The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 22

Sam and I sat down a few weeks, Elsee was at school but the high school had a training day so I was off, and since we wanted to get married as soon as possible we started thinking about it. We had already set a budget and were now thinking about the guest list when someone knocked on the door. I went and opened it.

'Can I help you?' I asked the tall man standing in the door way and he frowned at the sight of me.

'No,' he replied shortly. 'I'm sorry, I was looking for Sam Uley, I must have the wrong house.'

'Oh, no,' I reached out as he began to turn away from the door. 'Sam's my fiancé, you have the right place. Do you want me to get him?'

The man's eyebrows rose at my explanation of who Sam was to me, though a thrill went through me at saying it, before the pulled down and he fixed a small smile on his face that I was pretty sure was fake.

'Already here,' Sam chuckled coming up behind me.

He turned the corner of the door since the front door blocked the view to the living room when you opened it and, luckily, I glanced back at him. He had taken one look at the man and began to shake violently. My eyes widened I pushed the man away from the door and followed him outside leaving Sam to explode in the house. I cringed as I heard things smash.

'You must be Joshua,' I turned to the man I had pushed out the door, who seemed pale under his russet skin, and crossed my arms.

He smiled Sam's smile at me, 'I just wanted to see how my son had grown up, I didn't and don't want any trouble.'

He started to defend himself before I could accuse him of anything. I glared up at him. This was the man who had abandoned his son and wife when said soon was only eight because he couldn't deal with the stress of family. Sam had taken on his father's role in this house from that time and it had made him, like me, mature beyond his years. I can hear Sam growling still but he could have been standing still for how quiet everything else was - it amazed me that Sam could be like a shadow in his wold form, and human actually, despite his size. A snarl had ripped from the house at Joshua's first statement. God, why was everyone coming back at once? We had barely just got rid of Chris, the Cullen's were still around (at least I thought they were, I couldn't be sure) and now Joshua had appeared. It was like it was a conspiracy.

'I take it the legends are true then,' Joshua said weakly, staring at the front door which I had shut behind us but I wasn't speaking. I just stood there with my arms crossed, glaring. 'Come on. At least tell me that. Is my son a wolf because it sure as hell sounds as though one is in there?'

It was taking all my strength not to growl out that Sam was hardly his son despite the biological link but I managed to hold it in.

'Bella!' Jake's voice called from the tree line and I realised that he must have been on patrol and heard Sam's thoughts. He ran towards me and leant down to whisper in my ear. 'Get him out of here, Sam's pissed inside. You might want to go calm him down. It's … interesting to see you, Mr Uley.'

With that said, Jacob ran off again and I smirked - interesting was one word for this encounter. Joshua opened his mouth.

'Shut up,' I snapped before he could speak, pushing him back. 'Let me make one thing quite clear. My fiancé doesn't want to see you so stay away from him and Allison. You've been amazing at doing that all these so go away and leave them in peace.'

Sam's growling was getting quieter so I assumed he was calming down by Joshua didn't move, 'go on. I want you out of here. Get off our property and don't come back.'

'I just want to see my son,' Joshua tried to reason with me but I had little pity for him at the moment.

'Look, I've had a really bad few months so I'm rather short of patience at the moment,' I told him in a dangerous tone. 'Sam doesn't want to see you and if he did he would contact you. You have no right showing up on our doorstep, unannounced, after what you did. Stay away from him.'

I stalked away from him and, warily, entered the house. He really hated being stuck in the house when he phased. He was reasonably calm now so I placed a hand on his fur causing his great wolf head to look at me. He nuzzled against me cats did when they wanted fussing and I laughed, scratching his nose. He let out a throaty chuckle so I knew Joshua must have left and he was calming down. I placed a kiss on his muzzle moving my hand to stroke his neck. It was like having a massive dog in front of you. Eventually I stopped petting him and just hugged the giant wolf version of my fiancé.

Eventually he was calm enough to transform back and while he went upstairs to get dressed, I gathered up the shreds of fabric around the room. There wasn't much I could do about the broken mirror apart from sweeping up the pieces and move the frame. I looked over at the door to see several claw marks. If I hadn't have moved those marks would have been on me, I shivered at the thought, more for Sam though than myself.

'At least the door survived,' I called up to Sam and heard him chuckle in reply.

'I suppose that's a good thing, it would get a bit chilly for you and Elsee without it.'


He laughed again but this time it was closer, I turned around to see him coming down the stairs and smiled brightly up at him. He wrapped his arms around me when he reached me and lent his forehead against the top of my head.

'What does he want?' he complained sounding younger than I'd ever heard him.

'To see you,' I answered him honestly.

'I gathered,' Sam said and I could tell he was frowning. 'Why though? He never wanted me back then so why does he care now?'

'Maybe he has regrets about his choice,' I shrugged moving so I could looking into his eyes. 'Maybe he's realised his mistake and wants to see how you managed without him - which you did amazing, I might add.' (Sam smiled weakly) 'What do you wanna do, Sam? I'm behind you whatever you choose.'

Sam raised an eyebrow, 'I don't know. I've spent so many years hating him for leaving me, for what he did to my mom when he left but a small part of me kind of wants to see why, to see what he's really like not just try and get it from stories about him.'

'You want closure,' I concluded simply.

'Is that crazy?' he asked and I shook my head.

'Makes completely sense but don't get hurt,' I assured him and he grinned at me slightly pressing a kiss to my lips.

'Seriously, I'm not going to get attached enough to be hurt by him,' he said it so firmly that I nearly believed him but I couldn't completely believe him when I knew that a lot of people do despite not meaning to.

'You have one problem though, Sam,' I smiled. 'You can't be around him without phasing.'

Sam snorted and I think that was an agreement, 'I don't know if I'm going to though. What do you think?'

'I think if you don't, you're always going to wonder,' I told him what I honestly thought because I knew that was what he needed, he didn't want me to lay out arguments for either side, he just wanted a statement.

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