New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 8

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Bella's P.O.V

The air flew past me so quickly I barely had time to blink. I was an idiot – a pathetic human.I was going to hurt everyone I loved, especially Edward. Going to the Volturi was the stupidest idea I had ever had in all my eighteen years.The last time we had been in Volterra, the Volturi had terrified me. I had known I would be ok as I had had Edward and Alice with me.Now I was facing a coven of vampires that drank human blood and were evil. I was a goner.For some reason I couldn't bring myself to regret my decision to go to Volterra;it had allowed me one last chance to see the love of my life Edward Cullen one final time.We came to a sudden stop, bringing me out of my thoughts. It was time to accept my fate.Felix looked at me, debating whether to put me down or to kick the door.I decided that Felix was the type of vampire that wanted constant action as he kicked the doors open.They opened immediately, ending with a large bang. Felix marched into the room as if he was a soldier addressing his commanders.Normally soldiers aren't vampires and don't carry pathetic little humans.I glanced around the room and saw every vampire I had met last time was there, except for Heidi.I guessed she was out luring more innocent people to be their dinner. This made me what shudder. I glanced around again. Oh what fun!This would certainly be an entertaining reunion, mostly for me as I was sure to be dead by the end of it.Aro jumped to his feet and a wide grin spread across his face, showing off every single one of his teeth.His milky red eyes seemed to leer at me, causing me to cringe. Marcus looked as if nothing had happened.I remembered Aro saying that it took a lot to surprise Marcus. Caius on the other hand looked delighted.He was probably imagining drinking my blood. This made me want to scream, leaving me feeling more afraid.Demetri and Alec were grinning as they watched Felix bring me in.I realised we were in the same room as before, the room where they had fed on those humans like the woman with the rosary.Her terrified face flashed before my eyes making me feel more hatred towards the Volturi than I thought possible.The last vampire I saw was Jane. She was snarling at me, her eyes filled with rage.I could sense she wanted to kill me, to have the one person in the history of her existence who was unable to feel her gift, be killed.I knew that the meeting with the Volturi this time would not have a happy ending.

'Felix my son, what is going on here? I see you have Edward's human mate, Miss Isabella Swan, with you. May I inquire why that is?'

'Aro I found the human......'

'Felix her name is Bella. Please use it so you don't offend our guest.'

I looked up in shock. Why would Aro care about me? Felix set me down on my feet but grabbed my upper arm, meaning I had no way to escape.Felix dragged me forward towards Aro, who looked like Christmas had come early. I was thrust at Aro who grabbed my right hand with both of his.I knew he was trying to read my mind again.I suddenly saw Edward's face in my mind the last time Aro had tried this – if Edward was with me now he would be even more smug than before.However Edward wasn't with me and I was all alone in the feeding chamber of hungry vampires.Aro's expression changed to disappointment so I knew his goal to read my mind had failed again.

'Still confounding us all Bella eh? My, my, my I wish I knew how you do it.'

I didn't answer. I just waited.

'Felix, where did you find my dear friend Bella?'

Dear friend? I wanted to scoff but thought against it in order to save my life. Felix stepped forward and extended his right hand; Aro grasped it eagerly.Understanding flashed through his eyes as I waited. Aro released Felix and stepped closer to me.

'I understand you returned as you lost a ring your mother gave you?'

I nodded, praising the heavens Aro couldn't read my mind. 'Yes.'

'Where is the ring now?'

'I don't know. Felix threw it aside before he brought me here.'


I flinched as Aro screamed at Felix who looked ashamed of himself.

'Now Bella, where is your mate Edward? Is he in Volterra?'

I was torn. I wanted to get out of there immediately but I also wanted to protect Edward and the other Cullens. Before I could answer, Demetri butted in.

'I know he is. I can smell his scent on her, plus I can smell it nearby.'

I shivered. I had forgotten Demetri was a tracker like James and could hunt Edward down.

'Yes, he brought me back to get my mother's ring. He had to remain in the shadows due to the sunlight.'

Aro smiled at me and seemed to be debating whether I was telling the truth or not.

'I say we kill her.'

I froze. Caius had an evil grin on his face as he spoke the words that could end my life. Jane stepped forward and snarled at me.

'I agree Caius.'

Oh god, I was doomed. To my surprise Aro burst out laughing.

'Jane you only don't like this unique human before your gift doesn't work on her. She belongs to Carlisle's coven and Carlisle is my friend. Therefore we will not kill Bella Swan!'

I was surprised at the verdict. Caius looked furious, Marcus wasn't botheredand the others looked disappointed that they weren't going to be draining the blood from my fragile body.I was afraid to look at Jane. All I could hear was a loud snarl filling the room. I suddenly found myself flying across the room.I suddenly and smashing into the opposite wall. I felt dazed as I tried to sit up. I couldn't muster up the strength.

'JANE I SAID NO! Bella dear I do apologise.'

'Master I didn't do anything wrong. You said we will not kill the human, you didn't say anything about harming her.Please Master, I'm so angry at discovering there is a hole in my gift. I need to take my anger out on someone and who knows what I might do.'

She narrowed her eyes at the Volturi leader as if to say he was first in line.Aro paused at this flaw in his plan then smiled apologetically at me. He obviously valued his own life hundred times more than mine.

'Don't hurt her too much dear Jane. We need her in one piece as her mate is in the city.'

'Thank you Master. It won't take long, I promise you.'

I watched as Jane licked her lips then started advancing towards me. She leant forward into a crouch, growling as she did.This is it; this is how I'm going to die. The demon vampire stood over me, smiled angelically, and then stomped on my left knee as hard as she could,ensuring there was a sickening crack. I screamed into pure agony while Jane laughed maliciously. I found myself flying again and crashed into the doors.I heard another sickening crack then pain spread like fire throughout my pelvis. Jane was careful enough not to spill any blood. I lay on the floor gasping for air.Jane suddenly appeared next to me.

'Does it hurt?'

I continued gasping for air.

'I take that as a yes.'

She flipped me over and threw me onto the steps in front of Aro, Caius and Marcus.A sharp pain appeared in my right shoulder and as I hit the steps, I felt my head slice open. I knew the blood was coming so I started to brace myself for death.All of the Volturi members knew as well. Jane looked triumphant whereas Aro looked slightly panicked.

'Felix, get Bella out of here. If you hurt her in any way I will know you and you will die, understood?'

Felix nodded then scooped me up in his arms, causing tears to pour down my face.I wanted to close my eyes then open them to find myself home in Edward's arms. Unfortunately I opened them to find myself still in Felix's arms.He set off running again. I closed my eyes as I felt I was going to pass out. I heard the whooshing sound a vampire makes whilst running.Suddenly it went quiet so I opened my eyes. I was back in the alleyway Felix had taken me from. I was lowered quite gently to the ground.

'I'm sorry Bella.'

Felix did sound sorry but a second later he was gone. Tears leaked from my eyes and I started sobbing hysterically.My body was battered and bruised, screaming out in pain. Bones were broken and I was bleeding. I couldn't move. I was all alone and scared.My sobbing increased and I realised what I wanted.

'Edward I need you. Please help me!'

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