The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 3

'So,' I said awkwardly as Sam and I set off down the beach, drawing the world out. 'I assume there's something you want to say to me though I can't imagine why…'

Sam glanced at me, said nothing, and continued walked; his message clear: not yet when we get further away. We wandered further away to where the beach was almost empty and we sat at a piece of driftwood Jacob and I had sat on many times. Sam was silent for a few minutes seeming to struggle with what he wanted to say and I had the urge to reach out and take his hand as some form of comfort. Not being able to hold myself back, I reach over and almost pulled right back again since his skin was so hot - another Quileute who ran hot but this time I was going to get some answers.

'Are you okay?' I asked genuinely extremely worried that this man that I'd only ever met once was ill: the idea seemed like physical pain and I knew that wasn't right. 'You're burning up: do you need to go see a doctor?'

'No, I'm fine,' he said softly looking down at our still joined hands: his heat wasn't uncomfortable, it was actually vaguely nice to have the warmth. Sam seemed to steel himself and smiled. 'I'm a wolf.'

My mind immediately jumped to the Cullens but I forced them out, 'what?'

'I'm a shape-shifter,' he said with such honesty it was difficult not to believe him. 'It's a Quileute thing, it's genetic and I can turn into a wolf whenever I want.'

I laughed lightly, 'you expect me to believe that you're a werewolf?'

'Yes,' he said, his eyes boring into mine. 'I do because you have history with supernatural beings.'

My eyes widened marginally, 'I don't know what you mean.'

I didn't know why I was still so adamant of protecting them when someone else already seemed to know but I automatically became defensive.

'The Cullens,' Sam said slowly, still staring at me and I found my resolve to finish this conversation as soon as possible begin to waver as I started to become lost in his dark brown eyes, 'are vampires. I know you know and so I do because I am a werewolf. Killing vampire's is what I'm made to do … not them' - he added when my eyes widened again - 'but other vampires. Come with me.'

I followed the irritating, far too knowledgeable man into the forest almost without a thought: he may have been all those things but I trusted him explicably and every step he took away from me seemed rather painful. He led us into the forest where he told me to stay and disappeared behind a tree.

'Sam?' I called out when I heard a slightly growing from the area where he disappeared.

I gasped as a huge black wolf came out. It was huge, tall as a horse, but a lot more muscular and for its weight moved so quietly, like a shadow. I unknowingly backed up until I hit a tree but a worried noise for the wolf made me realise what Sam had been saying. I studied the wolf further and looked into his eyes. Relaxing instantly, I noticed they were far to intelligent for an animal and that they were the exact shade of Sam's - it worried me that I already knew that.

'Sam?' I asked stepping forward and I reaching out a hand, he nuzzled into it in what I think was acknowledgement. I stroked his midnight black fur, I soft smile on my face, giggling when he started humming slightly in a way that almost sounded like purring. 'Go change, I need to talk to you.'

It was odd to see a monstrous wolf randomly following my instructions as Sam disappeared behind a tree. He appeared quickly, I noticed that all he had been wearing, and was still wearing, was a pair of shorts. He didn't even have any shoes on but I suppose that had something to do with being a wolf.

'Okay,' I said, stepping toward him onto more level ground. 'Why are you telling me this?'

'Because,' Sam took a deep breathe, 'have you even heard of imprinting?'

'No,' I shook my head quickly.

'Imprinting's kind of a love at first sight sort of thing in short though it's not really, it's so much stronger,' Sam began to explain and once again I was completely confused as to why he was divulging the information to me. 'Jake likes to describe it as gravity moves, "it not gravity holding the wolf to the earth anymore, it's her" .Wolves see their soul-mate and they just know and they'd do anything for her, be anything for her. Such as Quil imprinted on a two year old so he's more of a brother figure to her but as she grows that will change into romantic.'

'Wait Jacob? Quil?' I asked and then gasped in realisation. 'How many of you Quileute's are wolves?'

'The eight of us,' Sam replied. 'Me, Jared, Paul, Jacob, Quil, Embry … and Seth and Leah.'

'Seth and Leah!'

'That's what you're thinking about right now?' Sam asked exasperatedly and I smiled sheepishly.


'Bella, I imprinted on you,' Sam said bluntly and I just stared at him for a while, hoping that the words would change themselves to something more normal in my head.

'M-me?' I stuttered badly, thinking I had had enough of supernatural to last me a life time: I didn't need to have my destiny decided for me by more magic. 'You imprinted on me? Why?'

Sam chuckled and reached a burning hand forward to brush a stray stand of hair back towards my scruffy ponytail, 'imprinting doesn't have reasons … at least, not a reason know to us.'

He was staring at me hopefully as though hoping I wouldn't reject him which, oddly enough, was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn't want to fight the pull imprinting had on me towards him but if he only liked me, love was too big a word right now, because of imprinting, that was a different matter. He seemed to know what I was thinking because he spoke again.

'Please, don't believe that all of this is just because of imprinting,' Sam said pleadingly and I glanced up at him from where I had been staring at the ground in thought. 'Embry's been joking for months that I would imprint on you if I met you again, saying that we were absolutely perfect.'

I frowned, 'why doesn't imprinting happen the first time you met someone?'

Sam shrugged at me.

'Sometimes it does, most the time it does,' he said. 'Sometimes, though rarely, it doesn't.'

I sighed, pressing my hands over my face and wondering where this conversation was going to end.

'Can I think?' I asked slowly and slightly panicked. 'I have Elsee to think about and a lot of other stuff. I need to think, to wrap my head back around magic and supernatural beings.'

Sam nodded though he looked slightly pained and a pang went through me at the thought of causing him the slightest bit of pain but I refused to jump straight back into a relationship again because, from experience, it always ended badly and I wouldn't put Elsee though that even if Sam said it was 'Soul-Mates.'

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