The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 4

'Elsee, come on, we're going!' I called as I walked back over by myself, Sam having stayed behind for reason I didn't want to think about.

'But we just got here!' my six-year-old moaned at the same time as Jacob asked, 'what happened?' and the rest asked, 'where's Sam?'

'No arguments, young lady,' I told Elsee sternly. 'Nothing happened, Jacob, and Sam's in the forest.'

With that said, I tugged on Elsee's hand which I had taken in my last sentence and led the way back through La Push to my car. As we walked away from the beach, I saw Sam's eyes on my from the car park which he had somehow gotten to quicker than we had and I could feel his eyes burning into my back as I took painful steps away from him.

For the next few days, Sam was all I could think about even as I tried to plan my father's funeral which we decided would be held in a matter of weeks. The Quileute wolves were invited because apparently they had become close to Charlie in the years I had been away: probably because my step-siblings were wolves something I was still trying to wrap my head around. I was sure Seth would try and help me if I told him I knew but I hadn't mentioned it to anyone. Sometimes Seth and Leah gave me looks as though they wanted to say something but couldn't and it beginning to put me on edge. I needed to make a decision on Sam, one because it was causing me pain to stay away from him and two because I couldn't put it off forever.

I had two choices really: either risk my heart and try with Sam or run. I tried not to factor Elsee into the equation afraid that I would use her as an excuse to stay away from him because if everything worked out she would be over the moon to have a father, to have two parents completely in love - it was her dream and I knew it. And besides, nothing had screamed DANGER with Sam expect for the fact that he was a wolf who could probably kill you as soon as look at you - though he seemed to have control over his actions while in that form unlike the storybook werewolves - but then again, nothing had seemed dangerous about Elsee's father, who had seemed so sweet and kind and loyal before turning out to be a complete waste of time. Then there was the fact that Sam had said imprinting was "soul-mates," of course, that didn't mean it wouldn't be hard but it meant it was meant to be, that it wouldn't end in complete heartbreak because we were "made for each other"

I rubbed my eyes as I lay in my teenage bedroom which was now a guestroom.

'Seth!' I called, knowing he was only across the hall and that he and I were the only ones home, Leah had gone to La Push and Sue had taken Elsee out to take her mind off of things.

'Yeah, Bells?' he called back and I sighed.

'Would you come here, please?' Seth appeared in the doorway of my room and I shook my head slightly as I noticed that, once again, he was wearing nothing but some shorts despite the rapidly cooling weather. He held a toothbrush in his hand and the toothpaste in the other. I giggled lightly. 'Sorry, I didn't realise you were busy.'

'What do you need?' Seth said, grinning and rolling his eyes at me as he placed the objects on the table by the door.

'Can I,' I sighed. 'Can I ask you about -'

'Sam?' Seth asked, his grin growing into an annoyingly knowing expression. 'The Wolves in general? Imprinting? I know everything about what happened.'

'What?' I gasped, jumping up and grasping his arm.

'Yeah, Sam tells us everything,' he said and I groaned. 'I mean he can't help it with us hearing each other's thoughts and all while we're wolves.'

'This just got weirder,' I groaned again sinking back on the bed though I was secretly glad that Sam hadn't actually been telling anyone and that Seth knew, though it was going to take some getting used to that they could hear each other's thoughts. 'But what should I do?'

It's was weird to talk about this with my younger step-brother but I couldn't speak to Leah about it and I didn't want to discuss it with Sue.

'Well that's easy,' Seth chirped as always. 'You give it a shot. He's not going to hurt you like they did, Sam's who you're meant to be with that's the good thing about imprinting. Seriously, Bells, Kim seems happy enough, so does Claire, though she's only eight, - they're imprints of Jared and Quil. Besides, it's hurting you both the stay away from each other.'

He stepped forward, kissed my cheek and disappeared again. I sighed: Seth was right, as usual, it was painful to stay away from Sam and the thought of staying away from him completely, of not being with him, was like a knife to the heart. I had to take the risk or I'd probably always wonder if I walked away from true love.

'Where does he live?' I called to Seth and I could hear him chuckle.

'No need to shout,' he yelled back. 'I can hear you just fine and he lives right at the top of the reservation though he probably won't be there: he's on patrol.'

'Well then phase and tell him to met me by Jacob's.'

'Got it.'

I heard him finish brushing his teeth and then disappear out into the forest by the house, one thing I suppose would be quite useful though I was surprised the two Clearwaters didn't stay in La Push most the time. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself for what I was about to do.

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