New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 7

A/N: Hey guys thanks for all the reviews and comments, I really appreciate it. I hope you like this chapter. I know in the last chapter some people found the italics for speech annoying and others got confused by who was speaking so I tried to compromise by making it obvious who was speaking at that moment so I decided to just do Edward in italics. I'm sorry if that annoys you but it will help distinguish from Edward and Bella when they are talking. Bella will be in normal font and so will Alice.

Edward's P.O.V

Bella heard me, making me feel so relieved. She spun around so fast, I knew with her luck and the fact she was wobbling as she spun around she was going to fall.I quickened my pace, just a tiny bit faster than a human and reached out to stop my one true love from falling.The second I caught her, I realised I was furious at what she had been going to do.I dragged Bella, ever so gently, away from the crowds and into a deserted alley where no one would see us. I looked at her beautiful face.She looked even more tired than she had last time we were in Italy. Impossible! I didn't know how someone could be so tired.I didn't know why but I knew it was my entire fault. I put my hands on either side of her face and held it tightly.I was not letting her get away from me ever again... unless she wanted me to. I would accept her decisions but I would still wait.Bella opened her eyes and gazed into mine. I knew I looked furious – I was furious. I needed to know what was going on in that mind of hers.She cringed as if she was afraid about what I would say. This angered me even more. I knew I had to try to remain calm otherwise I would attract unwanted attention.

'What the hell do you think you're doing Isabella Marie Swan?'

She didn't reply. My love just stared at me.Her eyes flicked to mine and I knew she had realised I had hunted during the hours she had been sleeping after we had got back from Italy the last time.Emmett and Jasper had physically dragged me out of the house to hunt, orders from Esme.I turned my attention back to Bella. She was still staring at me, looking like she was in shock.Anger flared inside me. How could she go and try to kill herself?I knew I had tried it myself only a few days ago but that was because I thought the love of my existence was dead.I hoped I would never feel that pain again. Why would she try and take herself out of this world?

'Why? Why would you do this? I can't believe how stupid you are!'

Oh crap. The last sentence slipped out without me thinking. This caused Bella to glare at me.I wanted to take her in my arms and apologise for hurting her: my beautiful Bella.Despite whatever I wanted to do, the anger wouldn't go away so I found myself glaring back into her beautiful chocolate brown eyes.We glared at one another for a minute or two, neither of us breaking the silence, until Bella sighed and closed her eyes.I just stared at her. I couldn't feel angry at her anymore. She looked so weak, so vulnerable.What had I done to my beautiful, stubborn, feisty Bella? How badly did I hurt her? I hated myself. The expression on Bella's face was agonising.It was one of the many moments in life when I longed to hear what she was thinking.I leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose to pull her out of the trance. She only squeezed her eyes shut tighter.I took a deep breath. She was unwilling to talk to me.


She reluctantly opened her eyes. I realised in that moment I couldn't be angry with her. I only felt hatred for myself at hurting my beautiful girl.I felt as if something was crushing my heart, leaving me in agony. How I done this to Bella?

'Bella, please say something!'

I wanted to hear her voice. I had missed it so much. She hadn't said anything.



'Wow you talked.'


The atmosphere was so awkward. I was so pleased to hear my angel's voice but I wished it was in better circumstances.Her expression looked pained, I knew in that moment I had to ask the question I used to ask her all the time.

'What are you thinking about?'

'How you probably want to return to your distractions as soon as possible.'

I gasped as the words came out. Bella froze herself, looking horrified at what she had said. The words had probably just slipped out.The lies I had said on the worst day in my 100 years were the hardest words to say and the worst possible words to say to anyone, especially Bella.I had to convince her that I had lied. I can't live without my Bella.

'You know that's not true Bella.'

I couldn't even look at Bella. I stared at the wall, just above her head, feeling depressed as if my heart was breaking.I saw Bella glance at me out of the corner of my eye. Her expression changed from pain to anger.I deserved this. I had left her, she hadn't left me and I was acting like the victim. I completely hated myself.

'I'm sure it is true. It's what you said on the worst day of my life in the forest after you told me you didn't want me and no longer loved me.'

I watched as Bella shuddered as she stammered out these words.I refused to let my mind think of the day my life changed forever, because I was a stupid idiot. It all suddenly hit me.Bella had believed every single word I said, there was no doubt in her mind about them being true.My eyes moved away from the wall, meeting Bella's eyes. I felt angry and hurt, not by Bella but by myself.Bella gasped, I knew she could see the pain and anger in my eyes.

'You completely believed me then?'

'100%. You had never lied to me before so why shouldn't I believe what you said to me? You had been distant ever since my birthday party.You didn't stay at night with me, you hardly spoke to me, your face showed no emotions.My heart was broken before you left because of the way you were acting.The funny thing was that I asked myself what was the worst thing I could possibly live through and I answered staying away from your family.That thought even made my heart break. I never thought in a million years you'd leave me. I thought we were soul mates and you were my other half.I guess I was wrong.'

I wanted to cry, I could feel the dry sobs coming. I hated that about vampires, the crying never seemed real, never held any real emotion. Ineeded Bella to know the truth. She would always be my soul mate and my other half. I couldn't live without her.

'I lied, love. I thought I was protecting you. I thought it was best for you Bella.'

'The best for me? That's bullshit Edward. Ever since you left I've been in more danger than ever before.'

I flinched at this. I truly hated myself. I wanted Bella to have a normal life but I had just made everything worse.She had no one to protect her from the dangers.I should have realised there would be danger due to the fact she was a beautiful human, who's scent was strong and appetising,plus she knew all about vampires and some vampires knew about her.

'I was heartbroken. I was a zombie for months. I couldn't think about you without being in agony.Then I heard your voice when I was doing something dangerous, as if you were protecting me. I welcomed danger with open arms to hear your voice.I went to our meadow and saw Laurent who tried to kill me. Luckily the werewolves stopped him.I discovered Victoria intended on killing me and was trying to get me. Even after Italy you stay away from me. That was too much for me.Danger magnet indeed. I need protection and the one person who had promised to protect me forever left me in the forest.'

Every word she uttered was like a stab to my heart. I wanted to scream with frustration.Laurent and Victoria had both tried to harm my angel when she never did anything wrong, it was all me. Something clicked when I heard the words 'left me in the forest'.

'Hang on Bella, I left you right near to your house, on the path.'

'Did you really think you could dump me, leave then I would just go home? A clue: no. I tried to follow you into the forest.I convinced myself that if I stopped it would mean love, life, meaning was over.'

Hearing Bella say this broke my heart. Of course she had tried to follow me, why hadn't I thought of that.I needed Bella to know the truth and that I would always love her. I took her hands in mine.

'I never stopped loving you my beautiful Isabella Swan. I love you, I always have and I always will love you. I lied in the forest.That was the worst day of my existence, the hardest thing I had ever done in my hundred years.I wanted you to be able to have a normal, happy life with the world you belonged in, with humans.'

'I don't know what to believe anymore to be honest Edward.'

'You believe the lie, not the truth?'

I watched as Bella shrugged, but the tears gave her away as they came oozing out of her eyes. I lifted my hand and wiped them away but they wouldn't stop.

'Please Bella I love you.'

I had to try. I took her face in my hands and leaned in to kiss her. It was now or never, I thought to myself.I hoped it actually wasn't that. Bella started struggling, trying to turn her face away. I immediately dropped my hands.

'What Edward, you think you can kiss me and make it all go away? All the pain I suffered and the past eight months gone with a kiss? No!'

Bella looked furious, her cheeks turning red with anger. She took a step away from me. I never expected that.I fell to my knees. Seeing Bella back away from me proved what a monster I was. I hated myself.

'Bella I'm so sorry for doing this to you. I hate myself for hurting you.'

I had to watch as my love burst into tears, sobbing her heart out and all her emotions.I wanted to comfort her but I was in shock on the ground. Bella tuned away from me. I knew she couldn't stand the sight of me.This made me feel like I was falling with no way of stopping. I could feel the dry sobs coming.I looked in the direction Bella was glancing in – the sunlit plaza. Why was she looking in that direction?Maybe she was hoping someone would see her and take her away from me. I moved my glance to Bella. She was trying to control her sobs.She took a deep breath, then suddenly burst into a sprint and ran into the sunlit plaza, the one place I couldn't go to as it would expose me to the word of humans.


The second time I had screamed her name like that. There was no way I could follow her.I had to find a route around the back of the alleys to find wherever she was. I made a vow to myself that I would find her. I just had to follow her scent.I jumped up, ready to start looking again for the love of my existence, knowing I would not give up until I had her in my arms again.I took off running, keeping to the shadows. I ran as fast as I could go, following Bella's exquisite scent.I turned my head to the left as a new scent hit me, one that I recognised immediately.

'So you lost her again hey Edward?'

'Alice I don't need this right now. We have to fine her!'

Alice looked at me and nodded. Her thoughts stood out immediately, 'We will find her Edward.'

I nodded at that then took off running with Alice by my side.The closer I got to Bella's scent, I started picking up another scent, one again that I recognised but was unsure of. Alice suddenly gasped next to me.She was having a vision. I prayed that everything would be fine but the fact I was picking up another scent close to Bella's worried me.

*Vision begins*

'I mean what are you doing here in Volterra Bella? We told you to leave.'

'I dropped my ring last time so I came back to retrieve it as my mother gave it to me, meaning it is of sentimental value.'

'Interesting. Aro will be so pleased to see you again Bella.'

'Oh I'm just leaving now, going to rejoin Edward. Send my best wishes to Aro. Goodbye Felix.'

Bella desperately tried to leave but Felix was already in front of her

'Aro would be devastated to know he missed seeing you again.'

'But I...'

'Enough Bella. I don't have time for your pathetic excuses today.'

Felix threw Bella's ring aside as if it was a piece of shit.


'Shh Bella, we best be going.'


Felix scooped Bella into his arms then took off running back to the Volturi.

*Vision ends*


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