The Black Wolf and The White Swan

Chapter 8

'Thank you so much, Sam,' I said as we pulled up outside my house and seeing the movement inside I thought I really needed to get my own house if I was going to be staying here: Leah was driving me crazy.

'You're welcome,' he smiled, leaning over to press a kiss to my cheek. 'What are you thinking about?'

'How Elsee and I really need to get our own house,' I said honestly and his eyebrows rose.


'Leah's getting on my nerves,' I admitted and he chuckled: Leah was his ex-girlfriend, he knew that well. 'Plus there isn't really enough room.'

Sam seemed to hesitate before saying his thoughts, 'move in with me.'

'What?' I turned and gaped at him, glad Elsee had fallen asleep in the back seat so this conversation was private even from her. 'Sam-'

'Why not?' he shrugged. 'You spend most your time there anyway so there's no point spending a load of money of a house that you won't be in a lot of the time. I know we've only been dating since the end of September but … actually that's nearly two months.' (I did the math in my head and realised he was right - time had moved so quickly) 'Please, Belle, move in with me.'

I looked across at him with a soft smile on my face. He was right, it was logical, but it also felt right. I wanted to live with him, wanted to move this relationship on.

'Okay,' I agreed, nodding with a wide smile. 'Yes, I'll move in with you.'

Sam's face burst into an irresistible grin and he lent across to kiss me. I beamed back at him when he pulled away, feeling so happy that my long, tiring day just blew out the window. I pressed another kiss to his lips before turned and getting out the car. He got out as well and gathered my sleeping daughter in his arms, this was becoming a regular occurrence him bringing a sleeping Elsee back into the house for me, and I gathered my stuff. Together we made our way up to the door.

'Hey, Bells,' Seth grinned as he opened it, probably having seen through the window that both Sam and I had our arms full. 'You're home late. Hi, Sam.'

'Hello, Seth,' Sam chuckled. 'Who's on patrol?'

'Leah and Jacob,' they both pulled a face and I giggled, imagining Jake and Leah together: they couldn't stand each other and argued constantly.

Seth stepped back from the doorway, taking a few of the books off me and I smiled, 'thanks, Seth.'

Sam knew the way to Elsee's room but I went with him anyway. Once I had said goodnight to her and kissed her, I started to make my way out of the room only to notice that Sam wasn't following. I turned and let against the doorframe. He was looking at her from where he was perched on the edge and as I watched her brush a stray strand off her face before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her head. I smiled softly as my eyes began to tingle and looked away, blinking rapidly. When I turned back, Sam was making his way toward me.

'I love you so much, you know,' I said, throwing my arms around his neck and kissing him deeply when I'd finished talking. His arms slipped around my waist as he returned it though he seemed completely unsure as to what he'd done to deserve it. We broke apart after a few minutes.

'What was that for?' Sam asked.

I just smiled at him and after shutting off Elsee's light, led him downstairs so we could tell Sue that news that Elsee and I would be moving. Sam stayed for a few hours longer, just the two of us sat in the original lounge, there was another one in the extension, with glasses of wine. It wasn't perfect since I kept going upstairs to check on Elsee but it was nice and simple.

'Belle?' he asked and I could tell by his voice that he was about to ruin the romantic atmosphere. 'What's the story with Elsee's father?'

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath - what was with people today? Why were they all asking about Elsee's father, who actually had no idea that she even existed?

'He was jerk,' was all I said and Sam raised his eyebrows. 'Okay, I'll tell but you're not allowed to judge me or stop loving because of what I tell you, okay?'

'That won't be a problem,' Sam rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

I took another breathe, 'I was raped by my boyfriend.' (Sam froze and seemed to focus for a second, probably trying to stop himself from getting angry at this person he didn't) 'I thought he was a good guy and I was really badly wrong. I met him when I moved back to Arizona, he was kind and sweet and, being the gullible person, I fell for it, for him. I was almost nineteen, probably about a month before I was, and he was getting frustrated at me for not sleeping with him yet. I had been talking him out of it and distracting him for months by that point and he just … he just lost it. He shoved me back on the bed and even went as far as to tie my arms and legs to it after I got a few punches in. I was so stupid back then - weak and scared out of my mind.

'I told my mum and she had him arrested - that's another reason why I came back, he just got out of prison (he doesn't know about Elsee and hopefully he never will) but I just didn't want to take any changes… Sam!'

I broke out of my thoughts to see that Sam was shaking badly and snapped his name. I jumped of the sofa and backed away from him.

'Sam,' I said, extending my hands towards him. 'Calm down, it's the past, calm down. It's okay, everything's okay. Sam, please calm down!'

My voice was getting more and more panicked but eventually Seth ran in and grabbed Sam by the arm.

'Bells, scat,' he told me pointing the door, I didn't want to leave but I could tell Sam was going to explode soon and Seth had a better chance than I did of calming him done or at least getting him outside.

I slid past them out the door and up the stairs before hovering at the top of it. Seth was pulling Sam, who wasn't putting up much off a fight, out the front door. They barely made it out before I heard the sounds of clothes ripping and knew Sam had lost it and exploded into a wolf. There were two sets of growls so I knew that Seth had transformed as well, no doubt to stop himself from being scratched. I sighed heavily but went to Seth's room to grab him so clothes, not sure what Sam was going to do since, being Alpha, he was bigger than Seth. I heard howling that I assumed were Jake and Leah coming up from La Push to see if they could calm Sam down - I was suddenly very glad it was those two on patrol since they knew the whole story of Elsee's father.

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