The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 18

Once I had tucked Elsee into bed at home, I went downstairs to Sam, who sitting and staring at the fire. He didn't seem to notice my entrance and when I curled up beside him the only sign that he was aware of me was his arm slipping around me.

'Sam, I'm scared,' I whispered after a while and he finally turned to look at me, his brown eyes soft and his face marred in worry and concern.

'Why?' he asked, shifting slightly to face me easier.

'We ran into Chris at the park,' I said and Sam growled, 'and he said to me to take care of his baby girl because she's going to be useful to him one day and he told that I was going to pay for slapping him. He was holding her, Sam, had the completely ability to just walk away with her and he threated to. I was late because he dropped her purposely and she was bleeding. Carlisle was passing and we went back there so he could look at her. He thinks we should get a restraining order and I think I agree with him.'

I stared up at Sam who was studying my face carefully, no doubt waiting for the tears the stress of the day would bring most people but I had ready cried myself out at the Cullen's all I felt like doing now was sleeping.

'I do too,' he agreed eventually. 'Well, look into it tomorrow, I promise.'

He must have picked up on my tiredness because he scooped me up into his arms and began to make his way upstairs. I was asleep before we even got up there.

When I got up the next day, Sam wasn't in bed next to me but he rarely was these days because most nights he had patrol. I think he slept while Elsee and I were at school because I had found him more than one time asleep when we walked in sometimes on the couch which was really too short for him to sleep on and I hated when he slept there sure he was going to injure himself somehow and other times in bed. I rolled out of bed and grabbed my robe, glad we were at the weekend again though I'd have to go to work tomorrow.

I poked my head in Elsee's room to find she was still fast asleep as I passed her room before going downstairs. I frowned as I heard noise coming from the office on my way toward the kitchen and went back on myself slightly to find Sam on his laptop wearing the same clothing from last night.

'Sam?' I whispered. 'When was the last time you slept?'

He turned to look at me and seemed to actually need to think about, 'Wednesday afternoon, I think.'

'Sam,' I scolded. 'You've got to sleep; you're going to run yourself crazy.'

'I don't need as much sleep as you do, Belle,' he smiled softly and turned to face me completely.

I sighed and moved towards him, sitting his lap, 'maybe not, but you should still sleep more than you are. It's Sunday, Sam.'

'I know,' he sighed, 'but I just can't seem to sleep. Don't worry about me though, I'm fine.'

'You're going to end up walking around like a zombie, Sam, that's not fine,' I disagreed. 'Now, are you hungry?'

'Starving,' he chuckled.

'When are you not?' I rolled my eyes and lent forward pressing a sweet kiss to his lips before I disappeared into the kitchen.

The scent of bacon must have woken Elsee up because she entered the kitchen not long after I started seeming sad.

'What's wrong, Else?' I asked her not pausing in my cooking stupidly assuming it was something small.

'Sam's my daddy,' she said firmly and I smiled.

'I know, honey,' I smiled over my shoulder at where she had started setting the table for breakfast - my perfect little angel.

'That monster will never be,' she said and I froze, my eyes flickering closed. 'He may be by blood but I don't like him, I am not his daughter.'

'Of course you're not, Angel,' I said pausing in my cooking for a second to gently take her hand. 'You're Sam's little princess, Sam's daughter, and nothing that man does is going to change that. Your daddy and I are going to make sure of that. He won't come near you again but if he does I need you to tell me. You can do that, can't you, Else?'

She nodded and after kissing her forehead, I turned back to my cooking, not noticing Sam in the doorway of the kitchen.

'Elsee,' he called, his deep voice making me jump. 'Sorry, Bella. I want to tell you something, come with me.'

Sam met my eyes over her head and I realised he was going to tell her about the whole wolf thing. I nodded and smiled lovingly at him. Elsee deserved the trust so she didn't caught by surprise like she did about Chris yesterday.

Later that day, we went and got the forms from the court house and I began to fill them out. I gathered/made copies of the forms from the rape back when I was eighteen, the medical ones and the police reports, things from when he came to the house this time, pictures Carlisle had taken of Elsee and a report he had written for me once he had told me what he thought I should do. I found a picture of Chris and we sent all of that off. I felt good: I was finally doing something to protect my family.

The next day came a letter that the judge accepted my petition for a restraining order and that there would be a hearing in about two weeks. It would be February by then. Sam went and found Chris, which wasn't too hard since you just had to go to Elsee's school, to give him the papers about it that the court house had sent for us to give to him. I wasn't allowed to and I really didn't want to be anywhere near him so that was fine by me.

Eventually the day of the hearing came and I presented a testimony, I brought with me the actual evidence again - the photos and reports and records - and Chris was allowed to present his side of the story as well but with so much evidence against him it was useless.

By the end of it, Chris was restricted to not come within 100 yards of Elsee or me, I had sole custody of her and he was not allowed to contact us at all, anywhere. He wasn't even allowed to see Elsee and when I heard that I felt like Jasper had just sent me a wave of relief though he wasn't near it was just the strength of my relief and he had to pay a bit towards her.

That night I slept through the night, feeling safer in my own home. At least we had dealt with one of our problems now we just need to deal with the vampire one. Elsee had taken the news of Sam being a werewolf really well, the part of her that found it cool was the largest part and she wasn't scared at all. She had said she felt either safer now knowing that Daddy could protect us no matter what. We had told her about the rest of the pack and though she was confused, like all of us, why Leah was the only girl that phased she didn't mind them either. Everything was falling into place.

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