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Chapter 1

Twilight - AH - AU - Alec/Isabella - Romance - Isabella is Carlisle and Esme's youngest daughter, Rosalie and Jasper her older twin siblings and Edward, the eldest child who is already married off with a wife and child. The family's struggling for money desperately so she gets a well paid maid job with the Volturi family (the ruling family of England) which consists of Aro and Sulpicia and their two twins, Jane and Alec. Love blossoms between Isabella and Alec but Isabella is not allowed to date him. She has three options: keep her job and a relationship with Alec a secret, quit her job and be with him exclusively, or keep her job and ignore her feelings for him. (C/E, I/A, R/E, J/A)

'Daddy!' a pretty blonde girl of sixteen yelled as her father was dragged away by some of her brother's father-in-law's officers, her brother's father-in-law was standing in the corner of the room looking at her apologetically, his daughter, her brother's wife, standing next to him sadly. The girls elder brother had his arms tightly around her holding her back as the door slammed shut behind their father. 'He didn't do it! Charlie, you know he didn't.'

'I know,' Charlie, her brother's father-in-law and the Chief of Police, sighed heavily, rubbing a gloved hand across his brow. 'I don't believe that Carlisle was capable of all that but all the evidence points to him and he has no solid alibi. I'd been in huge trouble if I didn't arrest him and it'd be even worse from him. I'm sorry, hun.'

'He's being framed,' the bronze haired man growled out, still holding onto his struggling youngest sister. 'I know my father, he wouldn't, h-he couldn't -'

'Edward,' his wife whispered reaching out to him but something in his face stopped her from going to him.

His attention didn't even turn to her as his little sister suddenly froze and shuddered, tears marring her dirty ivory skin and leaving streaks down her face from her brown eyes and down to drip of her slightly pointed chin.

'How are we going to tell Mum, Edd?' the blonde girl that he was holding onto asked turning around in his arms realising that she couldn't get free or do anything even if she did go after her father, 'and Jazz and Rose?'

Jazz, or Jasper, and Rose, otherwise known as Rosalie, were their other siblings, twins, that filled the gap between the two siblings that were present.

'I don't know, Izzy,' he whispered.

None of the family was really referred to by their real name: Edward was 'Edd', Jasper was 'Jazz', Rosalie was 'Rose', and Izzy's full name was actually 'Isabella', their father Carlisle was usually called 'Carl' by their mother, and her 'Esme' instead of Esmerelle. Telling their mother what had happened would indeed be the worst. Their mother and father had the best relationship, one that both Rosalie and Isabella aspired to have: simple, romantic and beautiful. They trusted each other completely and could do those little couple things were they'd finish each other sentences or just stare at each other but have a full conversation. It was cliché and cheesy but it was perfect. They didn't find the need to kiss twenty-four/seven, a simple squeeze of the hand could say so much, a simple look could convey a thousand words.

'I'll do it,' Charlie spoke up looking pained. 'It's the least I can do. I am so sorry about this, you know, and I will do whatever is in my power to get your father out of this, you have my word.'

'Thank you,' Edward nodded gravely as Isabella pulled from his now loose grasp, plopping herself down on the ratty sofa and his wife moved to take her hand comfortingly.

Edward looked at the two of them and then at the sofa that had been in the house for as long as he'd been alive, which was nineteen years, and now looked like it was going to break any second - it hadn't even been new when his parents had brought it and that had been right after they married - but that was true for most things in the house and Edward found himself wondering what his siblings and mother were going to do now. They weren't a rich family, in fact they were lucky to get three meals a day, the electricity went out frequently because half the time the couldn't pay the bills for it and they hardly ever had heating settling for fires in everyone room of the house. Holding Isabella's arm would have made Edward cringed painfully if he wasn't used to it, for it was mainly just bone - she was so skinny he was sure it was bad for her, he knew it was she got ill so often, but Rosalie, him and Jasper were just the same. Edward was a bit better because he had moved out and the only mouths he had to feed besides his own were his wife's and five month old daughter; his parents had themselves plus three children. Edward wanted to help but his money was only supporting him and Lillian - he refused to let his father give him more salary because, the more money Edward got, the less he did. A thought struck Edward of how his younger siblings and mother were going to manage now with Carlisle gone. His mother was a artist which was on pause because they couldn't afford the supplies, Rosalie had work as a waitress but it was only minimum wage and had low hours since she was working around the college (Rosalie and Jasper were both 18) and Jasper had a after school job teaching younger child fencing but that was only on Thursday nights, the rest of the time he picked up odd jobs whenever he could giving him a range of different skills but not much money and the money he did get mainly went to his girlfriend, Mary-Alice Brandon, who had cancer - he was trying to pay for treatment that her step-mother wouldn't but would save her life. Their father was a pastor at the church, which had been passed down to him from his father and eventually would be passed along to Edward. A low paying job that he had no choice but to take: it was part of being a Cullen - the eldest son always inherited the church, no questions asked.

He heard Isabella sigh and frowned. If anyone would be hit harder and affected more than their mother by what had just happened, it was Isabella, the baby of the family and a complete daddy's girl - Edward could just about remember that their father had been wrapped around her finger from the moment she was born - he was around three at the time. She was his pride and joy even over Rosalie who was like a model and gathered nearly everyone's attention.. Isabella was beautiful as well: tall, like the whole family was, pale and with thick, wavy hair that fell down to her waist. In a way, Edward thought, Isabella was more human that Rosalie, who had the grace of a swan; Isabella was clumsy and blushed at the slightest things, and it wasn't a light blush but a full blown one that covered her face. Edward always believed that Isabella was most like their father as well: she would much rather read a book than go out, would hold up a finger to indicate one minute if she was in the middle of a page, never answering someone if she was, she bit her lip and ran her fingers through her hair when she was stressed, twisted a ring she always wore around her finger when she was nervous as their father did with his wedding ring: they were so alike.

'It'll be okay, Isabella,' Lillian, Edward's wife, whispered to her sister-in-law. 'My dad will sort this out, nothing will happen to yours -'

She was about to say more when the door swung open revealing Edward's and Isabella's mother, her caramel hair pulled away from her heart-shaped face. She frowned as they all stared at her.

'What's going on?' her sweet voice asked and she came toward Edward. 'Edward dear, how lovely to see you.'

'You too, Mum,' he stooped down to press a kiss to her cheek, taking hold of her hands. 'How are you? It's feels like it's been ages since I've seen you.'

'That's because it has been, dear,' his mother smiled and he found himself relaxing under her warming presence as he always did.

Esmerelle Cullen was a naturally motherly person and could make anyone feel welcome and loved. Caring just radiated out of her and her nature was so sweet. She was of those mums that only really exist in stories.

'I'm sorry,' Edward smiled down at her kindly, trying to make her as happy as possible before they told her the news but his mother knew him to well and began to glance around the room, taking in Isabella's ruffled clothing, the tear marks on her face, and sad face with Lillian sitting beside her, holding her hand comfortingly and Charlie leaning beside the door with his arms crossed.

The tension rose fast.

A frown marred her face, 'is there something going on?'

'Esmerelle, please,' Charlie spoke when no one else did, keeping good on his word to tell their mother the news, and Esmerelle's face began to panic. 'Sit down. I have something to tell you.'

She moved to a rickety chair and Charlie moved to kneel in front of her.

'Where's Carl?' she asked, hitting the nail right on the head in one question but it was unsurprising since he was meant to be home all day and she had only gone out about an hour ago - Isabella fought back a flinch or a sob, no one not every Isabella herself was sure which. Esme knew the expression that came over her face as she did so and she looked scared. 'Where's my husband, Charlie?'

'I had to arrest him on the grounds of murder,' he spoke slowly allowing her to take in every word he was saying and her eyes widened as her eyebrows pulled down. She swayed slightly.

'What?' she whispered and Isabella leaped up to hug her from behind, to give her some sort of comfort as she pulled away from Charlie - he had taken her hands, which had been resting daintily on her knees, as he began speaking -, recoiling in shock.

'The evidence for Royce King's death leads overwhelmingly toward Carlisle,' Charlie told her. 'The knife was found in the church with his finger prints on, we can't check his whereabouts at the time of the murder because he was alone, he also has the motive since Royce attempted attack on Rosalie,' - (Esmerelle began to open her mouth) - 'I know he didn't do it and as I told Isabella and Edward, I will try and get him out of it. I will do everything within my power, you just need to trust me. I will get you back your husband, Esmerelle, and your children's father.'

Their mother didn't say anything, just raised a hand to Isabella's arm and lent back. Isabella rested her head on top of her mothers as another tear slipped down her face.

'It'll be okay, Mum,' she whispered though she herself wasn't one hundred percent sure but she it was all she had to comfort her mother. 'Have faith. Charlie will figure it out and Daddy will be back with us, hopefully for New Year.'

New Year was a big celebration in their family because it was the one day they could count of food - the king, King Aro, gave everyone in his Kingdom enough food to have a feast to celebrate the new coming year. They had dubbed the day as a family day - no one worked and they just spent the day as a family before going out with the rest of the city to the palace to hear the King's speech and then watch the amazing fireworks that exploded above the extravagant palace.

'Of course he will, baby,' her mother whispered in reply though she knew her daughter didn't really believe what she was saying but she did appreciate her efforts. 'Of course he will.'

She picked up her daughters hand and kissed it lightly. She stood up and turned look at her youngest daughter, her youngest child, when she felt something wet hit her head. Isabella's dirty face, dirty from cleaning the fireplace, was streaked with a few new tear tracks and her eyes were holding more prisoner waiting to release them.

'Izzy,' Edward sighed sadly as their mother quickly circled the chair to hug her daughter tightly, her own face contorted painfully.

He hated seeing his sister crying, he always had. It was his job as her older brother to protect her from harm along with Jasper and their father, crying meant he had failed her. She was the baby of the family, everyone's baby. Softer and warmer that Rosalie, more trusting and welcoming than Jasper, kinder and sweeter than himself, not as motherly as their mother but just as caring and as clever as their wise father. She was the family jewel, even Rosalie admitted it.

Seeing his mother cry was nearly as bad because she rarely cried - motherly and caring she may be but she was tough and strong-willed, stubborn, things didn't break her easily, the only thing that could was something to do with their family. She had cried when Royce tried to rape Rosalie because she had come home weak and bloody, cried when Isabella had almost drowned in the river whilst telling Jasper off - their father had to jump in the water and pull her out - cried when he had broken his arm falling out of a tree, she had thought him dead for a minute because he didn't move accessing the damage, cried when Jasper told her that Mary-Alice was sick, cried when the twins had gotten lock when they were little in the forest. It sounded like a lot when you listed them out but considering he was now nineteen, spread out it wasn't much and there was a common theme.

The scene made Edward swallow and he shut his eyes so he didn't have to see them only opening them when he felt a hand on his arm. Lillian. She sent him a sad smile and he tried to return it. At just that moment Jasper walked in with his head low as it always was when he returned from the Brandon house. He loved Mary-Alice and watching her get sicker and sicker while her step-mother stood there with the money to make her better was wearing on him, breaking him. He couldn't understand what made Melissa Brandon hate her elder step-daughter so much but then dote on the younger one, Cynthia, who was struggling as much as Jasper with her sister's illness - the same illness that had killed their mother.

'Jazz,' Isabella whispered, pulling a bit away from their mother's embrace but not very far, only enough to see her other brother.

Jasper's head snapped up and he froze taking in the sight. Rosalie, a few steps behind him having come in just after him covered in food, walked into him when he suddenly stopped and the explanation began all over again before she could snap at him.

Eventually the whole family knew what had happened. The twins had flopped onto that old couch, Edward was leaning against the wall with Lillian next to him, trying to provide a little comfort by rubbing holding his hand and rubbing her other one up and down his arm, and Esme had sat back down in the chair with Isabella sitting at her feet, resting her head back on her mother's knees. Charlie just hovered awkwardly unsure at the moment whether he was family or just the Chief of Police. Edward felt a pang of pity go through him for his father-in-law.

'We should go,' Lillian eventually said, pulling on Edward's arm slightly. 'We have to get Isla from my mum's.' (She could see the hesitation on Edward's face to leave his family right now and frowned turning to her father, knowing that her husband needed his blood family now and they needed him.) 'Could you keep her for the night? I'll come with you to mine and Edward's house to get some stuff and then' - she turned back to Edward - 'I'll come back.'

'Sure, honey,' Charlie nodded, glad to be useful in some way though Isla would be with Renee all night since he had already planned to go to the station and try and figure everything out.

'Thanks, Lils,' Edward muttered, pressing a kiss to her cheek she headed to get her fur cloak..

He followed her, taking the cloak off the hook and held it out for her. She smiled and turned around slipping her arms through it before turning around to face him, placing a hand on his cheek.

'Everything will turn out okay,' she said softly, her blue eyes burning softly with conviction - she knew her father-in-law was innocent just as much as anyone else in the room because Carlisle hated violence. 'You'll see.'

'I hope so,' Edward replied, his voice a little hoarse as he glanced back at his sad and silent family.

'I'll be back soon,' she assured him and followed her father out the door, Edward shut it behind them.

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