Summer's End


Something valuable is stolen from the Summer Court and the Sidhe blame Gabe. Something valuable is stolen from the Summer Court and the Sidhe blame Gabe. He has just 72 hours to prove his innocence and find the one responsible, whilst also trying to dodge Faerie assassins, or his next meeting with the Queen of the Summer Court will be his last.

Adventure / Fantasy
Leigh Flaherty
Age Rating:


“In a time before the world we know, long after the Celestial War that spawned The Four, mankind existed purely to serve the will of the Old Gods. Mindless slaves would have been a kind moniker. They were treated as expendable, they lived or died on a whim, their lives belonged to the Old Gods to use as they saw fit.

“But as powerful as they were, even the Old Gods had to answer to someone. They themselves were slaves to a master.

“This world was ruled by four beings, each a manifestation of the four primal elements; Fire, Water, Air and Earth. As cruel as the Old Gods were to mankind, they were but bickering children in comparison to the Elementals. They were cruel and vicious but they had a balance to maintain, no one Elemental could be more or less powerful than the rest, this world was divided equally amongst them.

“That is until one day the Old Gods had had enough of living under the heel of their masters. They somehow put all their differences aside and came together to challenge the Elementals. This war of dominance raged on longer than your feeble mind can comprehend. Many of the Old Gods perished during the conflict but the sheer numbers of them and their human slaves eventually overwhelmed the Elementals. They sealed their former masters away and imprison them in four crystal ingots.

“The crystals were then shared out between the three remaining leaders to be hidden away for the rest of time.”

“And what does this have to do with me?” I asked, trying my hardest not to show how shit scared I was.

“You mortal,” Titania, Queen of the Summer Court replied. “You are responsible for retrieving what was stolen. You need to bring back the crystal prison of Fire.”

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