The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 13

'We really need to get Elsee's room decorated,' I told Sam about a week later. Quil had taken Elsee to go and meet Claire so it was just the two of us.

Sam looked at me, 'is that really want your thinking about right now?'

He asked and I laughed but raised an eyebrow. He leaned forward and captured my lips running his fingers gently down my sides sending tingling sensations through my body. His lips didn't leave mine as one of his hand continued to trail down my body toward my leg while the other wrapped around my waist, pulling me as close against him as possible. He bent his knees when I his hands got too low to reach but it wasn't for long as he pulled my leg up to his hip. Finally catching onto what he was thinking, I grinned against his lips. We hadn't done this yet, in fact this was our first proper time alone when we knew we had a while. I pushed myself to wrap my other leg around him and his arms moved to hold me up.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and tilted my head as his lips moved away from my mouth and grazed by skin until he began placing kiss on my neck. He began moving down the stairs badly as we knocked things over but we didn't notice as things crashed to the ground. My arms moved lower to the bottom of his shirt - he does chose his time to wear them - and began pulling it up. He pushed me against the wall as he removed his arms from around me to his shirt and pulled it off, chucking it carelessly to the floor. I pulled his lips back to mine, feeling my body sinking into a frenzy for him.

We began moving again and slowly my own clothes left my body, leaving a trail toward our bedroom. We must have smashed hundreds of this in our assent but I didn't care in fact I laughed a few times. Soon Sam was laying me on the bed and crawling on top of me, kissing his way up my body. I was completely naked now apart from my nickers so he paused around my chest and, after kissing in the valley between my breasts, he moved to my nipples. Sucking and nibbling in such a way that I arched my back towards him, needing him so badly as I felt a tightening in my core.

He was still wearing too much though so reached down to unzip he shorts before he flipped us over. I lowered myself pulling the shorts further down as I did so. I had never done this before unless you count the horrible encounter with Elsee's father, which I tried to participate in as little as possible, doing nothing wasn't really an option when he had practically thrust his dick in my mouth and forcedly moved my head, which I didn't so I was completely nervous. I pushed the thought of Elsee's father easily from my head as Sam kicked off his shorts and rolled us back over.

I moaned as Sam kissed me deeply and I could feel him grin against me lips. It wasn't long till I was literally screaming out his name filled with my love for him and eventually we collapsed on the bed.

Half an hour later, when were back downstairs, I went to make lunch but Sam snuck up behind me placing a kiss on my cheek. I was sure it wasn't his intention for us to end up back in the bed but we did. This time was even better than the first because, though the first time I was worried that it would be bad because my only experience had been, this time I was much more confident. The next time we didn't even bother going upstairs ending up on the kitchen table - it wasn't the most romantic place ever but neither of us cared too lost in each other.

I had thought I had loved Edward but in comparison to what I felt with Sam, this adoration, desire and inability to keep my hands off him love, it seemed stupid to have ever thought that. Sam didn't seem to be able to keep his hands off me either because after the third time I was so drenched in sweat I felt a little manky I went and took a shower though I really didn't want to wash Sam off me. That wasn't a problem though since he joined me and we started our act of love for each again, this time with the water pouring down on us.

I wrapped a towel around myself and shook my head trying to dislodge the permanent smile on my face but I was impossible and eventually I gave up. Sam and I were acting like teenagers and it was crazy, I was a mother and I had to be mature, but as soon as Sam's lips touched me that was completely out the window. He did something to my feelings that I could never explain to anyone else, it was so out of this world how he could make me feel with just a few simple words and sweet kisses. I had never experienced anything like it.

'What were you saying about Elsee's room?' Sam asked coming up behind me and wrapping an arm around my towel covered body and I frowned, trying to remember.

That was hours ago now and, honestly, Sam could knock any thought out of my mind with a single deep kiss. It suddenly clicked.

'We need to decorate her room soon,' I said, smiling at him in the mirror.

I rested my head back against him and sighed as I studied us. We weren't one of those couples who you would immediately put together: I was so pale in comparison to his russet skin, I barely came up to his shoulder line, hence the heels I usually wore so kissing him wasn't such of a stretch, and there were hundreds of other things but that didn't matter to us. We loved each other in a love that would never go away or be changed or anything because it was imprinting - Sam was the one, he was mine and I was his, and we both knew it better than anything. We would always be together forever.

'She's probably going to be home soon,' I told him, spinning in his arms. 'We shoulder get dressed.'

Sam pulled a face and I tapped him on his bare chest. It wasn't fair that he hardly ever wore a top because it was thoroughly distracting. He lent down and kissed me but I pulled away.

'That's enough, Mister,' I teased lightly. 'We have a little girl coming home soon who doesn't need to walk in on her parents having sex and if she does you are going to explain it to her.'

'Her parents?' Sam repeated and I bit my lip, having never really referred to him in that relationship with Elsee.

'It's what you are right?' I wrapped my arms around him. 'Her father?'

'Right,' Sam grinned and picked me up bridal style.

'Put me down,' I yelped in surprise and he chuckled but just continued walking.

I rolled my eyes but allowed him to carry me. He set me sitting on the bed and lent down to place a chaste kiss on my lips. I smiled against him.

'Get dressed,' he grinned as he softly pulled away. 'Quickly, I think I hear Elsee.'

My eyes widened and I jumped up, running out the door, though I knew his hearing would hear her from miles away I wanted to be ready as soon as possible.

'Belle?' he called after me.

'We haven't cleaned up from the first time,' I said through clenched teeth as I looked around for my clothing - I had put different ones on the first time without really thinking about it so now there was a trail of clothing up the stairs from the lounge to our bedroom. Sam's eyes widened and it would have been funny if it weren't for the mess because it wasn't just clothing it was books and smashed vases and other pottery items covering the wooden floor, and picture frames that should have been on the wall on the ground. The lightshades on some of the wall lamps were lopsided - the place just looked like an absolute tip.

Sam moved at a speed that I could never manage in a million years. Not as fast as a vampire in his human form but much faster than the average human. He gathered my clothes and shoved them in my arms, kissing my cheek.

'Get dressed,' he muttered and I raised an eyebrow but turned anyway, heading back to our room

I excited the room a while later to find that Sam's speed had managed to make the room a bit more presentable in my absence and I quickly help him finished, hiding the broken shards until we could clean them up properly.

'Here they are,' Sam smiled over at me and I flittered to his side when he was standing by the door.

He opened it and I saw Jake opening the car door and helping our daughter out. Once she was out of hearing range a while later, Jake spoke.

'So you two break anything?' he chuckled, glancing around the room behind us as I blushed deeply and Sam whacked him round the head, effectively wiping the smug, knowing grin off his face.

A nice smutty - it is smut isn't it? - chapter for you. I hope it's okay, I've never written one before and, since I'm fifteen, I'm still a virgin so no experience in this area of writing.

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