The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 11

The next day I decided that maybe it was time to get in touch with some old school friends who probably, by now, already knew I was here. I started with Angela since she was the one I had liked the most.

'Hello?' her kind voice answered the phone.

'Hi, Angela,' I said. 'It's Bella, Bella Swan, you're parents gave me your number.'

'Bella!' Angela exclaimed. 'My goodness, how are you? It's been years. I heard you were back in Forks.'

'Yeah,' I agreed, 'do you want to get Lunch sometime? I'd love to catch up, I've really missed you.'

'That's sounds great,' Angela voice sounded like she was smiling. 'How about next weekend? I hear you work at Forks high now so we can only do it at the weekends.'

I sat in the booth at one of the café's in Forks waiting for Angela, Sam had taken Elsee for the day and they were going to be having some bonding time. My life was all falling into place.

'Bella!' Angela's voice called and I turned to see her making her way towards the table.

I stood up to meet her. She looked exactly the same light brown hair with caramel highlight same tall frame, same kind light brown eyes though her skin seemed darker than it had. She looked happy and healthy and I was surprised to see an engagement ring on her finger.

'You look good,' she beamed at me and I remembered the last time she had seen me I was zombie-like so it was quite a change. 'I'm glad your back.'

'You do as well,' I said, hugging her. 'Who's the lucky guy?'

She blushed as we sat down, 'Ben.'

I beamed, those two had always been good together and I was so happy to learn that they had lasted lots of high school sweethearts don't.

'So tell me everything,' I said after we'd gotten ourselves coffee and things to eat. 'You seem to already know a lot about me.'

'Not that much,' she waved a hand through the air but if you insist. I'm a photographer,' (I could hardly say I was surprised) 'I just got back from a shot in Africa and it was amazing, Bella. I mean, I stayed in this village and there were these groups of children that followed me around everywhere. They were adorable and a lot of my photo's focused on them instead of the animals. I do magazines too; a few years ago I went to L.A. and did shots with a model of the beach for a cover -'

'Angela, that's amazing,' I beamed over at her: she had really made something great of herself. 'That must be a fun job.'

'Oh, it's great,' she agreed beaming, I had never known Angela talk so much but now was a time I wanted her to chatter away, it would my turn eventually. 'I get to go to so many different locations. You should come with me sometime. My company lets photographers take friends there, especially if there's only one of us going, because we don't spend the whole time there working, we have the evening's free usually and usually an extra day either side.'

'I don't know,' I said thinking of Elsee, I couldn't leave her alone though she would be with Sam. 'I mean it sounds amazing but … I don't tell. Tell me about you and Ben.'

'There's not that much to tell,' she shrugged. 'He asked me to marry me a few months ago and we're planning the wedding now and -'

'- and your completely over the moon,' I finished for her looking at her face which was lit up brightly at the mention of Ben.

She blushed again but didn't deny it, 'what about you? How's your love life since you know who?'

Since Edward, I thought. How could I sum up my crappy, excluding Sam, love life?

'Slow,' I said, 'but I'm dating this guy from La Push now and -'

'-your head over heels in love with him,' Angela did what I just did to her and finished my conversation with an observation that was true but not what I was going to say. I blushed deeply. 'Ah, what's he like? Who is he?'

'Sam Uley?' I asked her and I could see her face have a flicker of recognition.

'He's the one that found you out in the forest,' she remembered and we both cringed lightly. 'So you're dating your saviour. That's so sweet and romantic.'

I blushed again though this time it was lighter.

'No but he's perfect, though he can't control his anger very well,' I pressed my lips together, having said that last part without meaning to and quickly hurried to distract Angela since she furrowed her eyebrows in concern. 'He's loving, and kind, and caring. He gets on so well with Elsee-'

'Who's Elsee?' Angela asked thoroughly distracted know.

'She's my six year old daughter,' I told her and she just stared at me.

'You're a mom?' she asked. 'You have a daughter and she's six. Bella, who -? How -?'

'It's a long story,' I brushed it aside not wanting to get into that mess again. 'But she's my little angel, blond hair that long and always a mess, my brown eyes, constantly happy and so trusting.'

'Does she like Sam?' Angela asked and I smiled softly as I remembered last weekend.

'Yeah,' I said quietly. 'She adores him … called him "Daddy" last weekend it and now it's all she calls it.'

'Aw,' Angela cooed. 'You have a perfect little family in the making.'

I beamed over at her brightly, I had never been happier in my life as I was right now with my daughter and my boyfriend who I was perfectly confident in and felt perfectly safe with.

'You seem so happy,' she smiled.

'I am.'

'So have you seen anyone else since you got back?' she asked, finally starting to eat her food.

'Not from school,' I shook my head. 'How have things changed?'

'They haven't really,' Angela shrugged, 'you know Forks.' (We both rolled our eyes) 'Mike and Jessica are on and off like crazy, I mean they'll break up one week and be back to together by then next.'

'Same old Jess and Mike then.'

'I know. Mike still works in his parents shop and Jess, she works up a Port Angles. Lauren hasn't changed one bit, her looks have, but she herself is exactly the same: you'd barely recognise her if she passed you in the street.'

'What's Ben doing now? Tyler?'

'Tyler, I don't know, he moved away a few years ago but Ben's in robotics.'

I grinned, 'I bet he loves that.'

'He's fascinated by it,' Angela laughed nodding. 'What does Sam do?'

I blanched. Sam's full time job was protector of the Quileute lands but, my mind reminded me, he's also on the council. I sighed, hoping Angela would take that as a good response.

'He's on the Quileute Council,' I told her.

'Oh!' Angela sounded impressed. 'That's interesting so he's kind of a Politian but just in La Push.'

I nodded; I didn't really know much about what Sam did as the member of it since it was probably just perfunctory for being Chief of the pack. I knew, if he ever needed to, he would discuss matters of strange vampire situations with the elders, the other members of the council, of what action to take but that was all I really knew.

'Can I meet them?' Angela asked. 'I'd love to meet your daughter.'

I smiled at her again, feeling much more at ease. There was nothing magical about Elsee so I couldn't mess up too badly with answering questions about her.

'Sure,' I nodded. 'Now?'

'If that's okay?' she seemed really excited.

'Yeah, she's with Sam so they're probably at home -'

'Home?' Angela interrupted me with wide eyes. 'Are you living with Sam?'

'Yeah, we moved in a few weeks ago.'

'This is really serious,' she grinned though I was sure she knew that from the fact the Elsee was calling Sam "daddy".

We didn't rush off instead we finished our food and drinks. Angela who lived nearby the café had walked so we both got in my car and began making out way back through Forks to the La Push Reservation.

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