Chapter 10

The weekend had gone by fast and before I knew it, it was Monday morning once again. Although I had tried to keep the Cullens out of my mind for the weekend, I couldn’t anymore. Once again, the strange family had left me with contradicting feelings; at one hand I was glad to go back to school, so I could see Alice again and we wouldn’t have to act awkward towards each other anymore. On the other hand, I feared that somehow, things still wouldn’t be quite as they were. As if, despite our attempts to act normal towards each other, it would just be.. different.

I sighed, knowing that I would have to face them one day – might as well be today. Hoisting myself out of bed, I took a swift shower to wake my sleepy head and then put on some random clothes.

My first few classes were absolute torture. I felt like my head was still sleeping and on top of that, Derek wouldn’t shut up. He kept on going on and on about some party he was planning to host – one that would probably never take place since he was too scared to even ask his parents for permission – and I was pondering about what would be best to throw at his head. Perhaps if I threw my microscope he would keep his mouth shut…

I was relieved when lunch break was announced, so at least I could try to sit with someone, anyone, but Derek. I might actually get to eat my sandwich is silence.

‘Hey Dalia, wait up! You almost lost me there, what with all those people in the hallways!’

And maybe not.. ‘Yeah, I know. Lunch hour, who would have thought.’ I got in line, not bothering to see if he’d even followed me. I was sure he had. Lazily I started putting things on my food tray, when a familiar face appeared beside me.

‘Hello Dalia!’ She beamed. ‘Will you sit with me today?’

I looked behind me, seeing Derek looked at Alice bewilderedly. ‘Yeah sure.’

As I followed Alice through the cafeteria I sighed. ‘With you, you meant you and your family, didn’t you?’

‘No, Rosalie and Emmett aren’t here today.’

I stopped dead in my tracks as the full force of the meaning behind her words hit me. If those two weren’t here, all that left were Alice, Jasper… and Edward. ‘I’m not going.’

‘Oh don’t be so silly, he’s not going to eat you, you know?’

I didn’t even register the joke behind her words. Instead, I hissed ’Alice, he wanted to kill me.’

She waved that thought away with her hand. ‘That was Friday, Dalia. Besides, Carlisle wouldn’t have let him.’

‘He still wanted to. It’s the intention that counts.’

Widening her eyes, she looked at me with something that I could only describe as puppy eyes. ‘Please Dalia! I just want you to get along with my family. You know, we’re friends and I don’t want you to be scared of them!’

‘I’m not scared, Alice. I just… well I don’t exactly want to eat lunch with someone who would rather see me sucked dry.’

At this very moment we arrived at the table where said person was already seated, together with Jasper. Nervously, I put down my plate at the other side of the table and opened my water bottle.

‘Hi Dalia, you okay?’

I smiled at the honey blonde, glad that at least he didn’t want to kill me. ‘I am, thank you. You?’

‘I’m good.’

‘Good afternoon.’

Almost choking on my water, I looked up at him.

There he was, sitting in all his beautiful, careless bronze hair, caramel eye colored glory, smiling friendly as if he was not the one who had proposed to kill me. I wanted to sneer at him, snap. I really did.

‘Good afternoon.’ I despised myself. Why couldn’t I’ve just thrown holy water at him, crucified him and put a wooden stake through his heart.

He smiled innocently. ‘Tearing me apart limp by limp and burning the pieces works better.’

Stupid mind reader. ‘Thanks for the suggestion.’

‘Guys, come on!’ Alice said, throwing her hands in the air dramatically. ‘Can we talk about anything else than killing each other?’

‘He started it.’

‘I did not! You thought about it.’

I scoffed at him ‘Right and surely you weren’t the one that proposed to actually kill me on Friday.’



‘Right,’ I sighed, taking a bite from my sandwich. Honestly, wasn’t he supposed to be the grown up here? I mean, being a vampire and all. My annoyance ebbed away fast though, faster than it normally would, and I decided to just ignore him for the moment.

‘So Dalia, what are you doing this Saturday?’

‘Nothing… Not that I know of anyway,’ I said, not trusting the look that was on her face.

‘Great, because now you are! You know, we told our parents that you know about us..’

‘Alice..’ Edward warned her, giving her a look that clearly said ‘enough’, but she ignored it.

‘They really want to meet you!’

‘Alice, don’t..’

‘So you can come over on Saturday and then we’ll get that over with and we can have a girls’ night and it will be so much fun, I promise!’

I bit my lip, looking at Alice’s hopeful face, then at Edward’s. What were the odds of him killing me if I said yes? ‘I’d love to!’

‘Yay!’ Alice squealed and threw her hands in the air in excitement.

Edward stood at that moment, giving Alice and me – but God, especially me – the ugliest look I think he could muster, and left the cafeteria.

That just left Alice, Jasper and me staring at the place where the bronze haired vampire had disappeared. Somehow I felt awkward, knowing that me being there had caused a rift in the family. ‘So…’

‘Don’t take it too personal, Edward just wants to protect our family. He’s always been like that.’

I quirked my eyebrow at Jasper. ‘You mean to say he is always that… moody?’

A small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. ‘Pretty much. But he means well.’

‘I bet he does.’

That week was just overall.. awkward I guess. Apart from Alice and Jasper – and perhaps the big, burly guy whose name I had forgotten – the Cullens seemed to hate me. Even when I had tried to be optimistic, I couldn’t ignore the dislike that radiated off of them.

Whenever I would sit at their table for lunch – something that I had done almost every day thanks to Alice – Edward would fix me with his death stare. I can tell you, trying to eat your lunch is a lot harder when a vampire is looking at you as if he’s about to kill you any minute. Even worse than him, though, was the blonde. She would just pretend I wasn’t there, something that I thought to be unfair since she didn’t even know me. Then again, neither did Edward.

Anyways, after a week like this you can imagine how happy I was to know it was weekend. Even if that weekend included spending time at house of the very people that wanted me dead. Oh joy!

Toweling my hair, I sighed. At least the week was over. Throwing the towel in the corner of the bathroom – a habit my mother was far from pleased with – I walked bare feet to my room. I would just go to bed early tonight, sleep in late tomorrow morning and then take the rest of the time to make myself decent. I didn’t want to give them any more reason to kill me, besides I wanted to make a good impression on Alice’s parents. I just hope Mr. and Mrs. Cullen didn’t change their mind about the whole ‘not killing me’ thing. That would be wonderful.

As I opened the door to my room, I put on the light and dropped myself on the bed. What would be even more wonderful is if Edward would not be there, so at least I would not be constantly glared at.

‘I wish it were possible.’

‘Holy fuck!’ I screamed, whipping my head in his direction. There he was, casually sitting at the chair at my desk, pretending as if we were old friends and that it was perfectly normal that he was here. Sitting in my bedroom. At night.

‘Dalia, are you alright?’ I heard my Mom call from downstairs.

Still bewildered, I grabbed myself together. ‘Yes.. Yes Mom, I’m fine. Just bumped my toe, that’s all!’

She didn’t answer, so I suppose she bought it. Not that she had any reason not to, anyway, since I could be quite clumsy sometimes and it certainly would not be the first time for me to bump into something.

Fixing Edward with a glare of myself, I crossed my arms. ‘What are you doing here?’ It sounded less threatening than I had planned, but I guess that was partly due to me having to whisper it. The walls were thin here, after all.

‘You shouldn’t leave your window open, you know. Who knows what kinds of bad things creep in.’

‘Thanks for the advice,’ I bit my lip, trying to hold the irritation out of my voice. ‘Was there any specific reason for your visit? I mean, I would like to go to bed and I am sure you would rather be anywhere but here as well since you hate me.’

’I don’t hate you.’

‘Fervently dislike me then?’

He furrowed his brows, then after a pause he spoke. ’I came here to apologize, but you’re making this a lot harder than I expected. Besides, I don’t hate who you are. I hate what you are.’

‘And what’s that, exactly?’

‘A risk to my family.’

‘I won’t tell anyone.’ I scoffed. ‘Even if I would try, anyone would just think I was insane, even more so than they do now.’

A silence followed and my curiosity got the better of me. ‘Which part of your behavior did Alice force you to apologize for, exactly?’

‘Every part, really. According to her, I have been stuck-up, arrogant, rude,’ he ticked them all of on his fingers ‘and last but certainly not least an ass.’

I tried my best to keep a straight face ‘Well I suppose she is about right. Although you forgot conceited.’

Edward sighed. ‘I am sorry for acting that way. All I was trying to do is protect my family.’

I wanted to give him Hell, telling him that even though he had his reasons, it just wasn’t okay to act the way he had. ‘It’s fine..’

Another silence fell over the room and this time he was the one to break it. ‘So this is what a teenager’s room looks like..’ He looked around and in that moment I hated myself for not having cleaned it in like… well ever really. Although I was no mind reader I could very well guess the mental addition to his speech. “It’s even messier than I’d imagined.”


He took up a book from my desk. ‘You read this?’

I looked at the book in his hand. The Phantom of the Opera*; my all-time favorite. ‘Since it’s in my room, obviously.’


‘Why? Think that I was more an Austin kind of girl?’

‘I just wonder what would draw a girl like yourself into a story like that.’

I decided to ignore the obvious insult and instead focused on the rest. Why did I like it so much? I shrugged. ‘I suppose I can relate to Erik. He’s an outcast, hated and rejected by the world. Sometimes I feel like that, I think we all do sometimes.’

Edward seemed to ponder my answer for a moment, then put the book back down, apparently having deemed my answer good enough. ‘So are you nervous for tomorrow?’

‘Depends..’ On whether you’re planning to kill me there, I added mentally. Of course, I might as well have said it out loud.

‘I might be a one hundred year-old vampire, but even I know better than to be rude to someone in front of my parents.’

I chuckled at that. ‘And I suppose killing someone would be considered rude. I’ll keep that in mind.’ It was weird the way we were talking, almost as if we could stand each other, hell, almost as if we were friends. Why was he suddenly so interested in what I thought and felt? I mean, he had not been very considerate of any of my thoughts or emotions since the very first moment I’d met him.

‘I just figured that I might as well be less of an ass, since Alice is set on being friends with you. Besides, you look like you need her friendship as well..’

I scoffed ’I am not that friendless, mister! In fact, I am proud to tell you that I have a total of.. two friends. Well three if you count..,′ I scrunched up my nose. ‘You know, I’ve always wondered what’s going through that head of his, making him follow me around like that.’

Edward caught on quick and shook his head. ‘You don’t want to know, believe me.’

‘I know,’ I stifled a yawn ‘My Mom always told me I’m too curious for my own good. Curiosity killed the cat, and all.. I wonder about you, too, you know.’ Settling myself comfortably underneath the blankets, I let out another yawn. ‘I have whole theories about you.’

‘I’m sure you do, but I guess it’s time for you to sleep now and for me to take my leave.’ He stood from the chair and walked to the window.

Although a part of me wanted to call him back, I was too tired to actually act on it. And before he’d even closed the window behind him, I was asleep.

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