The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 30

Two years later, August 2014, and I was still just as happy, everything was just as perfect. Elsee was now nine, going to be starting 4th grade at the La Push Elementary School in a few weeks and since the wedding Sam and I had two other children. Carla and Logan, fraternal twins, born in February so they were only six months old.

They both had the russet skin but it was much lighter and big brown eyes. Logan had inherited by brown hair while Carla Sam's black but both of theirs was thick and wavy like mine. Carla's eyes were a bit lighter than Logan's, more chocolate, so really she had my eyes while Logan had Sam's but they were the two most darling children in the world. Elsee when she was their age had been a complete nightmare and, though these two refused to sleep through the night, they were normally perfectly behaved. When they were born, Leah had brought me a necklace with three hearts on. In the centre heart, there was a green stone to represent Elsee and on the other two purple ones for the twins - it was a piece of jewellery that I never took off, just like Elsee never took off her charm bracelet that now had two more charms on (Sam had kept his promise like I knew he would).

The pack was the same as always apart from the fact that a few days after our wedding, Paul had met Jacob's sister Rachel and imprinted on her. Jake hadn't been happy about it, I had had to deal with a rant about it when Sam and I got back from our honeymoon.

What was even better was that Chris had never been seen again and nor had Joshua or any vampires except Carlisle and Esme who had come four months ago to see the twins and been taken with them immediately. As much as I loved them visiting, I was always scared that they would cause more Quileute boys to turn - my kitchen was full enough with Elsee, Sam, the twins and the already largest pack in history - but their infrequent visits didn't seem to have an affect so far and they had told me they would only come if there was something big or I called them to try and keep their affect to the minimum.

The calm was broken by the sound of crying and I jolted awake that little bit more.

'Sam,' I said tiredly. 'Sam, can you get them?'

There was no answer and reaching over to his area of the bed I couldn't find him and I couldn't feel his warmth radiating as it always did. I switched the lamp on that sat on my bedside table and turned to look at the bed: he wasn't there. The baby was still crying so I got up, grabbing my robe and shoving my feet into the slippers I kept at the edge of the bed.

I ghosted over the landing to the bedroom and found Sam.

'Logan?' I asked - it had been Logan for the past few nights.

'Carla,' Sam answered his voice weary. Even though he could run on less sleep than the average person, this nightly wakeup call was wearing on him as much as me.

'But she's been sleeping so well,' I complained.

'I think they tag on,' Sam said. 'That way they get their sleep, unlike us.'

I snorted, that sounded about right. I disappeared for a few seconds and got a bottle ready and went back upstairs. I took Logan off Sam who flopped into a chair, groaning and rubbing his face.

'It'll get better,' I assured him amused.

'We said that months ago,' Sam replied exasperatedly.

'Sam, we have a nine year old daughter hopefully still sleeping in the other room,' I reminded him that I had done this before, 'it'll get better, trust me and then we'll get to sleep I promise.'

I was smiling softly and placed a kiss to his lips, when I pulled away I noticed Logan had stopped crying and I stood straight again beaming but just as I mouthed "yes" another set of cry's started up: Carla. Sam groaned again.

'I got it,' I told him, placing Logan in his crib and moving over to Carla. Sam fell sideways on the sofa that we had in there and I resisted the urge to laugh. 'Go to bed, honey, you've got a pack to command.'

'You sure?' he asked, opening an eye to look at me.

'Yeah, go on, I got this,' I assured him just because I couldn't stand to see him so tired - I was reasonably awake now anyway.

Sam pushed himself up and placed a kiss to my cheek before leaving the room for our bedroom.

I smiled softly, that was one thing about Sam that I loved. Though we had now been married two years, he was still just the same as he was when we were dating: he would kiss me when he left for work every day and take advantage of any alone time we had whether that was by sitting on the sofa in silence, in our room, or talking away. Nothing had really changed. I felt like I had the perfect little family unit.

Last year, just after Easter, Sam did adopted Elsee though it took that long since our wedding to get all the technicalities to do it sorted out: the main thorn in the way having been Chris. Eventually, he did sign over the last of his paternal rights to Sam and we changed Elsee's surname to "Swan-Uley".

It felt like hours before Carla stopped crying and I got to slip back in bed beside my husband, becoming enclosed in his arms and warmth, which in the dark and calm always made me sleepy. I was back asleep in the next minutes, snugged up to my warm wolf and so happy in my life. When I was younger I never would have imagined my life like this but now I wouldn't have any other way, even if I didn't get enough sleep on a nightly basis.

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