More Than Meets the Eye

Chapter 8

Jess walked back into the main room of the boatshed and Pete lifted his head.

"Our boy ok?" He asked.

She nodded, "He's talking with Sam, I think he's going to trust us." She took the empty chair next to Hetty and took a proffered cup. "Thank you."

Hetty smiled. "Mr. Deeks is a valuable asset to our team. I had hoped after all this time his team would have been let in enough that he would have worked through this. I certainly didn't expect the team to track him down and try to 'train' him."

"...Yeah… About that…" Deeks interjected as he walked into the room with Sam behind him, "I still owe you one for that."

Sam nodded, "And when you are ready I intend to collect."

Feeling some of the anger, and the need to prove himself rearing up again he stopped dead and turned.

"Well I promised Pete he could patch you up afterwards, so what do you say to right now in the mission at the gym." Deeks turned to Hetty, "We can let Ma and Pete know where it is can't we?"

"I have run a background check on Pete and Jess." Hetty smiled at the woman, "Do not worry all your secrets are safe with me…" she said quietly so only Jess could hear. "They both pass and of course they may come and see where you work and watch you train." Hetty hoped that by allowing this, Deeks' work Family interacting with his out of work family, that a greater bond might be formed between them.

Hopefully this would be an important step in Deeks' recovery.

Deeks shot a querying look at Jess at the cryptic remark Hetty had imparted. But Jess said nothing.

"I think if we all split up, we should be able to make good time to the office don't you. Ms Bates, I wonder if you would like to accompany me, Pete you may go with Ms. Blye and Mr. Deeks and Mr. Hanna and Mr. Callen may take their own car." Hetty said as she stood. Jess at not much taller than Nell (Although twice as fiery) moved to follow as Hetty turned and handed her a scarf from her purse. "I bought the cobra, you may need to wrap your hair my dear." she advised as she gave the accessory to the younger woman.

The others looked on enviously as the two women exited the building.

Jess grinned as she saw the silver Shelby Cobra. "This...this is your car?" She asked amazed.

Hetty smiled, "A gift….from Carroll, he was a lovely man." she sighed and climbed in as Jess got in the passenger seat and did up her seat.

They drove in a companionable silence both enjoying the experience of the drive.

Hetty pulled over for a moment, on a bluff overlooking the ocean and turned off the engine.

"He doesn't know does he?" She asked Jess.

Jess shook her head. "I don't know how he never made the connection. Roger and I don't talk very often, not since the divorce."

"But you called him to watch over Mr. Deeks?" She asked.

"How could I not, he had decided not to be a lawyer anymore and wanted to follow my brother Greg into law enforcement. He wouldn't take a posting anywhere but Los Angeles and with Roger working his way up the ladder I knew he would keep an eye on him."

"Did Mr. Deeks wonder why your brother had a different surname to you?" Hetty asked genuinely curious.

Jess shook her head, "He only met Greg twice before he died, he had made a huge impression on him. I was scared after Greg was shot that the same thing would happen to Marty, especially as he went for undercover work. So I called Roger, told him who Marty was to me and asked him to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately Roger's old partner, Jack Scarletti kept giving Marty a hard time but he never told him that Roger was my ex-husband. He did, I think tell a few people as Marty isn't well liked at LAPD. But Roger with his position manages to keep the worst away from him."

Hetty smiled. "You love him like a mother don't you?"

Jess nodded, "If I was his mother, by proxy; then Roger is his father even though he doesn't know it. The only thing we have ever agreed on is Marty's welfare."

"That's good to know, now Ms. Bates, we should head back to the office, I for one look forward to seeing what Mr. Hanna and Mr. Deeks have planned."

Making good time, but allowing for Deeks to stop and get doughnuts and coffee for everyone. Well mostly Kensi… Last in the line Deeks, Kensi and Pete, with Monty asleep next to him pulled up outside the old water administration building.

"Wow...they allow this place to keep functioning. I heard it got condemned in the last big quake?" Pete inquired as he looked at the old building and the large structural, (Cosmetic) crack that was on the side of the wall.

"All for show Pete, follow us… you're going to love it." Deeks grinned as he opened the doors.

Like all newcomers to the building and Jess not just ten minutes earlier, Pete gazed in awe at the bustling and well maintained interior that was so in opposite to the outside of the building that the comparison was staggering. Well it was in his opinion as he had just after the quake that had had the building condemned, slept in the then empty shell of the Los Angeles Water Administration Building.

"WOW!" He exclaimed, "I slept here just after it was abandoned. It looked nothing like this."

"You did?" Deeks asked.

Pete grinned, "Yeah got in through the basement, slept around the corner here…" They walked around the corner and Pete pointed to where Deeks' desk was. "Right there, the perfect spot."

If they had thought it impossible, they would have been wrong as Deeks' smile grew slowly wider, "That's my desk Pete."

"Figured as much," Pete replied looking at the environmentally friendly pamphlets on his desk.

Hetty and Jess walked over to join them as they entered.

"So it looks better than the last time you were here then?" Hetty asked.

Pete looked surprised, "How did you know?!" He asked knowing that both women hadn't been in earshot when he had told the team.

"Pete." She said using his given name, "Do you not think I wouldn't know who the last tenant of the building I was going to use as a government office was? I had my people check you out, in fact it was you who led me to Mr. Deeks here. I have you to thank for that."

Pete smiled, he was amazed how this small woman could disarm all his walls with just a word. "You're welcome." He replied.

Sam walked into the bullpen and threw a pair of gloves in Deeks' direction. He caught them deftly, "You sure you wanna do this?" Deeks asked.

Nodding Sam warned. "I know you say you can beat me, but honestly I don't know. I mean I've had training."

Deeks dropped his bag by his desk and pulled on the gloves.

"One on one, no holds barred fight?" Deeks asked for clarification.

Sam gave a curt nod. "Bring it baby." he quipped.

Pete chuckled, "Go get him kid." he urged.

Deeks grinned and headed off to the gym after Sam.

Callen and Kensi were already sitting on the edge of the ring, a blinking light on the security camera was testament to the fact that Eric and Nell were watching in Ops as Sam and Deeks walked in with Hetty, Jess and Pete carrying a medkit entered behind him.

"You ready for this?" Pete asked Sam.

Sam laughed and shot a smug look towards Callen, "You told Nell to get an ambulance on speed dial, Deeks is gonna need it."

Pete and Jess laughed.

'This was going to be good.' Hetty thought. "Mr. Deeks." she called as he was climbing into the ring.

"Yeah?" Deeks' voice was muffled as he put his gum shield in.

"You have my permission to not hold back." she smiled and walked over to Callen and tapped him on the back. "I'll put twenty on Mr. Deeks." she smiled.

"Sorry what?" Callen feigned innocence knowing that Hetty could see right through him, she had always been able to do that.

"The pool you and Mr. Beale have running, put me down for twenty on Mr. Deeks." She informed him.

Callen nodded and gave a glance at the camera knowing that in Ops, Eric would probably be shaking in his boots by now.

"OK, Best of three rounds or knock out, whichever happens first." Callen said as the two approached each other in the ring.

They nodded and touched gloves before backing off.

"Ding ding ding!" A bell sounded over the tannoy and Callen sent a 'Thanks Eric' Text message as the fight started.

Sam and Deeks circled each other, both looking for an opening.

Sam saw one first as Deeks stepped back.

He moved in, his fist moving towards Deeks' face to be met with….air…

Deeks had sidestepped neatly, sweeping his leg and knocking Sam off his feet.

"Oof!" Sam groaned as the air escaped his lungs.

Deeks hopped from one foot to the other shaking the sweat from his head with a grin.

"Come on Sam!" Callen called encouraging his partner.

"Way to go Deeks!" Kensi said encouraging hers. "See my guy's gonna take your guy!" she grinned.

"That all ya got boy." Sam taunted.

"Shit!" Pete swore as Deeks' face changed.

He whirled as Sam's words ran around in his brain, the voice changing from his friend to his father.

Deeks swung high and knocked Sam to the ground, the punches going fast and furious.

He kicked his leg around the back of Sam's knee, bringing him down to the ground with a sickening crunch, as Pete tried to climb into the ring.

"Let them fight!" Kensi grinned as Deeks took the upper hand.

"No…" Pete snapped, "You have to stop the fight." he said as Deeks straddled Sam punching him over and over again.

Pete moved behind Deeks and wrapped his arm around his neck in a sleeper hold.

"It's ok Kid, Sam didn't know...stop, stop...Marty,'s not him...stop."

Finally Deeks slumped to the ground as Sam pulled himself out from under the dead weight that was Deeks.

"What the hell?!" Sam grabbed a towel from Callen and wiped the blood from his face, a bruise already forming on his cheek.

"PTSD, you called him boy… I saw his face change as he had a flashback, it wasn't you he was fighting then it was his father."

"Where did he get those moves from?" Sam was amazed, this was harder than the fight where he had first met Deeks.

"His father." Pete said, watching over his prone friends body.

"Damn, he's gonna be annoyed when he wakes up." Jess cursed.

Callen smirked, "Yeah but a whole lot richer, because damn Sam, Deeks kicked your ass."

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