Chapter 4

For the entirety of the week, I had to keep Derek, who was following me around like a puppy who thought I was his mother, away from me with stupid excuses like "I have caught a cold, don't want to infect you!". And I can tell you, that was not fun. Apart from the fact that I didn't like lying, I almost felt guilty every time I saw his face fall. Almost, I say, for the peace it gave me was wonderful.

On Wednesday, at lunch hour, I saw them again. The beautiful girl and boy from art, that is. They were in line to get some food and again she held his hand. However, there were three others with them. Two guys and one girl. The girl was tall, had blonde, beautiful hair that cascaded down her back in soft curls. She was truthfully the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen and I think even Veronica would feel ugly in her presence. Beside her stood a tall, muscular man with dark hair. Although he reminded me of a bear, what with his physique, his face seemed friendly. He had one arm around the blonde and used the other to load his tray with food. The third guy, who stood a bit apart, was the smallest of the men. He was lean, had bronze hair and had perfect features just like the rest of them. It was not hard to see that they all belonged together, for they all shared the paleness and beauty that I had already noticed the first day in the brown haired girl and the honey blond man. They all somehow didn't seem to fit in to the context of an American High School. They were too beautiful, too perfect to exist in real life. I was staring at the bronze haired boy as he grabbed an apple, but suddenly he looked at me. For some reason, I could not turn away, even though I felt my cheeks turn red and all I wanted was to disappear. Then, as sudden as he turned at me, he looked away and followed the rest of the group to a vacant table.

'Who are they?' I asked, more to myself than anyone in particular.

Georgina smiled at me. 'The Cullens. They're quite the sight, huh?'

I nodded absently, then suddenly realized what she'd just said. 'Wait, you say that as if they're family.'

'Doctor Cullen and his wife have adopted them. But they're not actually related, if that's what you mean.' She took a bite from her sandwich and I knew that was all that she would tell me. I knew enough though.

The day had gone slowly after that. I was yet again stuck with Derek tracing my every step, even though I thought I had been very obvious in telling him off. Anyway, I was glad when I could finally go to Art, where for once he could not follow me.

Honestly, it surprised me he had not tried to switch classes just to be there as well.

In Art, we were told to team up for the next assignment, but since I still didn't know anyone, I was at last allowed to do it on my own. The only problem was that we had to make a portrait of each other.. It was then that Miss Landon asked one of the seniors to help me out and it wasn't before long when a small figure gracefully sat itself on the other chair.

She beamed at me 'Lucy told me to help you out with the assignment, since I was done with mine already. I will try my best to sit still,' she laughed. 'Oh I'm Alice by the way.'

I could impossibly not like her. She was so energetic and cheerful that I felt at ease right away. 'Thank you, I'm Dalia.'

'I know.'

'Right, small town, I keep forgetting everyone here already knows everything about my life.'

For a moment she looked genuinely confused, but then she smiled again. 'Oh I know, this place is like a gossip machine!'

I looked around at the senior tables, thinking that maybe I'd keep her away from the honey blond guy. He wasn't there however. Now it was my turn to look confused. 'Doesn't he have this class, too? I mean your eh.. friend?'

'He wasn't feeling very well today, so he decided to take the rest of the day off.'

Nodding understandingly I pulled out a pencil and paper. 'Please just try and keep still.'

The remainder of the class was over before I knew it. Alice was a great drawing subject: she could sit completely still, not wavering for even an inch. At times, we would share a joke and laugh as I changed pencils or would lean back to examine my work. She really was a nice person and I did not really understand why she seemed to have no friends at all. It didn't seem like the best subject to talk about, though, so I didn't bring it up. When I was finally done, I showed her the result and she squealed. I suppose that was a good sign?

On Friday, when the last bell rang, I could not throw my books into my bag fast enough and almost ran from the classroom. Looking through one of the windows, I could see it was pouring. Of course. It had not taken long to adjust to the weather here, but I must say I somehow still hoped for a sunny day. The rain, however, wasn't the worst thing. No, the worst of all was the wind that would push against my body, making every step I took feel like a hundred.

When I finally made it home, I dumped my bag in the claustrophobia inducing hallway and stepped over the doormat. It was only then that I squeezed out my hair, effectively making a small pool of dirty rainwater on the floor. Satisfied with the result, I picked up my bag once more and walked up to my room. Since I didn't really feel like starting with my Mathematics homework just yet, I didn't even bother to unpack my rucksack. Honestly, why would I even have to know how to calculate the volume of a milk carton? When would I ever need to be able to find out what the surface of a triangle is? Mathematics was just so useless.

Suddenly, I could hear voices coming through the thin wall that separated my room from Veronica's. I could make out my sister's, whose voice sounded flirty and pretentious. Who the other voice was from, though, I could not hear. It was a boy, obviously, or she would never talk like that. If it had been a girl, she would have just bossed them around. I couldn't hear what they were talking about, though, and honestly, I didn't care either. She could fuck the guy for all I cared.

I grabbed the cup from my nightstand and placed it at my lips. It was empty. Of course. With reluctance, I stood from my bed – which really did sleep wonderful, I had to admit – and walked to the bathroom. When I passed Veronica's room, I couldn't help but stand still for a moment, but didn't hear anything anymore. In the bathroom, I filled my cup until it was approximately half full. Knowing myself all too well, I knew that chances were high that I would either drop the cup altogether or that I would shake so badly that half of the water would splash out anyway.

With my eyes fixed on the cup, I walked out, taking small steps at a deathly slow pace. I heard my mother call us for dinner, but didn't pay attention to it. Right now the most important thing was to get the cup safely to my room. Of course, with my luck, the door to Veronica's room opened just as I passed it and in surprise, I dropped the cup. I prepared myself for wet feet, but then everything went very fast. The person who had opened the door lunged forward and caught the cup only one feet from the ground. He handed me back the cup, careful not to touch my hands – something I was grateful for. It was only then that I noticed the water was still in it and I looked at him speechlessly.

It's one of the Cullens, I realized; the boy with the bronze hair. Edward. I frowned, not understanding where the thought had come from. Surely my mind was playing tricks on me because of the beauty that was in front of me.

He looked at me, probably waiting for me to thank him. But I couldn't say anything. When I had first seen him in the cafeteria, I had thought he was the embodiment of perfection. But it was nothing in compare to seeing him up close. His features seemed even more perfect, more refined. His eyes were a caramel brown color and at that moment they were gazing at me in a confused way.

Since I still wasn't able to talk – just stare – I decided to simply nod, hoping that would somehow express my gratitude as well. It cost me great effort to tear my eyes away from him, but at last I turned, bringing the cup to my room. Of course, when I came back, he was gone. I heard Veronica talking to him downstairs, then the front door closed and I knew he was gone.

Still in shock, I walked down the stairs and sat at the table. For once, I didn't even care that my parents had already started. I couldn't find it in me to care about anything, even Forks seemed like a better place.

Soon, Veronica joined us. 'I asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner, but he said his mother counted on him. Too bad, though, because..-'

I had already stopped listening. Crazy as it might seem, I just couldn't get the beautiful boy out of my mind. Every single thing about him had been perfect; his face, posture, the way he'd moved. It might have been for the better that he had not stayed for dinner, for merely thinking about him made me lose it. What would happen if he'd actually start talking?

I pushed away my plate, not hungry anymore at all. All I wanted to do now was fantasize about the boy – as freaky as that might sound – and perhaps cry about the pettiness of my own existence compared to his. Come to think of it, I didn't even know his name. I was reminded of my walk-in with him upstairs, when something in my head had offered an answer. Edward, I remembered, but then shook my head at the absurdity of that. Surely I couldn't know the name of a boy I had never met. Time to find out his real name, I decided, and pulled myself back to reality. 'So eh Veronica, how is your project coming along with ehm.. what's his name again?' I had tried to sound nonchalant, but had only managed to sound completely phony.

'You mean Edward?' She swallowed a bite. 'Well, it actually went pretty well, he's so..-'

Once I had gotten the information I had needed, I tuned her out again. Honestly, I may seem like a really bad sister, but if you've lived with her for your entire life, you wouldn't be able to stand the sound of her voice, either. Anyway, as soon as the name had passed her lips, I stopped breathing. I had been right. But how? Without a doubt, I had never seen him before and it was too uncommon a name to simply guess it. I bit my lip, deciding not to ponder over it anymore. It had simply been a coincidence. Yes, that must have been it!

Soon, my thoughts dwelled back to the boy in question, the new center of my universe – ugh I was so pathetic – and I couldn't help but wonder if he had a girlfriend. He was in the same classes as Veronica, so that meant he would be either seventeen or eighteen. So yeah, he was probably taken. And, even if for a moment I would go with the thought that he wasn't, he would certainly not be interested in the likes of me. I was a fifteen year-old nobody – although half on my way to sixteen, to my own defense – and he was perfect enough to be crafted by the hand of Michelangelo. I sighed.

As soon as the others finished dinner, I rushed upstairs, hoping to avoid having to do the dishes. I was successful. Since I really didn't have much else to do, I decided to start on my homework nonetheless. However, focusing on the math problems at hand seemed even more difficult than usual, for I couldn't get the Edward guy out of my head. For once, I didn't rejoice in the fact that it was weekend. It would only mean I would have to wait until Monday to see him again and somehow, that thought hurt a lot more than it should have.

In Los Angeles I would have spent my weekend going to the beach, perhaps shopping for clothes, but those weren't among my options here in Forks. One would have to wear three sweaters and a rain coat if they wanted to go to the beach and shops were scant to not existing. This, thus, cut my range of options by.. well 90%. And since I didn't have friends, either, I decided I would just have to get a head start on my homework. Yes, I really was the life of the party.

I could only hope Monday would come soon..

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