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He moved towards the Cullen house like a ghost, letting his feet guide him to the now familiar destination and was met at the door by her father. Carlisle looked exactly the same and Alec felt confusion wash over him. Isabella was his youngest daughter, his youngest child, and yet his death didn't seem to be causing him any grief. He looked exactly the same as he always had though his clothes looked better suited to travelling than they usually did.

'Alec, good,' Carlisle sighed. 'I was wondering when you'd get here.'

Alec frowned in confusion as he was pulled into the house but as he opened his mouth to ask, Carlisle shook his head, gesturing him further into the house. Carlisle called up the stairs to announce his presence in the house and before long footsteps were running down them. A flash of blonde and brown was all Alec saw before arms were around his neck and curly blonde hair was all he saw.

'Alec,' a voice whispered happily and Alec felt himself weaken.

Isabella. He pulled back slightly to get a look at her, to check that he really hadn't gone mental and was now seeing her. She was dead, she was supposed to be dead, so how …? He didn't waste time wondering, if this was a dream he never wanted to wake up. He gazed at her face taking in the amount of scratches and realised just how bad she looked. He turned back to look at Carlisle in confusion, fearing if he spoke Isabella would disappear out of his arms

'We may have exaggerated the situation,' Carlisle chuckled and Alec looked at him now, noting a few scratches on him as well, but he couldn't keep his gaze from Isabella for long.

She stared up at him looking tired and scared but happy; a small smile was tugging at the edge of her lips. Her breathing was heavy and the look in her eyes told him she was about to say something big.

'Are you serious about giving everything up?' she asked him but he continued staring at her. She moved her hand to rest on his cheek. 'It's me, Alec, I promise. I fine, we're fine.'

He could feel his forehead crumpling as his eyebrows pulled downwards and he swallowed hard. She was there, she had to be, for she was warm, and he could feel her touch, she was staring up at him with so much love and hope and trust and a tiny bit of concern. He heard footsteps and turned just enough to see Carlisle leaving the room but Isabella pressured her hand on his cheek making his turn back to her. He stared into her eyes and told himself this was real.

'Kiss me,' Isabella grinned up at him and his eyebrows in amusement but deciding that, even if he was dreaming he may as well make the most of it, he obliged to her wishes, dipping his head to her level and pressing his lips to her own.

'I love you,' she whispered against them as they pulled apart. 'I missed you. Alec, I really am here, I am alive. We were out when you're fathers soldiers arrived and the whole family (even Emmett's family) returned here at the same time. We're not completely helpless, you know, though they did knock me out … I think they thought I was dead.' - she pulled a face no doubt thinking of the horror she must of put her family through - 'I didn't realise that they would tell you that I was dead. I'm sorry but I'm fine…'

She began to ramble but Alec could hardly pay attention, everything was okay now. He cut her off with another kiss.

'What did you ask me?' he whispered, he would rather keep kissing her but from the way she was acting before he knew it was important.

'Are you serious about giving up everything just to be with me?' she asked. 'Your kingdom, your family, your friends?'

'Izzy,' he frowned down at her, 'to be with you, I'd give anything.'


'What have I done to make you doubt it?'

She looked up at him for longer this time.

'Alright because my family and I are planning on leaving,' she spoke quickly and quietly as though someone could be listening in. 'It's clearly not safe for us anymore. Rosalie's staying with Emmett and his family, Edwards staying as well and we'll miss them dreadfully but my parents … well, they don't want me dead. Jasper, Mary-Alice, Cynthia, my parents and I are leaving tonight. Please, Alec, please tell me you're coming with us.'

It didn't take him a second to reply with the affirmative though the thought of Jane flashed through his mind but someone had to be there to take over the Kingdom when their parents died.

Isabella threw herself into his arms and he chuckled as he spun her around delighted to once more hear her laugh and see her smile after he thought it was gone forever. The future didn't look so bleak now. He may not be a prince, he may not someday be king and rule but he would live with Isabella at his side and that was more than some people got, more than he'd thought he'd get the chance to have again.

Not 1000 words which is what I aim to write over but I'm sure most of you are just happy to have a different ending.

This was the other ending that I had in my head as a wrote the previous one, I mean ideas popped into my head at the hundreds, different ways that piece could go, and that was just the one that came out but this was how I was very seriously thinking of ending it. So hope you enjoyed. Thought I'd give you a happier ending so you can pick which way you want it to end. Please review this one as well thanks for all the continued support it really does mean the world to me x

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