The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 15

The pack was gone more often than not and Elsee missed Sam terribly - I did as well but I had work to distract me. I didn't think everything would be okay no matter how many time Sam told me it would because I had that horrible feeling in my stomach that told me something bad was about to happen and I was right.

About a week later, Sam was out of patrol with Jacob and Jared. It was the weekend so it was only Elsee and I in the house and there was a knock on the front door. I left Elsee playing and went to opened it.

'Hello, Bella,' a voice said and I raised my eyes and took in the grinning face of our visitor before I slammed the door shut in his face.

My breathing speed up as I sank down, leaning against the door. He was here … Elsee's father was here. Same shaggy blond hair, a mature face, same green eyes, same charming scoundrel grin that I had fallen for in the first place. Why was he here? Tears came to my eyes as I thought of Elsee in the other room. Did he know about her? Is that why he was here? Did he want to take her from me? Could he? He was banging on the door still, calling me to let him in, that he wanted to talk.

'Stay away from me,' I called out to him, standing and locking the door.

'Come on, Bella,' he complained. 'Let me in, I love you remember and I want to talk.'

'Go away,' I snapped back at him backing away slowly and sitting on the step; I couldn't stand up much longer: I was too scared.

After a while, I managed to get to my feet and walk round the house looking the doors and windows that he could climb though, looking Elsee and myself in the house. I then gathered Elsee in my arms and took her upstairs.

'Mommy, what's wrong?' she asked as we entered mine and Sam's room. 'Who wants to come in?'

'A man,' I told her honestly. 'He hurt me a long time ago and I don't want him to come in. I don't want him to know you're here, Elsee, okay? So I need to you to stay upstairs until he's gone, can you do that for me, Else?'

Elsee nodded up at me looking scared and I kissed her forehead, 'he won't hurt you, dear. Sam'll be home soon.'

I gasped as I heard glass breaking downstairs and Elsee almost screamed. The sound was followed by the turning of the lock on the inside of the lock and Elsee through herself at me.

'Stay and hide up here,' I told her and saw her slink under the bed as I tried to gather the courage and come and face my ex-boyfriend begging in my head for Sam to come home soon.

I excited the room slowly and stood at the top of the stairs. He was standing there, with his shirt wrapped around a bloody fist. The front door was open behind him and the window next to it smashed.

'Where is she?' he asked and I almost let out a sob. He knew. He knew about Elsee.

'Where's who?' I asked trying to control the fear on my voice. Come on, Sam, please put that hearing to good use.

'My daughter,' he snarled, making his way up the stairs toward me. 'Where is she?'

'I have no idea what you're talking about, Chris,' I tried to play dumb but I think I was too scared to make it work.

'Tell me where the little brat is or we'll just have to conceive another one,' he threatened me, as he wrapped his arms tightly around my upper arms.

'Get of me,' I said calmly. 'Get your filthy hands off me.'

He squeezed tighter and I tried to not to wince in pain as he smirked.

'Tell me where she is,' he said again in the same tone of voice Sam sometimes used with the pack – command, 'or I will make you suffer.'

'Why?' I gasped. 'Why do you want to know where she is? She is not your daughter and she never will be'

I felt his hand leave my arm but it wasn't relief that followed but pain as he slapped it across my cheek. I landed on the floor at his feet and he got down as well, pinning my arms above my head as I felt tears well in my eyes.

'I've been in prison a long time, Bella, because of you,' he snarled into my face, 'and I have been very unsatisfied in one particular area' (his hand trailed down my cheek and I shivered in disgust beginning to struggle against him) 'and you, my dear girlfriend, are still extremely sexy.'

'I'm not your girlfriend,' I growled up at him, struggling even harder as his spare had moved to buttons on my blouse.

'Don't be like that, Bella,' he said softly before he lent down and kissed my neck, moving down my body as he undid my blouse and threw it open. He then reached into his back pocket and I screamed as he pulled out a gun. He slammed a hand to my mouth. 'You don't want to do that, Bella, it don't want to gag you because soon I want you to be screaming my name and this time' (he raised the gin to my temple as he let go of my hands) 'you are going to participate more.'

He kept the gun in hand and pulled my body up of the ground with his hand. I continued struggling till he put the gun in my face.

'Stop it,' he said, pressing it against my temple. 'Take off your shirt. NOW.'

Knowing I had no choice I slowly slipped my blouse down my arms, tears streaming down my face the whole time as I thought of what I was about to do to Sam, thinking about Elsee in the other room. He ripped it from my body and then unclasped my bra. I stayed perfectly still and tried to be somewhere, anywhere, else.

Just as Sam had done though a lot rougher and harsher, Chris began working on my breasts painfully. It was like he was trying to satisfy himself as much as possible but also hurt me as badly as he could at the Sam time. He moved on eventually and unbuttoned my jeans, laying the gun at my side. My eyes flickered to it as he began to pull down my jeans and pants at the same time.

'Sam!' I yelled and Chris's head snapped up and he reached for the gun. 'SAM!S-"'

I stopped talking as Chris put the gun back to my head and I just stared at him breathing heavily and crying my heart out.

'Shut up, you fucking whore,' he growled but I heard footsteps that he obviously didn't.

'Bella!' Sam's voice yelled and I almost cried out of in relief but the gun pointed at my head stopped me.

I turned my head away from Chris's face and squeezed my eyes shut. When I opened them I was looking over the landing to the front door where Sam stood, his eyes wide.

'Help me,' I mouthed to him but his were already narrowing dangerously and making his way towards us.

The gun was pressed harder to my temple and I bit my lip as Sam froze, knowing the message: one step, she dies.

'Get away from her,' Sam's deep voice commanded and I could see his body shaking slightly

'Why would I do that?' Chris asked, grinning evilly. 'I'm just here to take back what's rightfully mine: my girl and my daughter.' - Sam's eyes widened marginally again as he realised who this was - 'and you, my friend, are just in the way.'

I wriggled as Chris moved the gun from my head to point at Sam.

'No!' I yelled as a shot fired from gun but it missed - just.

Chris cursed and I could tell Sam thought he was crazy - prison really had done something bad to him. However he now distracted so I jammed my knee up causing him to fall of me. I scrambled to my feet, pulling up my jeans as I did so. Sam was at my side in a second, kicking the gun over the landing where it went off again. I just wanted to wrap my arms around Sam but went and got my top layers, throwing them on quickly just in time because the gun shot had alerted the pack.

'Belle, call the police,' Sam told me softly though his gaze didn't leave my ex-boyfriend who was still lying on the floor, not daring to get up.

I went to our room and picked up the phone on the bedside table. Elsee scrambled out from the bed and being the clever girl she wasn't didn't say a word, keeping extremely quiet. She curled up next to me and wiped my tears away as I spoke to the police. Eventually, a while after I had called the police but before they arrived, Sam entered the room looking at me sadly. I was sure I looked a complete mess and glancing over at the mirror I noticed I looked terrible. My stinging cheek was red, my eyes blood shot, puffy and black from the mascara I had been wearing, tears tracks ran down my face and my hair was a complete mess not to mention my dishevelled clothes. There was a circular mark on my head which I assumed had been when Chris pressed the gun end against it.

Sam walked over and kissed my forehead before kneeling down in front of where Elsee and I were on the bed.

'Are you alright?' he asked softly, placing a hand on my cheek and I managed to nod. 'Elsee, where did you come from?'

'Under the bed,' she replied without her usual laugh or smile, she was still scared.

'Good girl,' Sam smiled tightly and held his arms around to her.

She flew into them without a thought and cried her fears away. Sam moved to sit beside me on the bed and I curled into his side, trying to stop my own shaking. It was hard when I could still hear Chris yelling at the pack not far from our bedroom door. Soon the police came and after answering a thousand question some over and over again. They left taking Chris with them and not long after that the pack left with a few comforting words expect Seth, Leah and Jacob.

Jake and Seth tried to keep Elsee distracted because Leah, by choice, was sitting by me. She sat at my side with her arm around my shoulder rubbing the top of it and her head rested on top of mine that was on her shoulder. I few tears trickled out my eye at times and spotted her shirt but she didn't seem to mind. It was strange, she always kept a distance from me but it was nice. Kind of like I imagined having a sister would be.

'It's going to be okay, Bells,' she told me softly, using my nickname. 'He won't get to you again, we won't let him and he'll never touch Elsee, I promise you. As your step-sister, I promise you.'

'Thanks, Leah,' I smiled at her taking a chance I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her, really surprised when she returned it. There was a flash.

'Seth!' we both complained at the same time.

He just grinned at us unabashed as he put his phone back in his pocket, 'sorry but mum'll never believe it unless I have proof.'

Jacob laughed while Leah and I grumbled. I even heard Sam's laugh out of the landing. I wasn't really sure what he was doing but I decided I didn't want to. Slowly one by one the pack left and it was just my little family: Sam and Elsee. We went to bed early that night with Elsee cuddled in between Sam and I. She fell asleep quickly but I couldn't because every time I shut my eyes I could see Chris but it was also the fact that Sam had been a bit off with me all evening.

'Belle,' Sam's voice said eventually. 'You've got to get some sleep.'

'I can't,' I told him honestly and he pushed himself up onto one elbow to look at me.

'You know I love you, Belle,' he said softly, reaching over to me, 'so I mean this is the kindest way: you think too much, shut your mind up and get some sleep.'

I continued to just look at him and he sighed heavily, pushing himself into an upright position. I could tell he just wanted this day to be over already but wasn't going to sleep unless he knew I was okay.

'Go to sleep, Sam, really,' I smiled at him. 'I fall asleep eventually.'

He shook his head, 'what's going on in that pretty head of yours?'

I spoke without thinking.

'Are you angry at me?' I asked softly and he stared at me.

'Of course I'm not,' he replied. 'Bella, I love you. What happened today was not your fault; I have no reason be angry about. I'm just mad at your ex-boyfriend and if I seemed off it was because I was trying to control my phasing. I'm sorry, I'm not mad at you, I swear.'

I blinked at him a few time before accepting his genuine words, he lent forward and kissed me softly. It was warm and comforting and just made a feeling of safety wash over me.

'I love you, Sam Uley,' I told him when we broke apart.

He smiled at me as I snuggled back down into the warm bed next to my daughter. I felt his hand graze my cheek, leaving a trail of nicely burning skin before the bed moved slightly signalling that he was lying down as well. His arm draped across Elsee and I as though warding off any evil while we slept.

Well, I was having a bad day and that usually influences my writing: I kinda feel sorry for Bella now.

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