The War for Oz


A man must stop two warring Witches from destroying Oz and everything inside of it. Isaac Diggs, a descendant of the wonderful Wizard of Oz, must stop a war between the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wicked Witch of the East.

Fantasy / Action
Zachary Halteman
Age Rating:

Prologue/Merry Old Land


Dorothy Gale liberated Oz from Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, 30 years ago. She also killed Nessarose, the Wicked Witch of the East, earlier that week. Hailed as a hero, Dorothy was added to the Hall of Fame inside of Munchkin Land. The people were very depressed when she left Oz via her magical Ruby Slippers.

The Sisterhood of Witches was formed as an attempt to unify the Cardinal Witches of Oz. Glinda of the South and Locasta of the North were the founders, and they recruited Isador, a powerful Winkie sorceress to lead the Winkie Country and be a part of the Sisterhood. Next was Plumela, a Munchkin witch who worked under Glinda when Nessarose was the Witch of the East. This Sisterhood remained intact until Isador’s husband Alastair committed adultery with Plumela. Outraged, Isador waged war against Plumela and the Munchkin people.

I looked down at the slightly crumbled yellow brick road. The pale morning sun just dotting the grass next to it. Sunlight reflected into the droplets of water, as the sun rose higher above the metallic-green skyline of the Emerald City. As I looked on to the Emerald City, I remembered my, oh what was it, great grandfather I believe, the Wizard. His full name was Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmanuel Ambroise Diggs. I am Isaac Diggs, a descendant of him.

I have a fairly large task. Isodora to the West and Plumera to the East have been having quite the feud lately. Something about adultery and other provocative things. The Munchkins and Winkies have already had battles. One, outside of Glinda's Ruby Palace, resulting in the Winkies being pushed back.
I continued on the bright yellow path I had taken from Munchkin Land. I have to hurry, the Ozma is waiting for me. The Ozma is the Queen of Oz, and we happen to be related. She is my mother's cousin's daughter, making us cousins, and making her related to the Wizard. Ozma is a great ruler, but a less-than-exceptional fighter. Rest assured, the Ozians in the Emerald City fully trust her.
I passed by a log cabin cottage and the Fighting Trees near the enchanted forest. "This must be the Tin Woodsman's cottage." I thought to myself. I could hear a slight whistle of a tone I found quite familiar. I must continue however, there is work to be done.
The forest was as dark as ever. The Lion's Rock stood high from the deep part of the forest. That's where the Lion, once cowardly, now rules over all the woodland creatures. I had heard stories of the Lion and how Dorothy had whacked him in the nose and he cried like a small child. How ironic to think the one that all the squirrels, rhinoceroses and elephants bow down to what was once a coward.
As I neared the clearing, I could see the skyline of the Emerald City enter my vision. I stood there for a good moment, admiring the enchantingly green buildings in the distance. I walked forward, slinging my pack back onto my back to finish my journey.
I approached the Deadly Poppy Field. There is a rumor that the poppies were never un-enchanted. I am not one to believe such things, but the suspicion grew in my mind. I trudged on, entering the possibly poisonous poppy fields. I walked on, making it about a third of the way until the drowsiness set in.
I could feel myself rocking back and forth as I walked on, each step increasing my dizziness. I could see a haze of pink fumes cloud my eyes as I kept walking, now in pain. I hit the halfway point, spontaneous yawning and stretching fits beginning. I couldn't stop. I had to keep going.
My movement was slowed to a mere crawl as I neared the Yellow Brick Road. My breathing had become stretched out and I was almost hyperventilating. The curb of the brick road was right in front of me. I reached both of my hands out and pulled myself out of the poppies, a huge huff of exhausted breath releasing from my mouth and nose.
As I looked on to the Emerald City, I could feel the pink haze cloud exit my mind and eyes. I gained a jolt of energy as it left me. I slowly rose, my arms and legs still sore from the exertion. I glimpsed towards the city, gripping the straps of my pack as I walked forward...
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