Chapter 11

'Jazz!' she spoke as soon as she entered the room, collapsing next to her brother on the floor, breathing heavily and with difficultly from her sprint across the graveyard. 'What happened?'

The family gathered in a circle around them. Esmerelle placed her hands on Jaspers shoulders in her attempt to give him some comfort. Isabella glanced around to see her father leaning on a table just by her, Edward holding his daughter in one of his arms, his other around Sophie and Rosalie was encircled in Emmett's arms, her head resting on his chest.

'A month,' he muttered with his head in his hands, 'she has a month.'

Esmerelle gasped and everyone else reacted in someone way expect Isabella who frowned, placing her arms around him gently.

'No,' she disagreed firmly, her teeth clenched together causing Jasper to look up at her. She handed him the envelop that Alec had given her with a steely look in her brown eyes. 'She's going to live.'

Just like she had, Jasper opened the envelop to see the thick amount of money, having taken it from her warily, and then turned to stare at her cautiously. What he was thinking, she wasn't sure, but hope had returned to eyes, hope that had petered out long ago. A grin slowly slipped onto his face as he stared at her.

'Where did you get this?' he asked incredulously - he had never seen that amount of money together at once either.

'Yes,' Esmerelle spoke from above them, her voice suspicious 'where did you get that much money, baby?'

Isabella met Rosalie's eyes and Rosalie sighed softly: Isabella couldn't keep away from that boy. She shook her head wondering why the Prince had just given them money to save a girl he'd probably never even met and began to wonder how much he loved her little sister. Enough to give her the money, that was sure, enough to not be able to stay away from her either.

'Alec,' Isabella whispered and at everyone's look she quickly began to explain. 'I didn't ask him- he just gave it to me!'

'Why?' Carlisle rose to his feet and stood above her so he could look exactly down on her and Isabella smiled up at him, thinking of Alec..

'He said he wanted to save someone,' she told them half of the reason with a soft shrug though she knew it was more than that.

They continued staring at her until Jasper stood up, sweeping her up into his arms. Her feet left the ground as he spun her around and they both laughed gently. She knew he was feeling more relief than she'd probably ever understand unless she learned to love someone as much as she did Alec. Jasper kissed her temple when he set her down, beaming at her wider than she had seen in months.

'Thank you,' he whispered, hugging her tightly once more before pulling back and gathering his stuff.

'Where are you going?' Edward asked as Jasper pulled on his coat and shoved his feet roughly in his boots.

'Where do you think?' Jasper snorted in reply. 'Alice's.'

They all grinned lightly as he ran out the door and watched after him until Carlisle came and rested his hands on Isabella's shoulders. She turned to look at him.

'Are you going to be alright?' he asked her gently, brushing her hair out of her face and she smiled, nodding very slightly.

'Of course,' she replied. 'Why wouldn't I be?'

Isabella met Mary-Alice for the first time about two months later and she was tiny, couldn't be any more than 5ft if she was even that. She was pretty though with dark brown eyes that still sparkled happily and she had a wide, addictive smile that drew you in. She was an optimistic person and a little crazy in her actions - constantly hyper. She had gushed a thank you and Isabella had brushed it aside. Jasper, it turned out, had proposed to her now that they knew they had a future and Mary-Alice was clearly over the moon about it since she was already thinking about it.

Isabella hit it off with her really well and since Mary-Alice was a great distraction from her thoughts about Alec, the two of them grew extremely close from all the time Isabella spent at the Brandon house. She met Cynthia who was nearly as bad as Mary-Alice on the happiness scale and was constantly following Isabella around the house. She didn't see their step-mother very much but the times that she did she got the strange feeling that the elder woman was angry at her for what she did, angry at her for saving Mary-Alice.

Another wedding that was constantly spoken about apart from Isabella's brother and was that of the man that she loved. An official date had been set for the royal wedding, 6th of July, and Isabella tried to ignore anything else about it, a difficult task with it being the talk of the city. She couldn't avoid the conversation topic and sometimes she wished she could just hole herself up in the house and escape - this boy had seriously broken her and she had no idea how to get back to the girl she was before meeting him.

She was seventeen now and had started college, studying literature, creative writing, sociology and health and social care, that September with Angela Webber who was her best friend but who didn't understand anything to do with what had Isabella troubled. Angela wasn't one to pry if you didn't want to talk about something and she was just as quiet as Isabella was which made them great companions for each other. She knew nothing of the "relationship" Isabella had had with Alec which meant that she didn't get the look that she got from her family at times - that she was wounded - but she also couldn't help Isabella with it a downside to her not knowing.

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