The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 25

'So how'd it go?' I asked Sam when Elsee and I were eating breakfast the next morning and he walked in despite being up for twenty-four hours if not more seeming fine and awake.

'Let's see,' he said walking in the kitchen and kissing Elsee's head before taking a seat next to me. 'I didn't rip his head off … I didn't even phase -'

'Yay!' I said quietly and he chuckled, leaning over to kiss my cheek.

'I still don't like him though,' he finished.

'Well, that wasn't the point was it,' I said, placing the mug of coffee I was about to drink back on the table. 'Do you feel like you've got that closure now?'

Sam seemed to think for a second, 'yeah, yeah, I'm satisfied. It was never anyone's fault but his.'

'Sam,' I sighed, moving around on my chair to face him and placing a hand on his cheek. 'You didn't even consider it being your fault, tell you didn't.'

'I'm not supposed to lie to you right,' he answered and I frowned sadly over at him, leaning forward to rest my forehead against his.

'You silly, silly man,' I whispered affectionately, kissing him before returning to my food. 'Do you want some breakfast?'

'No, I'm just going to go and sleep I think,' he told me getting back up. 'Have a nice day at school, girls.'

I rolled my eyes while Elsee looked up at him and smiled, 'thanks Daddy.'

He smiled at her and was almost at the door when I spoke.

'Oh, Sam,' I called. 'I have something to tell you later.'

'Why not now?' My eyes moved to Elsee and back and he nodded. 'Right, okay.'

Worked ticked by slowly but eventually I was free to leave. Elsee had swimming after school which a minibus took them too so I would have to pick her up for a while. I went home, hoping Sam would already be back at the house: he was.

'So what's wrong, Belle?' Sam asked as I found him in our little office and, since there was only one chair in there, perched on his lap.

'It's nothing big,' I smiled at him. 'It's just that the Cullen's visited my yesterday and told me that Laurent had a mate.' (Sam's whole body tensed.) 'Apparently, it's one of the Denali's so they respect the treaty just as much as the Cullen's do so they don't think she'll attack but they thought I should know, I think you should know, just in case.'

'Yeah,' Sam nodded and thought for a while. 'You sure it's unlikely.'

'Yeah, I am.'

'Okay, I'll trust you on that,' he replied seriously and I smiled.

'So,' I grinned shifting around so I could face him straight on, 'what shall we do until I need to go and pick up Elsee?'

I bit my lip and raised my eyebrows at him and a half grin appeared on his face.

'I can think of something,' he chuckled, standing up but keeping hold off me so feet were dangling of the floor.

I giggled, something that wasn't normal for me in the slightest, and moved my limbs to wrap around him tightly, pulling my body closer to his and closing that final gap between our lips.

'Sam,' I said at dinner looking up at him across the table. 'Your mom and I are going to this wedding thing at the weekend, you're alright watching Elsee, aren't you?'

'Sure,' Sam nodded. 'Where are you two going?'

'Seattle,' I smiled. 'There's this wedding show that she would like to go round with me, thought it might give me some inspiration. Plus it'd nice to have some bonding time with your mom.'

'We'll you two have fun,' Sam chuckled. 'Don't let her talk you into something you don't like.'

I rolled my eyes and smiled back over at him.

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