The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 14

'Hey, Bells,' Jacob grinned walking into the house the next day with Quil and Embry behind him.

'Perfect timing,' I smiled over my shoulder at them. 'I was just about to start cooking. You guys hungry?'

They all gave an affirmative answer and I rolled my eyes: when wasn't the pack hungry?

'Where's the rest of the pack?' I asked curiously knowing they were all together today, covering the grounds of La Push in groups.

'Just finishing up,' Quil told me with his normal impish grin, 'they'll be here soon.'

I smiled fondly over at him before turning to the fridge, for some reason ever since Sam had imprinted on me I felt very maternal over the pack as though it was my responsibility to make sure they weren't injured and took make sure that they ate and slept enough. It wasn't nearly as strong as my maternal feelings for Elsee but it was there.

Quil was right, it wasn't long before Jared, Paul and Leah came in and perhaps after another ten Seth and Sam entered the house as well. Sam walked straight over to me and kissed me gently before turning to the pack as I continued cooking.

'Anything?' I asked smiling over my shoulder at all of them squeezed around the kitchen table - we really needed to get a bigger one because while it was fine for Sam, Elsee and I, it wasn't nearly big enough when the pack piled into the house.

'Nah,' Sam replied. 'Quiet as always.'

I rolled my eyes as the some of the pack made noises of disappointment: it was like they wanted to get hurt and fight vampires who could possible kill them if they made the wrong move: I shuddered even thinking about it but, when Sam reached a hand out to rest on the small of my back, I surge of calm washed over me. Stupid as the wolves might be sometimes but they knew what they were doing. I began to turn back around to my cooking again when I saw Sam shaking his head at Jacob, with a glance at me.

'Sam?' I asked innocently, starting to put the different food in different bowls and plates. 'If something strange or weird was going on you would tell me right?'

I picked up two plates, balancing a third one, and turned to view the kitchen. The pack was sitting statue still all of them looking at Sam: subtle. Pretending I was obvious to this, I set the food on the table.

'Of course,' Sam sent me a charming half smile that I didn't trust.

'You know,' I mused as I crossed the room again to get another set of plates. 'What I hated about Edward was how he always lied to protect me … like I couldn't handle the news. It was so irritating … but you'd never do that right?'

I raised an eyebrow at him leaning against Leah's chair, it's occupant who was beginning to laugh slightly at my boyfriend's expression. He sighed heavily.

'Can I talk to you, Belle?' Sam gestured his head to the door and I smiled over at him satisfied.

'Seth, Elsee's watching TV in the lounge, making sure nothing happens,' I told my younger step-brother as I excited the kitchen door with Sam at my heels. Sam and I made our way down to the beach before I spoke. 'What's going on?'

Sam looked at the sky and then down at me.

'You remember, the other day you were telling me about your encounter with James, Victoria and Laurent because I asked about the bite mark on your hand?' he questioned me and I gazed up at him warily wondering where he was going with this. 'There's a black haired and red head vampire around -'

I gasped and slapped my hands to my mouth, my mind jumping crazily around for point to point - memories of James, of Laurent who was meant to go to Denali, of Victoria who had hunted with James, of vampires in general. Sam stepped forward and took my face in his large hands, hearing my heart speed up.

'It might not be them,' I rolled my eyes, of course it was then. 'Bella, if it is, I will not let them harm you, alright? They won't near you or Elsee.'

I shut my eyes and cured myself. Why did I come back to Forks, the place where James had found me, where Victoria knew I lived? Was I really that gullible that I thought she would leave me be? No, because I had made it a personal promise never to think about vampires and supernatural again. Just leave it behind and move on. It was different this time as well: I had Elsee who was even more helpless that I was.

Sam's arms pulled me into a warm hug whispering that everything would be alright but I wasn't so sure.

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