The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 23

When I return home the next day from school with Elsee, it was to find my fiancé pacing the back garden angrily with Paul and Jared surrounding him and I sighed heavily shaking my head: for Alpha, Sam was terrible at controlling his temper. I left the three of them alone and sat down at the kitchen table to read the note I found on the front door addressed to "the future Mrs Uley" in a scruffy handwriting.

I have no idea what your name is and that makes me realise how much I have missed in my sons life. I know I don't deserve a second chance after I abandoned him and his mother when I got too much for me and not coming back sooner. It was the worst mistake of my life and I wish I could take it back.

I'm sorry to say that I came back to see Sammy today while you were a work and, if he hasn't phased back yet, that is why he's a wolf again. It pains me to know how much my son hates me but I guess I deserve it completely but I beg you to ask Sam to give me a chance. I want to make it up to him and I have no idea how or if it's even possible for him to let me in again.

We were close when he was younger, play baseball in the park on the weekends, but then money became too stressful and besides those days at the weekend I was a terrible father. Sam was honestly probably better off without me and I'm sure as his fiancée you agree and I do admit to having an affair with Tiffany Call once to try and relieve the tension a bit. I believe you know our son, my dear, Embry, I believe his name is. But despite all this I do love Sam and Allison, I just wasn't good for them. If you ask me while it may have been the worst thing I could have do for me, for them, I probably made the best decision ever. Even for Embry. Do tell Sam this, will you? Tell him about his younger half-brother and tell Embry, I think it's high time he knew, as well.

I'm going to be in town for a few weeks so if, and I know it's a low shot, but if Sam does decided to speak to me, I'm staying at the River Inn up in Forks. If he doesn't and he never wants to see me again, I will leave. I would like to see Embry as well but I think he might be even less likely to come see me than Sam. Allison has told me to stay away from her and, though it kills me to do it, I will but she says that Sam's his own man who make his own decisions (well, mistakes were her actual words) in life.

I'm very glad he has you. I think he's chosen well though I don't really know you but I know you're beautiful, and your kind, and protective and I know you love him. I can already tell Sam is a much better father than I was, he knows exactly what not to do.

If he doesn't come to talk to me, I wish you to the best.

Joshua Uley.

I lent my head in one of my hands and read the letter through a few more times. This man really did seem genuine and there was so much guilt and admittance in this letter that I was pretty sure that Joshua really did mean all that he wrote. The letter also brought a lot of things to light, Embry's father being the biggest thing. Him and Sam where half-brothers, I wonder how they were going to take that. The reason for Sam's detest of the nickname "Sammy" could now be guessed at.

I sighed heavily and dropped the letter on the table, turning to look out the kitchen window. The boys were still out there. I got up slowly and made my way out the door, leaning against the side of the house and watching them. They didn't look at me probably because they knew who it was until I spoke.

'You two, go get Embry,' I said to Jared and Paul. 'I need to talk' - I gave Sam a look telling him to attempt to phase back - 'to my fiancé.'

They gave Sam another look before running off into the woods. I looked over at Sam and disappeared back into the house but only to get him some clothes. I dumped them on the ground where I was standing, smiled at him, and then came back inside. I took my place back up at the kitchen table and began tapping my fingers on the table.

I heard the door creak open.

'You have a brother,' I said bluntly not turning to look at him. 'Well, a half-brother anyway.'

I heard no response and turned around - it was so irritating that the wolves moved so silently. It didn't take long for my eyes to find Sam leaning against a kitchen counter since he was so big, tall with long, rounded muscles. He was surveying me with his dark brown eyes with his arm crossed.

'Have you read this?' I asked him, holding up the letter and he shook his head so I put in back down. 'Sam.'

His name was sighed heavily though with an irritated edge, I got up from my chair and walked over to him wrapping my around his middle. He uncrossed his own arms and took my face in his hands, leaning down to kiss me.

'I love you, you know that?' he said, his deep voice quiet and I smiled up at him - finally he was speaking.

'I'll take it but why am I getting it?' I asked, moving closer so as to be nearer his heat since he had left the door open and a breeze was blowing up my arms. His hands moved to rub them and didn't answer my question.

'What's going on in that head of yours, Sam?' I said detangling myself from him and moving to shut the door. I jumped up on the counter opposite him. 'He still wants to see you. Staying up in Forks for a few weeks but he said, if you tell him to, he will leave. You need to make a decision, Sam. You don't even have to see him, you could just talk to him over the phone… honey, please, say something.' - there was a knock on the front door - 'Read the letter, Sam.'

I jumped off the counter and made my way out of the kitchen to the front door, opening it to reveal Embry. I hugged him tightly.

'Hi, Bells,' he chuckled. 'What do you want with me? Should I be frightened?'

I laughed, glad for his light personality after Sam's strange dark one.

'I need to tell you something,' I pulled him into the kitchen where Sam had actually done as I asked and sat down to read the letter. 'You want to tell him, Sam, or should I?'

Sam looked at me for a few seconds, putting the letter down while Embry's eyes jumped between the two of us.

'What's going on?' he asked irritated.

'We found out who your father is?' Sam spoke up and Embry's eyes looked on him, wider than usual. Sam held the letter out. 'Third and fourth paragraph.'

I left Embry's side and went and stood behind Sam, leaning my elbows on his shoulder and resting my head on top of his. His hand rose to grasp mine. We watched as Embry's eyes scanned the paragraphs and then look back up at us.

'I'm related to you,' Embry eventually said and he wrinkled his nose playfully at Sam, without being able to see I knew Sam had rolled his eyes. 'Wow.'

I sent Embry a sympathetic smile as he dropped into another chair and chucked that letter back onto the table.

'I'm going to go check on Elsee,' I told them leaving them to figure out this mess themselves. One thing I was sure of was that this was going to be a long night.

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