The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 12

When we parked outside the house, I knew something was different and a "whoop, whoop" told me what was: the pack was here. I shook my head but smiled anyway. I should have known those boys (and Leah) would have invaded the house while I was gone. Angela looked at me.

'Are you sure now's a good time?' she asked.

'Yeah,' I nodded opening the car door. 'It's just of our friends, they won't bite.'

We slowly made our way up to the house and I followed the noises to the kitchen where the eight members of the pack (Sam, Jared, Paul, Quil, Leah, Jacob, Embry and Seth) were squeezed in with Elsee sitting of Jacob's shoulders. I cleared my throat loudly and they all turned to look at me.

'Hey Bella,' they called practically in unison and Angela laughed.

Jacob and Sam made their way over to me. Elsee reached for me and I pulled her down from Jake's shoulders, though that was a lot of effort since he was so much taller than me about an inch taller than Sam even since Jacob, by blood, should have been alpha but apparently he had turned it down.

'You're home soon,' Sam grinned leaning down and pressing a kiss to my cheek.

'Yeah, Sam this is Angela, she's a friend of mine from school,' I almost had to shout to be heard over the noise the others were making, though it wouldn't have been necessary if it had just been the pack since Sam would have been able to hear me normal volume. 'Angela, this is my boyfriend, Sam, my friend Jacob, and my daughter.'

'It's nice to meet you all,' Angela smiled kindly up at them though it wasn't as much of a gap for her because she was 6'1" to Sam's 6'6" for me it was irritating being only 5'4" but since my balance had improved I wore heels a lot more so I was slightly taller.

The boys greeted her warmly before we - Angela, Elsee and I - escaped out into the lounge.

'They're very tall,' Angela said as soon as we entered.

'Tell me about it,' I muttered. 'Anyway, this is my little girl. Elsee, this is Angela, she was a very close friend of mine when I was in high school.'

'Hello,' Elsee smiled and I could see Angela melt as most people did when they meet Elsee.

Eventually the pack left and it was just Sam, Angela, Elsee and me sitting in the living room. Elsee was sitting of Angela's lap, chattering away while I was curled up against Sam's side. Angela joined us for dinner before I drove her home a while later.

'That man really loves you,' Angela said as I drove, 'and his completely taken by Elsee, she's got him wrapped around her finger I can tell.'

I smiled, glad someone else could see it just as well as I could, 'trust me, Elsee has us both under her spell.'

'Well, it doesn't take much on her part to get someone,' Angela laughed and I knew she was under Elsee's spell already. 'You did good, Bella.'

I smiled over at her and reached to squeeze her hand, 'thanks, Ang, you've done good too.'

'Did you ever think we'd end up like this?' she asked.

'What you marring Ben? Yes,' I grinned and laughed slightly. 'Me with a daughter? No.'

'I'd always imagined you'd marry Edward and have the most beautiful children,' she admitted and I resisted the urge to flinch because that was exactly what I had thought. 'I mean what even happened back then?'

'He broke up with me when he moved away and that was that,' I replied simply, cursing the magical parts of the story which made it so I couldn't tell her much more without treading lightly.

'You two were good together but …' she hesitated as she thought. 'I think Sam's better for you, you seem happier than you did back then.'

'I am and so do you.'

'He's protective though, isn't he? Sam?' I nodded, Sam had been more protective since the Cullen's had returned, he seemed certain in my love for him but he was always wary of me going to school since they were there. I didn't teach Edward but I taught both Alice and Emmett. I think it scared him, that maybe I would just get attached to them again without realising it and get sucked back in but I had Elsee to think of now and I loved Sam so he was really just be paranoid.

'Not as bad as Edward,' I muttered under my breath and Angela nodded.

'I did sometimes think Edward was overbearing in that area of his love for you,' she shrugged.

Overbearing I thought, that was an understatement but I didn't mention it.

'So you said earlier than Sam can't control his anger very well,' Angela continued looking over at me. 'What did you mean by that?'

'Nothing,' I sighed, I should have none she wouldn't have let it go. 'Sam doesn't get angry easily but, it just when he does, you know about it. He's quite loud.' - Snarling away as a wolf, I added on in my head but Angela seemed satisfied, glad that I hadn't meant that he was violent no doubt, I continued for good measure - 'Seriously, Ange, Sam would never touch Elsee or me in the way you're thinking, he really is just loud.'

'Okay, if you promise,' Angela smiled. 'He doesn't seem like the type to anyway, I just … I wanted to make sure.'

'And I love you for that,' I assured her.

We were at her house now and, as I pulled the car to a stop outside, I saw Ben peek out the window.

'Do you want to come in and see Ben?' she asked but I shook my head looking at the clock on the dash.

'No, I better get back,' I told her. 'Elsee will want to spend some time with me before she has to go to bed. Tell him hi for me.'

'Of course,' Angela smiled, opening the car door to get out. 'It's lovely to see you again.'

'You too,' she sent me one last smile and then hurried up to the house: it wasn't raining but it was cold. Ben met her at the door, kissing her softly before he turned and waved at me. I waved back before turning the car around and heading back to my little family.

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