The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 7

Work today was dragging. There were five new students although they were spread out over different years and I was trying not to think of a certain family that had five children when one of them walked in.

'Hi, Bella,' Alice grinned at me as she paused by on her way to the seat that was usual empty and I felt my stomach dropped and I felt slightly sick.

What were they doing back here? What happened to not coming back to the same place until everyone who may have known them was dead? How could Carlisle have allowed this? Thoughts swirled around my head as the rest of the class filed in, rowdy because it was just before lunch.

'Alright, everyone, settle down,' I said, gesturing for them to take their seats. 'We have a new student today so we'll start with learning something about her.'

I had hated having to do this when I moved to Forks but I knew Alice wouldn't mind, she flittered to the front and stood in front of my desk.

'Ok, I'm Alison Whitlock,' she grinned and I noted she had changed her name the slightest bit and taken on Jasper's surname, I couldn't help but smile as I remember their simple relationship. 'I just moved here from Canada with my parents and siblings -'

She stopped talking as a phone began to ring; I put my hands down on my desk and looked around, 'whose phone is that?'

Everyone began to check their pockets and bags for their phones but Alice turns to me, 'it's yours.'

I cursed under my breath as the whole class turned to look at me and began rummaging in my handbag. I dug it out and, with my head in one of my hands, noted that it was Elsee's school.

'I'm sorry, I have to take this,' I told my class and turned to Alice, 'Alison, do you want to continue, I won't be long.'

Before I could think how odd it was taking to Alice again and using a different name, I turned and walked out the room answering the phone as I did so.

'Hello?' I asked as I shut the door behind me.

'Is this Isabella Swan?' a kind and yet strict voice asked on the other end of the line.

'Yes,' I replied, tapping my foot slightly. 'I'm in the middle of a class, is this important?'

'I'm sorry, Miss Swan,' the woman apologised and picked up her pace. 'Elsee has gotten ill and she's in tears and wants to go home. Is there any way you could come pick her.'

'No, I can't,' I replied regretfully. 'As I said, I'm in the middle of teaching and I won't be finished until late.' (I racked by brains for something to do - at this time of day everyone would be working.) 'If you could give me five minutes, I'll call my boyfriend to see if he can pick her up. Is that okay?'

I suddenly thought of Alice in the classroom, who could hear every word being said on both ends of the conversation, and part of my brain wondered what she was making of it all.

'That would be fine but we'd need his name,' the woman replied, 'perhaps a quick description so we can be sure that we let the right man take Elsee home.'

'His names Sam Uley,' I said quickly, trying not to think of Alice's face now - hopefully she wouldn't click he was a wolf or she would rant at me after class like crazy. 'He has russet skin, black hair, brown eyes and he's tall - six foot something. Elsee will know him; she's always excitable to see him.'

'Okay thank you; please give me a ring about whether he can pick Elsee up.'

'I'll be quick,' I hung up the phone quickly and typed in Sam's number which somehow I already knew off by heart. 'Sam!'

'Hey, Baby,' he panted when he answered just as I was about to hang up and I wondered what he was doing. 'Shouldn't you be teaching? Is something wrong?'

'Elsee's sick,' I told him. 'Are you busy?'

'A little,' he said apologetically and I sighed heavily thinking maybe I could call Jacob. 'But I can still go and get her if that's what you need, drop her off at Billy's?'

'Would you?' I asked smiling. 'Sam, you would be a life saver if you could do that for me, thank you. I'll call you later, okay? Thank you again. I love you.'

'Love you too,' I could hear him grinning. 'I'll go get her, bye.'


After a quick ring back to the school, I went back into my classroom to find Alice still chatting away and I shook my head. She turned to look at me as I entered and gave me a peculiar look.

'Thank you, Alison,' I smiled at her though it was strained.

She grinned at me and danced back to her seat and I, finally, began my class.


I looked up to see that though the rest of class had rushed out for lunch, Alice was still here. She looked exactly the same, now surprise really, it was stupid of me to expect some change but she wasn't very happy. She was glaring at me with her hand balled into fists at her hips. I looked around to make sure no one was around.

'Is something wrong, Alice?' I asked nonchalantly when I noticed the door was closed and no one was close by.

'How are you alive?' she asked and I raised an eyebrow at her curiously, completely confused. 'Your whole future went black - I was so sure you were dead.'

'Well, I'm not so …' she frowned at me and came closer.

'I'm really sorry, Bella,' she whispered. 'I didn't want to leave, none of the family did, but Edward made us. Esme was heartbroken but he had himself convinced that he was bad for you and nothing we said could stop him. We argued with him, I swear we did, Bella.'

'It's fine, Alice,' I gave her a real smile as she faltered a bit.

'You aren't -?

'I was,' I admitted easily. 'I was mad, and hurt, and I felt abandoned but I did what Edward wanted me to do and moved on. I'm happy.'

As I said the final words my mind flickered to my boyfriend and daughter. Sam would hopeful have Elsee know and it would be his first time alone with her for more than a few minutes. I wasn't worried though, sure he would do fine - of course that all went through my head before I realised that Sam was actually giving her to Billy who was back to his normal self. I was worried about Elsee, however, hoping she couldn't have gotten too ill at school since she was fine this morning.

'What?' Alice asked incredulously. 'Bella, I'm so confused, please explain this me. I mean, your future's entirely blank, you're not mad and have apparently moved on so much so that it's almost like you don't care at all. Don't you miss us at all?'

'Alice, I don't know why you can't see me but you can't be surprised I've move on,' I almost snapped at her because by the way she was talking it was almost like she wanted me to be unhappy. 'I'm 25 now and very different than I was at 18.'

'I can tell,' Alice sighed and stood quietly for a few minutes. 'Who's Elsee?'

I had a silent battle in my head about whether or not to tell her but eventually I decided she'd find out anyway, 'my daughter.'

'You're what?' Alice practically screeched and bounced slightly on her toes. 'Aw, how old is she? What does she look like? Do we know the father? Is it this "Sam"? What happened? How did it happen? What's she like? -'

'Alice,' I raised a hand to stop her incessant questions and shook my head before sighing. 'God, why am I even telling you this, you should go to lunch.' (I paused to see if she would leave but she was standing in front of me still bouncing on her toes with no sign of leaving.) 'She's six, seven in a few mon-'

'Six?' Alice questioned, doing the math in her head in a second. 'Bella, what happened?'

I looked away from her and then fixed her with a stern look, not wanting to explain the answer to that question, the only people who knew the answer to that were Sue, Seth, Jacob and Leah who hopefully hadn't told the rest of the pack and I didn't want it to be a widely known thing.

'Go to lunch, Alison.'


'Go to lunch,' I repeated, picking up my handbag and grabbing my phone out of it, already dialling Billy's number when she sighed and turned.

I sighed and gathered my stuff together for the staff meeting. That had been the longest day of my life, I had had Emmett last period and though he was quiet I could tell he wanted to talk to me, and I couldn't go home yet. I really just wanted to go get Elsee and have a nice evening with he;, I had no brain for a staff meeting right now nor the energy but I had no choice. I walked quickly down to the staff room and sat down in one of the chairs. Since it was now November it got dark so early that by the time I left the school it was dark.

I chucked my stuff in my car and sat in after in, taking the key and turning it. The car started and then failed and I sighed heavily, trying again.

'Damn it,' I muttered before squinting at a figure coming toward me: Edward. I recognised his by the graceful walk and the strange coloured hair.

I got out the car and slammed the door waiting for him to reach me; I leant against the car with my arms crossed. It seemed to take him an eternity to reach me and when he got close enough to properly see his face, I realised that my memory hadn't done him justice at all but I also realised that I was properly and truly over him. I had no desire to be anywhere near him, in fact all I want for him was to leave.

'Did you do this to my car?' I snapped at him, knowing it wouldn't be the first time. 'Because I do not have time for this, I have to go and get-'

'Your daughter,' he nodded and his velvet voice washed over me but it didn't have the same effect on me that it used to. 'Alice told me. When you were 18, I told you'd move on.'

'What do you want, Edward?' I said through my teeth because he was sounding annoyingly smug which I couldn't stand. I didn't move on because he told me to.

'I just wanted to see you,' he answered and, though I could tell he was lying, I let it slid not wanting to be standing here all night.

'Right, well, you could have done that during school,' I snapped. 'Why did you have to break my car?'

'That wasn't me,' he said, shrugging and lent against the car next to me. 'That was the car breaking down, have you had it checked recently?'

'No,' I admitted. 'Edward, if you don't want something will you go away?'

'And leave you standing alone in the dark,' he scoffed. 'I don't think so - you're a danger magnet. You should get someone to pick you up.'

I glared up at him but was surprised how cool he was about this but instead of calling Sue or someone that wouldn't get under his skin, I started dialling Sam's number - he would have Elsee know anyway having picked her up when he finished whatever he was busy with, I was sure. It was harsh to spite Edward when he was being nice but he just irritated me so much now.

'Belle?' Sam voiced answers and I could hear Elsee laughing in the background causing a smile to appear on my face. 'Everything okay?'

'No, um, my car won't start,' I muttered, kicking the wheel - his hearing heard that.

'Well, don't take it out on the car, babe,' he chuckled and I heard Edward's teeth snap together. 'It's not its fault.'

'Whatever,' I glared at Edward still not completely convinced this wasn't his fault.

'Do you want me to come get you?' Sam asked, sounding like he was trying to smother his laughs.

'Please,' I replied and Elsee laughed again. 'You two seem to be having fun, how is she?'

'Better,' Sam said and I could tell he was grinning. 'She slept for a while, Billy gave her some microwave soup but she seems slightly better now, less hyper though she's got a small fever.'

I bit my lip and sighed, wanting just to see her.

'She'll be fine, Belle, we'll see you in a few minutes.'

'Thanks, Sam,' I smiled and saw Edward tense out of the corner of my eye. 'Bye.'


'Wolves!' Edward exploded as soon as shut the phone. 'That's what that smell is, you're dating a wolf. Are you stupid? Have you completely lost your mind?'

'There's nothing wrong with wolves,' I snapped at him angrily. If it was stupid dating a wolf, then it was suicidal to date a vampire, so he couldn't exactly talk about danger.

'They have no control!' he argued back and I resisted the urge to hit him as my palms tingled - why did he always make me violent?

'Edward, this is none of your business,' I said, trying to calm myself down before I injured myself.

'None of my business!' he repeated practically yelling in my face. 'I left so you could have a normal, human life with someone who wouldn't put you in danger.'

'Sam doesn't put me in danger,' I countered. Sam was so careful with his phasing, if he even had the slightly shake, he would be across the room, or even out the room, in a second. He would never phase close enough to Elsee or I, I was certain.

'He puts you in danger every day,' Edward disagreed and I glared at him leaning back on the car since I had gotten of it whilst calling Sam. I tapped my hands on my legs wondering how long Sam would be because I wasn't going to be able to stand much more of my controlling ex-boyfriend.

'Leave Sam out of this,' I said, calming myself again. 'This really isn't any of your business, Edward, you gave up the right of knowing things when you left me in that forest, when you took everything I knew to be true and threw it away life it was meaningless. You can go now; I don't need protecting, especially not by you.'

My words were mean, meant to be spoken with a cutting edge but I spoke with boredom, like I didn't care. Edward scoffed at my last words.

'You're right,' he sighed. 'That was a stupid move to do it in the forest-'

'That was the only thing wrong with that?' I tried not the screech. 'Edward, everything was wrong with that day. You can't just decide what's best for me, like you own me. That was your problem you can't help but tell people what to do and, my god, Edward, it's irritating. I don't care if I was a "fragile human", I don't like my life decided for me!'

I opened that car door and grabbed my stuff out of it, the books weren't heavy but Edward reached to help me.

'I can do it,' I snapped at him, grabbing my bag and shoving it over my shoulder. 'I am not helpless.'

'Bella!' Sam's voice echoed out sounding worried and agitated, I practically sighed with relief as I turned to him striding toward with Elsee in his arms - she'd never keep up with his long strides - and his nose wrinkled at Edward's scent. He placed Elsee down and she ran toward me. When she was close enough I scooped her up in my arms, ignoring Edward pointedly now, though I had had to place the books on the bonnet before picking Elsee up.

'Hey, darling, how are you feeling?' I asked her, kissing her forehead quickly noting how warm it was.

'Sick and hot,' she mumbled burying her head in my shoulder, I hoisted her higher and turned to Sam. 'Hey.'

'Hi,' he said, placing a kiss on my lips - Edward growled slightly but we both ignored it. 'It's not your day, is it?'

'Is it ever?' I countered and he chuckled, reaching around me to take the books off of the bonnet and I would have protested had I not had Elsee in my arms. I turned to Edward. 'Goodbye, Edward, and stay away from me.'

Conversations with him were so tiring. We began to walk away and I could tell Sam was glaring daggers down at Edward, warning him in his head to do as I said I was sure.

'You smell like Vampire,' Sam complained too low for Elsee to hear in my ear as he wrapped an arm around and led me to his car away from Edward.

'Sorry,' I whispered. 'They've been all around me today.'

Sam stiffened and I twisted my face to kiss his cheek, trying to distract him from the idea of their return.

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