The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 19

I had thought Sam might relax now that Chris was less of a problem but I was wrong. He threw himself even further into the hunt for Victoria and Laurent so much so that Elsee and I barely saw him. We saw the pack. I felt at the weekend's I was nothing by cooking for them and I wondered countless time what they did for food while I was at work because I was sure none of them could cook if their lives depended on it. However, Sam being gone would last long.

I was staring out of the window late one night around the end of February around the twenty-fifth, just thinking about how my boyfriend should be out there somewhere. His midnight black cloak would camouflage him well if it wasn't for the abilities of vampire sight. However my thoughts were drawn from those thought when I caught the slightest movement in the trees lining the end of the garden. I stiffened and tried to focus my eyes in the darkness but I couldn't see anything.

I flicked the outdoor light on and went back to the window and let out an irritated sigh. It was just Sam running towards this house still in his wolf form, the black coat had been thinking about moments earlier blending into the night.

'You scared the hell out of me,' I called to him as I heard the door open and shut.

Sam sped into the room, 'why does it smell like vampire in here?'

'I swear, no Cullen's have been here,' I playfully raised my hands but then thought about what he said.

If it smelled like vampire in here and it wasn't Carlisle's, the only vampire who had ever been in our house, then that must mean… Elsee screamed and, after sharing a panicked glance, Sam and I sped up the stairs.

'Pretty girl,' Victoria cooed, holding our daughter at her side with her hair and I cursed, why did everyone in my past have to take it out on my innocent daughter who knew nothing as to what was going to on?

'Mommy!' Elsee screamed as Victoria pulled on her but Sam grabbed me before I could take a step.

He sent me a look and knowing what he doing I moved away from him. He began shaking and eventually exploded into a wolf. The room was big enough so that the action hadn't ripped any of us to pieces. I saw Elsee bit her lip so she didn't scream at the sight of her father literally morphing into a giant wolf. She knew he could but seeing it was a different thing, I knew.

Sam snarled a horrible, echoing noise and Victoria slowly let go of Elsee, who ran to my side the first chance she had and I pulled her from the room. Two more wolves were standing just outside the house, I could see them through the window and ran to them I having no idea who they were until I got closer up. It was the dark silver wolf which memory served me as Paul who looked me over with his dark, intelligent eyes as though assessing me and Elsee for any harm on us. The other one I thought was Quil since he was a chocolate brown colour and I remembered Sam joking that it resembled his sweet personality in return getting that jab that he was black because his heart and soul were, which resulted in a round of 'oohs' from the pack. He nuzzled his head against my shoulder and I rubbed his ear when he let out a sound of worry.

'We're fine,' I assured him before glancing up at the house where I could hear hissing and snarling. 'Is Sam?'

Quil lowered his great head in a nod and I smiled at him. Though then it seemed the pleasantries were over as they began circling me and Elsee. Paul howled at one point causing Elsee to cover her ears and it wasn't long before it was echoed around the reservation.

I saw a great russet wolf, even bigger than Sam, leap out the forest with a head in its mouth and I shivered as I thought that was Jacob with, most likely, Laurent's head in his mouth. He dumped that, looked at Elsee and I for a few minutes being circled by two of his pack members for protection before disappearing back into the forest, probably for the rest of Laurent's body. Embry spun into the area from the direction of his house, he was grey with dark spots that made him easily identifiable, and Jared was not long after him, brown with his dark mask. Seth and Leah were the last to arrive and they appeared in the middle of the road, Seth gangly still in his sandy wolf form and Leah the smallest of the pack but a beautiful grey colour.

There was a smash and we all looked up to see Victoria launching herself out the window but freezing when she realised, while she may have got closer to her prey and out of Sam's clutches, she had just launched herself into a circle of them. She turned and ran but I knew she had no chance of escaping from them. Quil stayed with me as they chased of after her but knowing that Laurent was dead and Sam in the house making his way down, I gestured my head for him to go after them. He licked my face from bottom to top before taking off after them leaving me to laugh while wiping my face and my sleeve. Elsee giggled at me.

'Are you going with them?' I asked as a human Sam left the house and walked straight towards us.

'Nah, I let them have their fun,' he shrugged pulling me closer to him. 'They'll howl is they failed and she heads back this way. Are you alright, Elsee?'

'Fine, Daddy,' she replied and I let Sam take her from my arms, she was getting heavy anyways. 'My heads hurts a bit.'

'I bet,' he sighed, hugging her tightly as Jacob appeared.

'Well, the leech with the treads is dead,' he said with a grin, walking towards us. 'And the last thought I heard was that Paul had hold of the red head so I doubt she'll get away - should I light the body?'

'Yeah, we'll add the woman's when they bring her back,' Sam said not noticing me staring at him with my eyes to shut up.

'Daddy!' Elsee yelped and Sam's eyes shut in dread, having forgotten the innocent ears listening in to what he was saying with Jacob.

That was going to take some explaining, I cringed lightly, shaking my head slowly when Sam looked at me sheepishly. Patting him on the shoulder in good luck as I headed back into the house and to Elsee's room to examine the mess they had undoubtable made.

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