Jour et Nuit Étreinte


Samantha Nichols
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Chapter 1

Éponine is a girl struggling on the streets of Paris. With her two younger siblings, and herself, to protect from her father, she does whatever he bids - even if that whatever is selling her body to random strangers. Enjolras is a wealthy student fighting for equality in France. He's the leader of the revolution, the leader of Les Amis de l'ABC, the marble man who has little time for anything except his cause.

Slightly different writing style this time which I really strange from me - hope you enjoy it.

It was raining but it always was. The weather seemed to enjoying fitting Éponine's mood, she was rarely happy and the weather in Paris was rarely sunny. Today was only a bit worse than usual not enough for there to be lightening and storms but enough for it to drizzle in a light, irritating way.

Éponine sighed as she examined her body, her skin already changing colour from the most recent of her beatings. This one hadn't been meant for her but for her younger brother, Gavaroche. A cheeky blond haired boy with sparkling blue eyes and wide grin, you would never guess the troubles they went on at home if you looked at him. The lack of food was obvious, his body was far too skinny, his bones too prominent but the abuse from their parents, that was not something the naked eye couldn't see.

"Éponine!" her father's voice roared across the apartment. "It's 10o'clock, get out of this building and make me some money."

Éponine groaned, feeling her eyes flutter shut in dread. She hated this time of evening. She pulled her coat back over her arms, hiding the horrible slutty dress she wore underneath, and went over to kiss her siblings heads. She and her younger sister Azelma shared a double bed while Gavaroche got his own but it was a makeshift one. She then hurried past her father, averting her eyes so she didn't get another beating and rushed out of the apartment building and onto the street.

She allowed her feet to take her to her work area but her mind wondered from topic to topic; Marius Pontmercy played a large part in these daydreams. Marius was her best friend, a rich law student, but he had no idea of the treatment she received from home or her job.

Let me tell you about the Thérnardier's, the family of which Éponine, Azelma and Gavaroche belonged to. They had once been a working-class family, never honest, they had owned an inn and cheated their customers in any way possible. Back then it was just Éponine and Azelma and they were adored by their parents, they were brought presents without reasons and constantly fussed over.

Well saying it was just them was a bit of a lie, there was also a young girl - Cosette - who had been with them for years. She was the same age as Éponine but she wasn't treated at all in the same way. The way Cosette was treated was best described as being a slave to the Thérnardier's. She made stockings for Éponine and Azelma, never got any presents, only got scraps of food and was forced to sleep in a little alcove in the wall. The Thérnardier's were paid to keep Cosette and they extorted that the fact that the mother could never find out if they were lying about Cosette's position.

Eventually though, a man came and took Cosette away and from there everything went downhill. They were no longer receiving the monthly allowance for Cosette - none of which had ever really gone on Cosette - and people were beginning to become suspicious of the strange losses that happened in the Thérnardier's inn. Business began to fall and as it did the Thérnardier's fell into poverty.

Now they did whatever they could to get money and scamming and robbing people was their way. It wasn't usual for Monsieur Thérnardier to be in jail with his gang the Patron-Minette. However, they all played their part - Gavaroche was the best pickpocket in Paris if not in the whole of France - which leads to Éponine's job that has been carefully eluded till now so you don't judge her too harshly.

Éponine Thérnardier was a prostitute or as her customers most often called "a whore". She had been since she was thirteen and she was now twenty so she had acquired what she hated to call regulars. Her most regular customer was part of the Patron-Minette and she found it completely disgusting - well she found the whole job disgusting - that he was her father's best friend; his name? Zacharie Montparnasse. Her work area? The back streets of Paris, where anyone looking for a whore would look for one especially those who knew of Éponine knew that was where she started her evening. She was never short of customers to her horror.

Perhaps we should describe what Éponine looks like for that may help you understand her never ending stream of horny customers. Beneath her dirty and rugged exterior she was actually quite beautiful and that exterior was not as bad as some of the other "lovely ladies" that sold themselves. She had a long mane of brown hair, which in most places looked more black than anything because of the dirt, and if it was dark enough the knots in it made it look like messy curls. She had full lips and wide brown eyes that were surrounded by long dark lashes that she could flutter in the most alluring of ways. She wasn't unusually tall but she wasn't unnaturally short, her body with tiny, her waist small enough for a grown man to properly wrap his hand around, but she wasn't skinny enough that she looked grotesque - she still wasn't anywhere near a healthy weight though, of course, if she was, she wouldn't be there in the first place. The dirt on her skin, in some lights, often made her look like she had a tan. In short, she was one of the better looking prostitutes and she didn't charge too highly making her a prime choice for those in need. In addition, she always had a beautiful singing voice which drew the men in.

It was easy money, selling her body, and it was something she had become quite good at over the seven years.

There was no one there when she arrived at her spot to her relief and she sat down to wait, allowing her mind to drift to her boys.

Her boys were not anything to do with her profession - in fact they knew nothing of it and she was determined to keep it that way - they were Marius's friends. Les Amis de l'ABC was their name and they were led by a man, a student, called Antoine Enjolras. Les Amis de l'ABC were all students, revolutionists, federalists. They were an association but friends as well who Marius had introduced Éponine to when she fifteen. They had kind of adopted her and took her under their wing.

To begin with it was just leaving scraps of food about the Café - the ABC Café where they spent all their time - for her to eat, she wasn't one to accept any help, so they were sure she had eaten something. She resisted to begin with because she knew what they were doing but eventually decided that they would leave the food whether she ate it or not and if she didn't it would get thrown away - that was a waste of good food. Often they would throw their jackets over her when she came in shivering from the rain. As she grew more comfortable with them, she would often curl up next to them, joking around with them, and allow them to buy her food of her own - they were all sons of extremely rich families so an extra meal here and there was nothing to any of them.

In return, she made sure they didn't eat or drink too much because this was a Café that sold alcohol - something the boys loved in varying degrees. The leader, Éponine noticed, never had any but at the other end of the scale was Grantaire who always seemed to be drunk. She also tried to make sure that they were left alone by the thieving of her station. It wasn't much but it was all she could really offer in return for their kindness of taking in a damaged street rat.

She wondered what her boys were doing right now. Probably holed up in the café, with the Enjolras pouring over plans for his newest plan to overthrow the king, the rest helping in various ways and at various levels. The majority of them were probably drinking and eating the evening away. Marius would probably be working hard faithfully at Enjolras' side. She wondered if they noticed her absence - it was quite often after a beating from her father that she would just curl up in a booth and watch the action as she wondered what happened to her relationship with her father. She knew exactly when it broke but we'll go into that later.

Her thoughts were broken as footsteps echoed off the stone walls of the alley way. Éponine felt her heart beat speed up and she swallowed, half hoping he'd walk past her but knowing she could never return home empty handed or she would get a beating that was meant for her. He didn't walk past her.

"Éponine!" he greeted, his voice practically a growl and Éponine forced herself to stand up.

She knew this customer. He was a young man who was training for the army and she'd seen him a few times when he was allowed to leave base. On base, they had strict rules about women - none - so as soon as the men step off base they seek to fulfil their needs. There was the jingle of money dropping to the floor before his hands clenched her arms as he pulled her closer to him.

"Oh, I have missed our times together," nothing more was said as he forced his lips on hers, taking a step towards her so she was forced to step back against the wall.

He clearly wasn't wasting any time as his hands drifted round her waist to undo her corset. Éponine always got paid more if she responded to their advances so she quickly wound her hands in his hair and pulled hard. He groaned and the laces loosened. Yes, he was undressing her already - no one said her job was glamorous: it was quite often that she provided her services against the wall. A few minutes later and her dress fell to the ground as well as his trousers.

"You know what I want, Éponine."

"That's more," Éponine replied confidently, her voice softer and sweeter than you would expect, but she knew he'd pay, a few seconds later he told her he would.

She had three more customers after that one, one of her wealthier 'partners' always took her back to his for their activities and that was also more (she knew how to make a profit - just like her father had back when they had the inn), so all in all she scrapped together a large amount of money. What excited her more was the idea that the boys would still be at the café and Montparnasse hadn't appeared that evening.

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