The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 10

I heard the car before it arrived at the door, mainly since I was listening for it, so I was out of the kitchen where I was making breakfast and opening the door as the Carlisle's sleek black car pulled up.

'Mommy!' Elsee laughed, scrambling out of her seat and running toward me, Carlisle got out at a slower, more reasonable human pace. I smiled and picked her up, spinning her around.

Sam appeared at the door at the sound of her laugh dressed, as usual, in only a pair of shorts. I put Elsee down and Sam bent down to give her a hug, wrinkling his nose probably at the smell of vampire coating her scent.

'Sorry about that,' Carlisle smiled easily at Sam as he approached. It was something I loved about him: how he could practically anyone comfortable.

'It's fine,' Sam replied, his tone slightly more tense than Carlisle's as he tried to control the natural reaction to phase. 'I'm sure she and Bella smelt just as badly of us yesterday when she dropped Elsee off.'

All this talk of scents was making me wary, we hadn't told Elsee about the Quileute's power yet since we weren't sure how she'd take it that her mother serious boyfriend could transform into a wolf whenever he wanted - of course, I was sure part of her would find it very cool, it was the other parts I was worried about.

Carlisle smiled in agreement and then lent to kiss my cheek in greeting, obviously comfortable in this new sign of affection of our friendly relationship - Carlisle was the only father I had left, one I'd never thought I'd seen again.

'Thank you so much for watching her,' I smiled up at him - it was really irritating how everyone was taller than me, Sam was even taller than Carlisle. 'I can't thank you enough.'

'You're going to have a good go at it though,' Sam muttered probably in what he thought was below my hearing range and hit him lightly with my hand causing Carlisle to softly chuckle.

'It's was our pleasure, Bella,' he turned the conversation back to the point. 'You know what Esme's like with kids.'

I laughed knowing exactly what Esme was like with kids: she loved spending time with them and they couldn't help but adore her. I could bet Elsee was completely entranced by the woman I used to think would end up my mother-in-law.

'Carlisle?' I asked and he sensed a change in the atmosphere. 'Why are you back? Surely it's very dangerous.'

'We aren't back for long,' he smiled at my concern. 'You're future went black and Alice panicked having not seen what happened. We had to find out … but you're fine so we'll leave soon. We cause too much harm here and we're really raising suspicion.'

I smiled glad I wouldn't have to suffer though the Cullens presence for long but a wave of sadness washed over me when I thought of Carlisle and Esme leaving. Sam seemed to sense this.

'Well, you and Esme are welcome to visit,' he seemed to struggle in saying this. 'As long as you give us a heads up when you do otherwise I won't be responsible if you get attacked.'

'That's very kind of you, Sam,' Carlisle smiled at him and I simply stared at him: he really did trust Carlisle even though they were meant to be enemies.

We exchanged a few more words with Carlisle before he left and then headed back into our home - I still couldn't get over that fact - with Elsee chattering away in our ears. Sam went to the lounge whilst I returned to the kitchen, Elsee followed me.

'Have you eaten?' I asked her as she paused momentarily for a breath and she nodded happily.

'Yes, Miss Esme made me pancakes- blueberry pancakes!' she exclaimed happily. 'They were so yummy!'

'Well, Miss Esme is a very good cook,' I agreed remembering the food Esme had cooked for me when I was over there and it was always the best food in the world - it was amazing how well she could cook since she didn't need to eat. 'Tell you what, you go play with Sam then while I make him and I breakfast because we haven't had any yet, okay?'

'Okay,' Elsee agreed before skipping away to Sam and leaving a nice quiet kitchen behind.

Ten minutes later, the three of us were sat down at our little table in the kitchen and then as soon as that was finished Sam jumped up, looking at his watch. Sam still wasn't used to thinking about having time to eat breakfast before he went because apparently before we moved in he usually grabbed a load of food and ate it on the way out.

'I gotta get to work,' he muttered and I knew by "work" he meant patrol or something else to do with the pack since that was his full time job. I wasn't really sure how he paid the bills or got this big, beautiful house but I had decided not to question it.

'Daddy!' Esme whined as he began to make his way to the door and we both froze before Sam began turning around so slowly it seemed to take an age, his eyes were wide and his hand resting on his head in shock. She didn't notice our staring at she continued. 'It's Saturday, you can't go to work.'

'Daddy?' both Sam and I repeated, ignoring the rest of her sentence to focus on the more important, in our minds at least, part.

'I can call you that, right?' Elsee asked suddenly looking worried and sheepish at her exclamation.

This was the first time Sam had looked at me for assistance of what to say in regards to Elsee and, having no idea myself, I grinned, mouthing "whatever you want" to him. If Elsee wanted to call him that and he was fine with it, I was happy, I was over the moon actually because in my mind Sam already was Elsee's father, though they looked nothing alike. He loved her like she was and the same for her and that was all that mattered.

'Sure you can, Princess,' Sam managed to smile and he came back into the kitchen and knelt down in front her chair, 'but I'm afraid I really do have to go so it's just going to be you and your mom for a few hours.'

'But it's Saturday,' Elsee repeated in protest with a brilliant smile that had spread at his agreement. I had the same smile on my own that just refused to be pushed down.

'I know,' Sam nodded and gave her an apologetic smile. 'Sorry, Princess.'

"Princess" was becoming Sam's personal nickname for my, for our, daughter now and I could tell that she absolutely loved being someone's little princess. I knew she had wanted a dad since she realised that most other people had them and she didn't and when she had asked why I hadn't had any idea what to tell her but now she had that dream. Sam kissed her forehead and, after kissing me on the cheek, he disappeared out the door.

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