The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 21

The next day was full of telling people, the pack with the exception of Leah, Seth and Jake burst into our house early in the morning, far too early for my liking and spent the morning irritating Sam and I with bad jokes and jabs. Eventually I managed to shoo them out but then we had to and get Elsee but that wasn't as bad. Jake wrapped me in a big hug and we told Billy the news, he was so happy for us. Especially happy I could tell that the daughter of his best friend was now definitely free of the vampires.

We told Elsee down at the beach and she screamed in happiness, it must have taken at least half an hour to calm her down and then she continued firing questions at us. She insisted that we go and tell Sue, Seth and Leah although the latter two already knew.

'Let me see your hand,' Leah grinned as soon as we walked through the front door. I raised my right hand. 'The other one, you dork.' - I raised my hand into her grasp laughing ever so slightly, I loved the relationship Leah and I had fallen into now. - 'It's beautiful. Wow, Sam, do you actually have taste?'

I snorted at Sam's affronted face though we all knew he was joking but then it dropped.

'That's my mum's ring,' I turned to face him and smiled up at him though I was surprised, since he hated his dad, that he would give me the ring that man had given his mother but I had the sense not to say it. Leah, however, didn't.

'You hate your dad,' she frowned and a shudder ran through Sam.

I sent her look and took my hand from her grasp to place it on Sam's chest just as Sue walked through the door with Seth. Seth had a large grin on his face.

'Maybe you don't have a black heart, Sam,' he chuckled. 'We're going to have to find a new reason for your coat colour.'

Sounds of amusement were made before Sue spoke up, 'what's going on?'

'Sam and Bella have news,' Leah grinned almost sung as she turned to face her mother.

Sam and I exchanged a glance before I held up my left hand in her direction so the lightly flashed across the gems on the ring causing it to sparkle. Sue just stood there for a minute before she laughed and hugged me tightly. Taking my hand and admiring the ring as Leah hand. While she was doing that I saw Seth clap same on the shoulder and I distinctly heard the words, "you break her heart, I break your face" and I laughed. At least someone was protecting me in this, I winked over at Seth and he sent me his cheerful grin in return.

'Are you happy, Else?' Leah asked Elsee picking her up and spinning her around. Elsee giggled and nodded. Leah turned back to Sam and I. 'Have you told Allison yet?'

My stomach dropped at the mention of Sam's mother. I had never actually met her but obviously Sam had told her enough that she would happily give her ring to me or maybe she only gave it to him because she saw how happy he was. I was terrified of meeting her; I'd always thought I would before we got engaged.

'No,' Sam's voice dragged me back to the conversation as he placed a hand on my back. 'We're going to go and tell her now. Right, Belle?'

I turned to look at him to find that he was staring at me, scrutinising my reaction to this. He sent me a reassuring smile no doubt reading the fear and apprehension in my eyes. We said slowly said goodbye and then left heading back to La Push.

'Don't worry, Belle, she'll love you,' Sam assured me taking my hand across the gear box.

I bit lip not completely believing him, 'does she know about-'

'The wolf?' Sam finished for me. 'No, that's made our relationship really strained. So this may seem really quick to her but don't worry. Seriously, Belle, she likes you already.'

'Okay,' I tried to calm myself down but it was impossible. Eventually we arrived at a house not far from Jake and Billy's and standing in the window was a woman: she was beautiful but I knew she would be. She had long flowing black hair, russet skin and large eyes. Sam didn't look that much like her but there were bits of her in him, he must take after the father that he hates so much. She looked up when she saw our car before moving away from the window.

'Sam!' she called making her way down the stairs.

'Hi, Mom,' Sam smiled over at her as he helped Elsee out of the car since she was sitting on that side.

She, like me, was so short next to Sam but then everyone was really who wasn't in the pack. She gasped as the sight of Elsee and then her eyes jumped to me leaning on the roof of the car. She smiled at Sam happily and I made my way round the back of the car to see that Elsee had attached herself to Sam's hand and was hiding slightly behind him. I held in a laugh as I ruffled her hair.

'Mom, this is Bella and Elsee Swan,' Sam introduced us causing his mother's face to burst out in a smile. 'B-'

'Well it's about time, son,' Mrs Uley rolled her eyes at her only son. 'It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Bella, my son's told me a great deal about you and your daughter.'

'I can assure you, Mrs Uley, the pleasure's all mine,' I smiled back at her and I really could, she seemed fun.

She laughed and hugged me before kneeling down to Elsee's level, 'you are even more beautiful than my son described.'

Elsee blushed deeply and I smiled. This was actually going really well, much better than I expected.

'See,' Sam whispered in my ear, 'nothing to be frightened off.'

I rolled my eyes but smiled up at him anyway as I watched his mother fuss over our little girl, Sam's princess and my little angel.

'So, Bella, tell me about yourself,' Allison said as we sat down for lunch a while later.

Elsee was completely at ease with this woman already settled into calling her Grandma to Allison's surprise and she had insisted I called her by her first name because apparently we're, she had cast a look at the ring on my finger, going to be family soon.

'Like what?' I asked with a smile, unsure where to start.

'Like what do you do for work? Sam told me you work up in Forks.'

'Um, yeah, I'm a teacher at the High School,' I told her. 'I teach English Literature.'

'And you enjoy it?' it sounded more like a statement than a question but I nodded.

'Very much so.'

Dinner ended up a bit like and interview. Allison was shooting questions at me so fast that I barely even thought about the answer to them and had no idea what I'd said as soon as I shut my mouth. So things were big, some small, some personal, a lot about Sam and I, like what I did to entrance her unwilling to date son. That one was hard because I didn't do anything really, Sam had imprinted on me and looked at him with a smile.

'I don't really know,' I had said. 'Sam? Care to weigh in?'

He turned slowly to look at me and then to his mother, who had her eyebrows raised, 'you were you.'

I rolled my eyes with a grin and Allison laughed a little.

'Well who else would she be?' Allison asked and Sam shrugged.

'Isn't that enough with the twenty questions, Mom,' he said trying to worm his way out and save me from answering anymore questions. 'You two have barely eaten I thing, Elsee over here's finished.'

'So she is,' I grinned over at my daughter and her clean plate. 'Was that nice, Else?'

'So nice,' she smiled. 'Thank you, Grandma.'

I could tell Alison, like Sam, was still not used to the family term by her, though now Sam had gotten used to it and answered to her without thought. Allison smiled down at her.

'You're quite welcome, sweetie. It's nice to have company,' she added sending her son an evil look and I pressed my lips together in amusement. 'I don't get it very often.'

'We'll come a lot,' Elsee promised. 'I used to see Grandma Renee every weekend before she died.'

I flinched slightly and Sam's hand moved to rest on my knee while Allison shot me sympathetic look. It was a long time ago now, Elsee had only been two at the time so I was surprised she remember those visits, but thinking of my hare-brained mother still caused a stab on pain in my heart. I'd always imagined she would die of old age or at the very least in one of her crazy activities. It had never crossed my mind that she would just get unlucky and by killed with her husband by a drunk driver.

Though Sam said the Allison might think everything was happening too fast she seemed perfectly at ease and over the moon at her sons engagement and she seemed to like me well enough, adored Elsee but then who didn't. We spent the rest of the day with her and by the end of it I felt perfectly comfortable with her.

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