Chapter 3

I woke up with a start and slammed my hand down on the alarm. Although I wanted to stay in my warm bed for a few more minutes, I knew that if I didn't go now, the bathroom would be taken. Quickly grabbing the clothes I had laid out on the chair the previous night, I dragged myself to the bathroom.

I must say looking at myself wasn't doing much for my mood. In fact, it made me want to crawl back in bed even more. I sighed, knowing it was no use and started dressing leisurely. When I finally had my clothes on – and the right way, too – I started brushing my hair and put on some make up. I didn't like make up that much, so I kept it fairly modest, only using some foundation for the bags underneath my eyes and some mascara. I was just giving myself a once over in the mirror when I heard knocking on the door.

'Dalia, hurry up, your Dad needs to go to his work.' My mother, of course. Although she didn't work, she was always up in the morning, making sure to ruin my day before it would even begin. Like I said, she didn't have a job, yet she was the one who decided we'd come here in the first place. How unfair is that?

Anyways, since it was her fault that we had to share the bathroom, I chose to ignore her voice and instead picked up the brush again and purposelessly started combing my hair. After five minutes or so, when I decided I would get enough trouble with this as it was, I went downstairs to have some breakfast. I noticed Veronica was already sat at the table, looking perfect as always, but I didn't say anything to her. Instead, I poured myself some cereal and looked out of the window. More rain, how fabulous..

At that moment, Mom came into the kitchen. She was still wearing her bath robe, but apart from that she looked already presentable. I really was the only one looking like a homeless person when I came out of bed, I guess. 'Girls, I came to wish you good luck at your new school. Veronica, I've got not the least doubt that you'll fit right in, just try to give the other girls a chance with the boys too,' she smiled, then turned to me and her face turned stern. 'And Dalia, for the love of God, please try not to get send to the principal's office on your first day, will you?'

Although I had been sent to the office on my old school pretty often, that was not so much because of myself – because like I told you earlier, I was not as much of a badass as I tried to seem – but more so because I'd hung out with the wrong crowd. Still, I thought her comment rather unnecessary. Anyways, we both nodded and got our bags. When we were both set, we said goodbye to Mom and went to the car. Before I put my seatbelt on, I double checked if I was wearing pants – which I was – and then turned up the music, so I wouldn't have to talk with Veronica. Not that this was necessary, for chances that she would want to talk with me were already slim to begin with.

When we pulled up the school parking lot, it was still mostly empty. I guess we must have been early. As she turned off the engine, Veronica turned to me. 'Look, I'd really appreciate it if you would not cling to me in school, or talk to me for that matter. It's bad enough that we are family and I don't want to see my chances of surviving here being ruined because of you.'

I shrugged 'Like I had even wanted to.' I guess her words would have hurt me, if it were not that I was already used to this. Back in LA, most people didn't even know we were related. And that's exactly how I liked it.

Reluctantly, I opened the passenger door and sprinted across the lot to the secretarial services office. Although it was cold, and wet, outside, it was only a small distance and I wasn't yet soaked to the bone when we entered. The office was pleasingly warm and decorated in a simple manner. There were a few chairs lined up against the wall, probably functioning as a waiting area. A couple of large plants served as decoration and on one side of the room was a large counter behind which a middle aged lady sat. Immediately recognizing us as the "new kids", she gave us our timetables and told us where our first class would be. It all seemed very simple, as it was a small school with not as many classrooms as I was used to. The only potential problem was that the classes would be in different buildings and I still had to figure out which building was which.

Soon we were back outside and drove to the normal, student's parking. When we left the car, we both went into a different direction and I knew that would be our last interaction for the day. Fortunately, we weren't as early as I thought we would be and when I reached the classroom I heard the first bell. I quickly introduced myself to the teacher, who pointed me to a place in the back. I couldn't say I really minded that, though, because people had been staring at me ever since I set foot in this school. They were expecting us, just like that Derek guy told me. Opening my book, I noticed it was all matter that we'd worked through in LA. Therefore, I just rested my head on it and closed my eyes. Soon the teacher's voice was no more than a sound in the background and I found my consciousness slipping.

However, at that moment a voice disturbed the peace. 'Dalia..? Dalia?!'

Annoyed, I open my eyes and looked around. It didn't take long before I saw Derek, who sat in the desk in front of me, but who was now turned in his seat. When he noticed I was listening, he stopped saying my name and continued 'So how do you like our school?'

Although I felt more like punching him for waking me for such a stupid question, I decided against it. It's only my first day after all and if I was ever to have any friends, it would not do well to hit a guy. 'It's okay.'

'What do you have next?'

'I eh…' I looked down at the timetable 'History.' I smiled, history was one of the subjects I did actually enjoy. I was even fairly good at it, which was also a big plus.

'Me too!' The teacher threw him an angry glance, but then continued his lecture. Derek, this time in a softer tone, continued. 'So, perhaps we could sit together?' I didn't like the tone in his voice, it was too hopeful, again.

'Sure, sounds alright.' I was glad when after this, we didn't have any more chance to talk. I tried paying attention to the lecture, I really did, but I must say I truly wasn't all that motivated. So I started doodling in my note book.

For the rest of the morning, I was stuck with Derek. Not only did he want to sit beside me in every class, he also kept on rambling as we walked to our next classes. It was really getting a bit tiring and I was about to call him out on it when I noticed we had lunch. It would have to wait, I decided, for my hungry stomach churned for something nice. Now, one can say a lot of ugly stuff about Forks High School, but I must admit the food looked really great.

After we had grabbed some food, Derek guided me through the maze of tables and finally stopped at a not so crowded one. Of course, since I had been looking around instead of listening to him, I had not noticed when he suddenly stopped and I bumped right into him. Instantly turning red, I quickly apologized, especially since I had smeared some of the jam from my sandwich on the back of his shirt. I didn't tell him that, though.

He told me not to mention it and went to introduce all the people at the table. As was to be expected, when he finally said the last name I had already forgotten all the others, but I gave them a friendly wave nonetheless. 'Hi.'

I was glad to know that there were also a couple of girls seated at the table and I swiftly sat myself between one with sandy blond hair and another with chestnut brown hair. I vaguely remembered that the one with the darker hair was called Georgina, but wasn't sure about the other anymore. Something with an N, perhaps? I believe both of them had been in several of my classes, but wasn't sure. 'I believe we have some classes together…. Georgina, right?' I asked, playing it safe.

She nodded and took a bite from her apple before she spoke 'Yes, you're in my English and Biology class.'

After that, we didn't speak anymore. She seemed like a girl of few words and I could appreciate that, since I was as well. If I wouldn't be forced to sit beside Derek in every class, we might even become good friends. I let my eyes gaze across the cafeteria and noticed my sister sitting at, or rather on, one of the tables in the far end corner. She seemed to already have found herself a group of worshippers, so I guess my Mom didn't need to worry about that anymore. Now all I had to do was not to get land my ass in the principal's office.. I huffed.

When the bell rang again, I managed to hide from Derek and walked with Georgina – who turned out to be far better company – to class. Or at least, she walked me to mine, then continued to her own. If I was correct, I now had Art. I had been looking forward to it all day, especially when I'd learned it was one of the classes I would not have with Derek. Opening the door, I found a spacious room, with large tables at which already a few students sat.

I walked up to the teacher, a young, friendly looking woman with ebony hair.

'Ah you must be the new student! I am very happy to see that there are still students interested in the Arts. My name is Miss Landon, but feel free to call me Lucy any time. You can find pencils and paper in the drawers over there. Because of the small interest in this compartment, groups are relatively small and most of the time there will be another group working here as well. The first few tables are for your group, the tables behind it are for the seniors.'

Simply nodding, I went to get the needed tools from the drawers and sat myself at a table that was still empty. My parents thought Art was a waste of time and money and dreaded the day I would choose to make my profession of it. Mom looked down on artists, thinking they only chose art because they couldn't do anything else. I suppose that was true in my case, but for the rest of the artistic communion it was only offensive.

It was at that moment that I noticed them. The girl was small, hardly any taller than me, and had short, dark locks that were spiked up to the side. She looked a bit like a fairy, with the elegant way she moved, almost glided. She held the hand of a taller boy… man? He was lean and had honey blonde hair. His face looked pained, but he moved with the same elegancy as the girl. The most striking thing about them, though, was that they were both breathtakingly beautiful. Their face structure, their skin, it was all flawless, looking like they were from a magazine. The way she looked at him, it wasn't hard to feel the love radiating between the two and I could only guess they were lovers. One thing confused me, however: the color of their skin. Even compared to me, they were both deathly pale. So perhaps they were just brother and sister then, I mused, since they shared this rather rare characteristic.

I didn't have much more time to ponder the issue though, for as if on cue, both of them looked at me and I realized I had been staring. Feeling the heath rush to my cheeks, I quickly turned back to my own table and concentrated on Miss Landon, who was just explaining our assignment. It took me all my effort not to look over my shoulder, though, but eventually I managed to get absorbed in the assignment.

When I came home that evening, I felt like a drowned cat. Since Veronica had only had school until two, I didn't have much choice but to walk home. I stripped out of my wet, sticky clothes and put on my pajamas. After I had wrapped a towel around my head, I went downstairs. As usual, I found the rest of the family already eating. I sat myself with a sigh on the empty chair and looked down at the food on my plate. Spaghetti leftovers, lucky me…

'…made so much friends already! Oh and in Chemistry we have a project, so on Friday my partner will come over so we can work on it and…' I tuned her out. I did not care much about her perfect life, nor did I want to hear about it. I was simply glad I had gotten through the day. I mean, I even made some friends. That was as much as I could hope for.

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