Chapter 4

She was surprised that she wasn't fired for snapping at the Prince when she went into work the next day and she didn't see the Prince for a matter of weeks, something she knew she should have been happy about but couldn't find it in herself to be. She was happy though because her father had yet to be tried meaning Charlie had even more time to find evidence that didn't fit - a fact proving harder than it had originally seemed. Today was a rare occasion in the palace - all the servants were allowed to spend the whole day with their family. So Isabella sat leaning on her mother with her feet on Jasper, just waiting for him to tickle her as he always did, she could see the twinkle in his brown eyes that meant mischief.

'How's Alice, Jazz?' Isabella asked him to distract him, taking about Mary-Alice was a good distraction but this time he flinched and Isabella shuffled from her mother toward him, wrapping an arm around his waist and leaning into him, the movement made it that she was practically sitting in his lap, while Rosalie frowned across from her seat. 'What's wrong?'

Jasper bowed his blond head, exactly the same colour, texture and style as her own - blonde, think and wavy - before leaving back to throw an arm over her shoulder across the back of the sofa, looking at her face.

'She's getting worse,' he admitted and their mother gasped. None of them had ever met Mary-Alice but Jasper spoke of her often, making the family already love her. 'Her step-mother has the money, that's the thing that irritates me, she just hates, I mean really hates Ali. She has the money to make her better but she won't pay it and it drives me crazy.'

'It'll work out Jazz,' Esmerelle said in a comforting way and Jasper smiled over at her.

'You never know, Jazz,' Isabella joked trying to lighten his mood, 'one of us may marry someone rich who will pay for her treatment.'

Jasper snorted lightly and Rosalie rolled her blue eyes - she and Jasper were practically identical apart from that fact.

'Sorry, Jazz,' she said. 'Emmett barely has enough money to keep his own family alive … but saying that, neither do we.'

'Rose,' their mother warned. 'This is Izzy's only day off, can we just get on for one day without arguing, please.'

'Sorry,' Rosalie sighed, smiling at her little sister. 'Tell us about the Prince.'

'He's a jerk,' Isabella said simple and was sent a scolding look from her mother. 'He is, it seems the only thing he cares about is his twin, who apparently is being sold of by her father -'

She went to say more when there was a knock on the door and the whole family frowned, they weren't expecting anyone and even if Edward did appear he would walk straight in. Esmerelle rose to go answer it but Jasper waved a hand at her, leaping up and disappearing into the hall. It was only a few minutes later when a black haired man Esmerelle age walked in with Jasper right behind him - from the look of Jasper's face the whole family knew he hadn't invited Charles Evenson into their house.

'Mr Evenson!' Esmerelle gasped, looking at him warily.

She had never had any contact with him but she knew of him. A widowed gentleman who was widely known for his violence, so much so that some suspected he killed his wife though there was no evidence for that theory.

'I have the answer to all your problems,' Charles announced loudly and Isabella wrinkled her nose at the slight smell of alcohol coming off him though not enough for him to be drunk.

'That's a mighty long list,' Jasper muttered under his breath unheard by Charles.

'What might that be, Mr Evenson?' Esmerelle asked kindly with an air of amusement though she seemed slightly interested - Jasper was right, their problems were a mile long at this time.

'Me,' he answered simply, spreading his arms out wide with a wide grin on his face.

'I'm not sure we're following you, sir,' Isabella spoke, after she and Rosalie had shared a confused look.

'You, Esmerelle, give me Rosalie's hand in marriage,' Rosalie let out a squeak as the rest of the families eyes grew wide, 'and I will solve all your money problems, perhaps I can even convince the King to let Carlisle go, we're good friends, you know.'

That wouldn't surprise me, Isabella thought, knowing for a fact that, in the Prince's case, the apple didn't fall far from tree.

'My daughter is not for -' their mother began sending Rosalie a look that clearly said that she would never allow this to happen no matter how much she wanted their money problems gone and her husband back.

Charles spoke as though she hadn't, 'of course, you'll want to discuss it with your husband, I would have loved to ask him but giving his current predicament - one I could get him out off. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be hearing for you within a few days. Goodbye. Goodbye, my future wife.'

Rosalie looked absolutely petrified as Charles kissed her hand before tipping his hat at the rest of them and leaving. Isabella and Jasper stared at their horror struck sister who, once she could move again, flew to kneel at her mother's feet.

'Mum-' she began to beg her not to let her be sold to Charles Evenson.

'That won't happen,' Esmerelle cut her off, placing a hand on Rosalie's blonde hair. 'Your father and I would never let anyone you be sold no matter how much we are struggling for money. I promise. I think Carlisle would rather go to prison than let you marry someone like Charles.'

'It'll be fine, Rose,' Isabella smiled over at her eldest sister wondering if Princess Jane felt the same way about being forced to marry. 'Besides you belong with Emmett.'

'You think?' Rose asked, her face twisting into a small smile at the mention of her boyfriend and Isabella nodded.

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