The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 5

'Bella!' Sam's voice called to me and I looked up from where I was sat in my car, protected against the rain, to where he was standing out in it with nothing, again, but shorts, although this time he was wearing shoes.

'Are you crazy?' I asked, opening the door and pulling out my umbrella. 'You're going to be soaked!'

'Doesn't bother me,' he shrugged as I made my way towards him. 'It's not like I'm going to get ill or something and there's no way I'm going to get cold.'

'Right, werewolf thing' I muttered, stopping in front of him feeling a feeling of relief wash over me as I was now close enough to feel the heat radiating from him. 'Well, it bothers me so can we go somewhere dry?'

Sam grinned and I noticed he was extremely relaxed, probably because Seth told him what I was coming for, and he knew which way I was leaning. He placed a hand on the small of my back causing a shiver to go through me and led me back to my car, slipping the keys out my coat pocket.

'Get in,' he said. 'We'll go back to mine.'

I rolled my eyes but climbed into my own cars passenger seat while Sam took the drivers. It didn't take us long to get to his house but in the time the rain had gotten much worse making me glad I wasn't out in it. Elsee was probably amazed by it since she only saw rain once or twice a year. I smiled to myself.

'What are you thinking about?' Sam asked curiously and I looked over at him, the soft smile still on my face.


'She's cute,' Sam chucked and my smile widened as I pictured them together, they wouldn't look at all related but the scene seemed rather perfect to me because it obvious now that, even though Sam hadn't met her really, he adored her already which was something new since every other guy I had dated had been scared off by the fact that I had a daughter. 'So Seth said you wanted to talk to me … and are you really using your step-brother as a messenger?'

'Hey!' I said defensively. 'He said you'd be on patrol … you're alright to be off, right?'

'Yes,' Sam smiled at me. 'I'm Alpha, I can do what I like.'

'Alpha?' I asked though I knew exactly what he meant. 'Wow.'

'So what was it?' he asked, pulling the car to a stop and I took the opportunity to look at where we were rather than answering his question.

It was the furthest area of the reservation from Forks and had a nice view of the sea: one that I could stare out on all day if I had the time. The house was reasonably large, who knows how many times bigger than the Blacks, though it was made out of the same red material. It looked like something out of a western movie with a wooden veranda going along the front of the ground floor and creating a balcony for the first floor. I was in love with it straight away.

Sam didn't push when I didn't answer but got out of the car and came to open my door, helping me out and leading me into the house. I smiled softly, it was a while since I had met someone who did that.

'Okay,' I said once I was sat by his side on a sofa with a mug of hot chocolate in my hands. However, with that said, I couldn't think how to phrase the rest of what I needed to say but Sam grinned in amusement.

'Seth told me,' he smiled and I sighed in relief since it meant I didn't have to say it.

I smiled back up at him, turning to place the mug on the table. Turning back, I wanted to try something which was easy since we were sitting so close. I learnt forward the tiny little bit and pressed my lips to his. I was surprised at my boldness but I had discovered what I wanted to: this was the most meaningful kiss, the best I had ever had. Sam's lips with moving against mine, his lips warm and comforting, his arms moved to wrapped tightly around my waist and pulled me closer towards him. My hands moved from the where they had been resting on his chest to tangling in his hair. We were leaning more onto the sofa in our kissing and Sam, not having a top on, was extremely distracting as he pressed me close to his body. We broke apart to breathe but Sam continued kissing me and I tilted my head slightly without through so he could get to my neck easier. Sam's body was radiating warmth and I felt like my skin was burning in the best way possible. I pulled Sam back to me and continued kissing him while he twisted us so I was kneeling over his body. My hands rose to tuck my hair back behind my ear so it wasn't getting in our way but it wasn't long before I pulled back again, responsibility taking over again. Our kisses continued but slower, more innocent and sweet as we calmed ourselves down. I rolled off him, and he turned on his side so there was room on the sofa for both of us without me literally laying on him though as I lay at his side I rested my head on his chest, listening to his fast heartbeat as we waited for our breathing to slow down that last little bit.

'Please don't make me regret this,' I whispered quietly to him sounding strangely vulnerable.


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