The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 16

After another week it was Christmas and hopefully nothing would ruin this day for our family.

'Mommy!' Elsee's little voice yelled as the door swung open. 'Daddy!'

I saw a little body fly at Sam since I was reasonably awake, at the stage of pushing myself up on the bed. Five Christmas's of experience I had with this little girl. Sam made a noise as she landed on his chest and started bouncing.

'Daddy, wake up, wake up!' she laughed. 'It's Christmas, c'mon get up!'

Sam groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Elsee grinned and then launched herself at me, snuggling herself against my body.

'What time is it?' Sam's deep voice moaned as he pushed his body up.

'Around half six,' I laughed and he slumped back against the pillows and gave me an incredulous look while Elsee scrambled off my lap.

'Come on, come on,' she laughed, jumping towards the door.

'I'm going, Else,' I grinned and got out of bed, throwing my light dressing gown on before turning to face Sam. 'Welcome to being a dad.'

He groaned but a smile broke out on his face

'Come on,' I pulled on his hand. 'She'll come back if we don't go down soon and Merry Christmas, I love you.'

I kissed him gentle before heading toward the door. Elsee was already out of view from the landing and I hurried my way down the stairs and into the lounge to find her staring at a large bag of presents that hadn't been there the night before - presents that Sam and I had put there after she went to sleep but she didn't need to know that.

'Else, let's wait for Sam,' I laughed pulling her away from them and hugging her. 'Don't you have something to say to your mother?'

Elsee thought for a second before giving me a beautiful smile and exclaiming, 'Merry Christmas, Mommy!'

'Merry Christmas, my angel,' I laughed but Sam walked into room then and Elsee leapt away from me to jump into his arms.

Sam just caught her before pulling her more securely up, 'Merry Christmas, Princess, you start can start opening things now.'

'Yay!' Elsee grinned and began fidgeting in his arms before she ran off though once he put her on the ground she turned a pressed a kiss to his cheek. 'Merry Christmas, Daddy.'

I don't think had really gotten used to being called that since it had only been about a month but I could tell Elsee relished in calling him it. He moved to sit in a chair and perched on the arm of it causing him to wrap an arm around my waist as Elsee dived into her presents. We smiled at we watched her opening her presents before I left to get the camera. It was our first Christmas together as a family and I wanted record of it.

Eventually Elsee finished opening all her presents - which included the ones from "Santa", Sam and I, and members of the pack that we wouldn't see today - and brought one to me. Sam smiled at me as I patted her on the head in thanks and I realised it was from him. I unwrapped it to find a beautiful necklace and earring set that I loved and in thanks I kissed Sam deeply causing Elsee to laugh, I wondered how long it would be before she started disliking us being soppy around her.

Sam and I were hosting Christmas this year so around nine o'clock once the three of us had eaten breakfast and gotten dressed nicely, me wearing the presents from Sam, Jake and Billy arrived with their presents and it started all over again with all of us sitting in the lounge laughing and opening presents. Elsee, I realised with the pack, was going to be spoiled so badly.

At ten o'clock, Sue, Seth and Leah arrived. Leah and I had gotten on reasonably well since the attack, it was like we just needed something to break the thick ice between us and then we could be friends. I felt sorry for her though, she and Sam had ended so badly and now she was going to have to have him as her step-brother-in-law, not to mention she had to share thoughts with him when they were wolves. I would hate to have that.

By half ten we were in the pub on the reservation. Embry and his mother was there with some friends as well as Paul and his family so we had nice chats with them and others in friends in the pub before heading back home.

Sue and Leah helped me with the cooking. I had Jake and Sam set the dining table while Seth and Billy played with Elsee. The house was filled with laughter and the smell of food and I couldn't remember the last time I had such a busy Christmas: usually it was just me and Elsee and maybe a friend or two that had nowhere to go so being surrounded by family was different but a welcome change for us.

Lunch was at one o'clock and by the end of it Sue, Elsee and I were the only completely sober ones. None of them were completely drunk, nowhere near enough for Elsee to question, but they had had a few. It began to snow badly almost exactly after dinner so instead of cleaning up. I allowed Elsee to drag me outside, once I had put her coat on. She had never seen snow before expect on TV so she was a ball of energy. I still didn't like it very much but watching her run around and having a snow ball fight with her was perfect. We were joined by the rest of the family.

It was the perfect day. I smiled as I looked over at Elsee and Sam asleep on the sofa, Elsee curled up against her father, while I was cleaning up from the day. However, it was amazing how quickly things could go downhill.

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