Volturi the other day to die because he felt guilty he caused me to jump off a cliff.

Edward glared back at me. This went on for a minute or two until I sighed and closed my eyes.

Edward probably wished I had gone to the Volturi sooner so he could be with his distractions.

That was the reason he was here, no other reason. I was secretly glad I saw him one final time before I was killed.

Something cold touched my nose and I squeezed my eyes shut tighter.


I reluctantly opened my eyes. Edward no longer looked angry. He looked like he was in agony, heartbroken at something I didn't know.

'Bella, please say something!'

What could I say? I'm sorry I still love you and I can't live without you.



'Wow you talked.'


It was so awkward. I knew Edward wanted to leave and return to his distractions.

'What are you thinking about?'

'How you probably want to return to your distractions as soon as possible.'

It just blurted out. I froze in horror about what Edward would say back. I didn't want to hear the details of the love of my life's distractions.

It would hurt me more.

'You know that's not true Bella.'

I glanced at Edward. He was staring at the wall behind me, looking depressed.

This just angered me – how could he be upset as he was the one who left me, NOT the other way around.

'I'm sure it is true. It's what you said on the worst day of my life in the forest after you told me you didn't want me and no longer loved me.'

I shuddered as I said these words, fighting to stay in the present.

I refused to let my mind think of the day my heart broke, beyond repair.

Edward's eyes moved to mine and they contained a mixture of anger and hurt, causing me to gasp.

'You completely believed me then?'

'100%. You had never lied to me before so why shouldn't I believe what you said to me?

You had been distant ever since my birthday party. You didn't stay at night with me, you hardly spoke to me, your face showed no emotions.

My heart was broken before you left because of the way you were acting.

The funny thing was that I asked myself what was the worst thing I could possibly live through and I answered staying away from your family.

That thought even made my heart break. I never thought in a million years you'd leave me.

I thought we were soul mates and you were my other half. I guess I was wrong.'

Edward looked like he would be crying if he could.

'I lied, love. I thought I was protecting you. I thought it was best for you Bella.'

'The best for me? That's bullshit Edward. Ever since you left I've been in more danger than ever before.'

Edward flinched at this.

'I was heartbroken. I was a zombie for months. I couldn't think about you without being in agony.

Then I heard your voice when I was doing something dangerous, as if you were protecting me.

I welcomed danger with open arms to hear your voice. I went to our meadow and saw Laurent who tried to kill me.

Luckily the werewolves stopped him. I discovered Victoria intended on killing me and was trying to get me. Even after Italy you stay away from me.

That was too much for me. Danger magnet indeed. I need protection and the one person who had promised to protect me forever left me in the forest.'

'Hang on Bella, I left you right near to your house, on the path.'

'Did you really think you could dump me, leave then I would just go home? A clue: no. I tried to follow you into the forest.

I convinced myself that if I stopped it would mean love, life, meaning was over.'

Edward took my hands in his.

'I never stopped loving you my beautiful Isabella Swan. I love you, I always have and I always will love you. I lied in the forest.

That was the worst day of my existence, the hardest thing I had ever done in my hundred years.

I wanted you to be able to have a normal, happy life with the world you belonged in, with humans.'

'I don't know what to believe anymore to be honest Edward.'

'You believe the lie, not the truth?'

I shrugged, tears oozing their way out of my eyes. Edward wiped them away but they kept coming.

'Please Bella I love you.'

He took my face in his hands and leaned in to kiss me. I struggled so he dropped his hands.

'What Edward, you think you can kiss me and make it all go away? All the pain I suffered and the past eight months gone with a kiss? No!'

I took a step away from him and this caused Edward to sink to his knees.

'Bella I'm so sorry for doing this to you. I hate myself for hurting you.'

I burst into sobs. I couldn't look at him anymore so I turned away. The sun was shining brightly in the plaza.

Edward wouldn't be able to go out into the sunlight; he would expose him to humans.

As soon as he stepped into the sunlight it would expose him immediately. This meant he couldn't follow me.

I ran into the plaza, fighting back the sobs that were threatening to suffocate me.


The second time I had heard him scream my name like that. I knew Edward couldn't run after me due to the sun.

I ran into another alley and leant against the wall, gasping for breath.

A ring that Renee had given me before I had left Phoenix to go and live in Forks with Charlie slipped off my finger.

I guess I had lost too much weight after Edward had left me. I fell to the ground, terrified that I wouldn't be able to find my ring.

I searched frantically for it. I heard a chuckle to my right. I looked up so fast, my neck cricked.

Standing there was Felix from the Volturi. I gasped. He was handing my ring.

'What are you doing Bella?'

'I lost my ring so I was looking for it. Thank you for finding it.'

I tried to keep my voice natural, make it sound like everything was fine.

At that moment I realised I had made a stupid mistake that could cost me my life. I knew I could never go to the Volturi to be killed.

Charlie needed me and Edward would feel guilty again about me dying, hurting and upsetting the Cullens again.

'I mean what are you doing here in Volterra Bella? We told you to leave.'

'I dropped my ring last time so I came back to retrieve it as my mother gave it to me, meaning it is of sentimental value.'

'Interesting. Aro will be so pleased to see you again Bella.'

'Oh I'm just leaving now, going to rejoin Edward. Send my best wishes to Aro. Goodbye Felix.'

I desperately tried to leave but Felix was already in front of me.

'Aro would be devastated to know he missed seeing you again.'

'But I...'

'Enough Bella. I don't have time for your pathetic excuses today.'

I watched as he chucked my ring aside as it was a piece of shit.


'Shh Bella, we best be going.'


Before I knew it, he had me in his arms and he was running.

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