The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 27

'Leah?' I called as I walked in the Clearwater house as I now referred to it in my mind. 'Are you home?'

'Yeesh, Bella, you'd think living with Sam you'd realise you didn't have to shout for wolves to hear,' Leah complained as she walked down the stairs towards me.

'Sorry, Leah,' I smiled up at her. 'I want to ask you something.'

'What is it?' Leah asked as we made our way into the kitchen and she set about making us coffee because Leah, I had learned, was addicted to coffee: she would have it whenever it was possible too even if, too everyone else, it seemed strange.

'It's a favour really,' I smiled. 'A big one…'

'Come on, Bells, spit it out,' Leah sighed turning to look at me as she pushed herself up onto the counter while the kettle boiled.

I smiled over her.

'Will you be my maid of honour?' I asked her feeling satisfied when I saw the look of shock on her beautiful, exotic face.

I had decided on Leah because, though we haven't be "sisters" for a long time, the time we had been it's been so good that I decided on her over Angela. Angela was a good friend but Leah was family. Leah probably knew me better know because I could talk to her about the whole wolf thing and vice versa. I hadn't told Sam my decision so he couldn't accidently tell Leah when they were wolves or tell one of the guys who could tell Leah accidently hence why she had no idea I was going to ask her.

Sam and I had finally worked out the people in our wedding. Sam had or was at least going to ask Paul to be best man, who was third-in-command of the pack, and was having Jacob, Jared and Embry as groomsmen. I obviously had Leah then Angela, Kim and Brooke and Elsee was going to be a flower girl, something she was really excited about, with Quil's imprint Claire. It was sorted out meaning that I could get on with planning the wedding. We had also decided on a colour scheme, a strange one but I was sure it would turn out pretty, of cream and yellow with hints of red. We had even got a vague idea of the guest list. This was all done when I could pull Sam away from the pack which was always difficult.


I laughed softly, 'will you be my maid of honour, Leah.'

I repeated it just to irritate her and spoke the words like I would trying to explain a complex topic to Elsee. She swatted at me but laughed.

'Sure, Bella,' she grinned. 'I'd love too. Why me?'

'Because being closer to you these past three months has been great,' I told her. 'It's been really nice.'

'It has been good,' Leah agreed as she placed a coffee on the table in front of me and leant down to hug with one arm before sitting opposite me.

We sat and talked while we sipped at our coffees about life: the pack - something both our lives evolved around -, my school, the wedding, Elsee. The interesting thing about being engaged at work was that the students, mainly the girls, were so pleased for you and they asked constant questions about the guy, the proposal and the wedding. It got rather tiring especially when they were meant to be doing work but it was nice at other times.

Once I had left Leah's I spent the rest of the day marking my students homework, which took all day but this was a story they had to write so I entertained enough that it wasn't one of the those horrible tasks that it sometimes was. Elsee was watching TV in the lounge until I called her to come and help with dinner and just before it was ready Sam walked in, kissing my cheek and ruffling Elsee's blonde hair affectionately.

'How was your day?' I asked Sam as we sat down to eat and he turned and smiled at me.

'Better than usual,' he chuckled. 'Leah was in a good mood - that doesn't happen too often - so she was a lot less snarky.'

'Be nice,' I tutted though inside I was glad Leah was happy and not irritating the pack. 'And yeah, that may be because I asked her to be my maid of honour.'

Sam's eyebrows rose in surprise but eventually he smiled, 'well, I think you just made her very happy.'

I smiled softly, glad I could do that at least, 'have you asked the guys yet?'

'I don't need to,' Sam chuckled, tapping his temple and I laughed lightly, shaking my head. I always forgot that the wolves could hear each other because when they were human they couldn't. It was easier to remember that Edward could hear them all the time. 'Elsee, you're still going to Claire's tomorrow, aren't you?'

Elsee and Claire had this thing going now that every Sunday that would go to the others house. Each Sunday it swapped, last week it was our turn to host but this week Elsee was going over there. It was nice that she was getting so close with someone in La Push since she was still going to school in Forks. Sam and I were debating moving her but nothing had been decided.

Her little head bobbed excitedly and a grin appeared on her face, 'yep, it's going to be so much fun. Whose taking me?'

Sam and I shared a glance.

'I am, I guess,' Sam smiled over at her before turning to me. 'I've got to go that side of the res. anyway.'

'Okay, that's good for me I need to finish marking those stories,' I jerked my head toward the lounge where I could see, and therefore Sam could see, the corner of the tall pile of books. Sam pulled a face in sympathy for me at the sight of it - even though I had worked since I got back from visiting Leah there was still a daunting amount of books left. I also had reports to write but I had a few weeks to write them.

After Dinner and once I had put Elsee to bed, I didn't go back to work but instead laid beside Sam on the sofa, relishing in the time alone with my fiancé.

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