Beginning Again

Reminiscent of Days to Come

Chapter 11/Reminiscent of Days to Come
"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."
~Flannery O'Connor

Time seemed to stand still once again. His mind was reeling, trying to comprehend the scene playing out in front of him and with this kind of life anything can happen, but he knew for a fact that this was not possible. She was gone and there wasn't a way to bring her back no matter how hard he had tried; nothing had worked. Dean rose out of this chair effortlessly, his body moved on its own gravitating towards the blonde haired woman. He didn't even hesitate to pull her into a bone-crushing hug like it was his only lifeline. The embrace enveloped her. She felt warm-secure even-but there was another feeling she didn't know why it was there. It was a sense of belonging beingheld in his arms, she felt at home. Maybe, just maybe, she was home. "I thought I lost you," Dean murmured the words softly into her ear. The way his voice had cracked as if it was opening a hole to see the rolling waves of emotions down below, and the substantial shock flooding his face along with the immediate response following soon after, made not only her eyes start to water, it also made her heart hurt because she couldn't bear to see anyone in pain. She didn't understand at that moment why he chose those words until the assumption that she held some great importance to him formed in the depths of her mind. "Like that was even remotely true,"she thought to herself. No one would want someone like her. She was a demon for crying out loud! No one would want to love a demon. Why would anyone even bother?

Something in the back of her mind was telling her that this wasn't the time to let those feelings emerge. With a flip of a switch, her maternal instincts kicked in. Even though she was encased in this warm and comforting cocoon, she did what she could to hold him, to make sure that everything would be okay in the end. Wrapping her arms around his middle, she laid her head by his shoulder while rubbing soothing hands up and down his back the best she could reach as she pulled him in to return the gesture while murmuring reassuring words. "It's alright now, Dean. I'm here, I'm here now."

Maybe it was the words that helped or the usual 'Dean Winchester style' of handling emotions that calmed him down. It was a full minute later before he pulled away drying his eyes since he knew at least a couple of tears had fallen during the 'chick-flick moment' he surely didn't expect. Was he proud of it? Most likely not since his brother was standing right there watching it all happen, and Dean knew his brother knew that this had to be hard on him which he appreciated that (though he'd rarely admit it). He dropped his head down to admire her chartreuse eyes that were staring right back. "It's been so long," He thought to himself. "So, so long since I've seen those eyes."

One little part of Dean's brain that told him that this wasn't real. He figured it was all he could do at this point as there wasn't any other way to look at it. The other part of his brain-a much larger part-was a more hopeful side wishing it was something more, that she was actually standing in front of him. And boy, would it be amazing! He wanted-no, needed-to have that confirmation of what he was experiencing was just a dream or something else entirely. "How are you here?" He asked quietly, not realizing the statement was said out loud.

Amber wasn't sure if she should say anything at all, but with a quick discussion with her subconscious, she made her decision. "I don't know," she answered him, casting her eyes to the floor.

Sam stood by the table closest to where he and Amber walked in, giving Dean his much needed space. He didn't want to impose on this moment but there was something about it was still bothering him. A quick second later, he decided to push the nagging sense to the back of his mind and just enjoy the fact that she was here. He then walked to the other table, taking a seat across from where his brother sat as his mind wandered. It didn't matter why or how, she's back and that's all that matters for right now. He immediately became saddened by that thought and the one right after. If Amber was back, would that mean she was back as well? Whoever brought Amber back, were they only able to save one person? "Cas is going to be heartbroken all over again. And what about Annabel? How is she going to take it?"His eyes trailed upward at Amber and Dean, who were still standing in front of one another. His brother looked ultimately relieved while the look on her face was unreadable to Sam. If he had to guess, she was feeling the same way. They could finally be together again.

She could feel a pair of eyes focused on her. She figured that Sam was trying to read her just like she did with anyone else. Casting a small side-eye his way, she smiled small with thin lips as he looked away, being caught in his actions. Dean looked like he was about to ask more questions until he closed his mouth to reorganize his thoughts. He opened it again but she stopped him short by looking up to him, fully looking at his brother and back to Dean again. "Hey, uh, think we can head over to the tables?" She asked him, jerking a thumb in the general direction of said space. "My feet are killing me walking in these heels," Dean looked a little surprised at the sudden change of subject. Sending her a nod, they both walked off. Dean sat down in his previous seat at the edge, Sam was directly across from his brother and Amber took a chair one seat away from Dean. Her nervousness from earlier had continued to eat away at her. It just would not go away. "Okay self, why are we still feeling nervous? This shouldn't be happening. C'mon Amber, get it together," she reprimanded in her head. "Dammit, I should havesat next to Sam. Nice going..."

No one said anything for a full two minutes. Both the boys were trying to get all of their thoughts and ideas together while Amber was figuring out just what the hell was wrong with her and why her stomach was starting to twist and turn. Maybe she could get her mind off of whatever was bothering her by finding out some more information. Any and everything she could squeeze out of them. On top of that, this silence was becoming uncomfortable for her and possibly for them too. "So, what did I miss?" She asks.

"What do you mean?" Sam pipes up with a confused look on his face.

She sent a look that spoke 'Really?"' at him and his face then changed into a quick understanding then into something of embarrassment.

It was a small moment until someone spoke again. This time it was Dean's turn to say something. He sucked in a large breath and let it out slowly through his nose. "..After...After, you know," he starts, then taking a pause to cast his eyes downward then glances up to see Amber slightly nod her head, giving him the signal to continue what he was explaining. "It was tough on everyone," a quirk of his lips molded into a smirk "since death seems to be so common around us," but quickly faded away as he continued speaking. "I think we've moved past it-maybe not fully-but we're getting there."

"And during that time, we were doing what we could to break all of this chaos from the Angels, Demons, Croats, even the normal cases too," Sam adds. "It's been one thing after another, after another. It never seemed to end. Months died...Abaddon and Aliyah," Amber froze at the second name mentioned for a fraction of a second as Sam continued to explain, "Were,"

"Ganked," Dean interrupted with a great smile on his face.

"Yeah," Sam frowned as he turned his head to Dean then back to Amber. "Metatron hasn't been seen since and his 'army' haven't attacked. Or at least there hasn't been any signs of attacks anyway," he finished.

To say that Amber was confused was one giant understatement. The only thing she was able to pick out were two things: one singular name, and she hated it with a fiery passion. But more importantly, she...died?! What did they mean she died? Just what in the hell happened?! Setting her utter bewilderment to the side, she mentally opened up a portion of her brain for storing information, and she was going to suck up as much as possible like a sponge. Dean's face shifted to curiousness and narrowed his eyes ever so slightly when he noticed Amber stiffen, her eyes widen just a fraction for a split second, then changed to confusion until she quickly recovered to show somewhat of a neutral face. It was a little hard for her to do because of how hard she expressed those emotions. Everything she felt was displayed perfectly clear through her facial semblances and mannerisms. All of the sensations she would experience would always be at one thousand times more than what the 'average' person would feel and then some. Amber's seemingly insignificant but tremendously expressive facial fidgets were something Dean had mastered from reading them over the years that they had all spent together. Now she was trying her best to hide them, but no way would that ever get past Dean, no matter how hard she was now trying. He was certainly grateful he had paid so much close attention, as now he was able to decode not only Amber's feelings but her thoughts as well, created from her sets of passionate facial movements. Based upon what he had seen, there was a pretty good understanding of whatwas running through her mind and he would take his, along with his brother, time to explain any and everything that needed to be clarified. "What's wrong? What are you confused about?" Dean asked her patiently.

Amber sat in her chair for a second, blinking with a dazed look on her face as the information tried to soak into her mind before finally speaking to the brothers. "Okay, so the Angels and Demons I understand. What are the Croats or whatever? Abaddon, Metatron, who're they? And more importantly, I…died? I'm dead?! How?! What the fuck happened? Where the Hell am I? How'd I end up here?" Sending the out the questions faster and faster and the more she talked, the more her words started to slur together in rapid-fire succession. She didn't believe what she was hearing. How was this even possible?

"Whoa, whoa. Amber. Hang on, slow down," Sam tried his best to keep her calm, but it wasn't working as well as he would have hoped. "Just take a breath, and slow down."

"Then tell me what the hell is going on!" Anger and more confusion became apparent in her words and on her face. "Where am I? How the hell did I get here? First I was over at Bobby's trying to talk to Alissa after we had that fight after she found out I was a-" Amber immediately stopped her words short for fear of what they would think of her after she let those words slip past her mouth and they finally knew the truth. She slowly started to rise out of her seat after getting the feeling that she wasn't safe in the room, that she had to get out of there-much like she had when she first woke up in that room.

Dean turned to Amber once she halted in her ramblings and took the opportunity to hopefully calm her down since Sam didn't seem have any luck. He could see from her body language that she was about ready to bolt from the chair and out of the room, ready to get away. Hopefully what he would tell her would get her to change her mind and listen to what the both of them had to say. "Amber. You need to take a breath," he instructed her. "We'll tell you everything on what happened. Just, please, stay?" Amber still held her pose for a moment not quite sure how to proceed until Dean backed up out of his chair, stood up and walked to the end of the table where another chair was placed. "Here, I'll give you some room to breathe and think it through," he told her as he walked over, pulling out the chair and took his seat right then and there. She mulled it over another moment. Warning bells were still ringing in the back of her head to get out of there, yet something was telling her to stay.Maybe it was the meaning behind the words that Dean told her-it was as if he was pleading with her to come back or it was something totally different that finally changed her decision. Amber then scooted her chair a little closer to the table, taking in some air as she did so, then releasing it as one long sigh. She lifted her head and passed glances back and forth between the brothers, licking her lips subconsciously as she placed her overlapping arms lazily on the tabletop. That was more than enoughof a 'yes' to start the breakdown of its entirety. "Thank you," Dean commented, sounding a little relieved.

A minute had passed before any of them has spoken. She thought to herself that despite wanting to run, she would have to push those instincts away for now and at least listen to what both of them had to say. She sent out another sigh "Might as well get this over with…What all do you have for me?"

"That all depends on the questions you ask," Dean commented.

"Oh gee, really? I never would have figured that out. Thank you so much for the enlightenment," the sarcasm rolled off her tongue while a deadpanned expression rested on her features as she moved her face over to Dean's. She then leaned back in her chair as she crossed her arms over her chest with ease.

Sam rose up out of his chair and stretched a little until wincing from the pull of the stitches in his arm. "I think this is gonna be a long night for us all, so, I'm going to head out and go grab some food. Be back in about fifteen minutes," he informed them and started walking out of the library heading towards the War room.

"Don't ruin your stitches!" Amber called after him, her head turned in his direction.

"Got it!" Sam called back as he continued on his way.

Amber turned her head to face Dean again and was greeted with furrowed brows and a small head tilt of curiousness. "I knew something was up. What happened to Sam?" Dean asked.

She sent out a small nervous laugh before answering. "That, uh, was me," she told him, leaning forward to rest her elbows on the table and when she had seen Dean's face change to concern, she went further into an explanation. "I, uh, stabbed him in the arm with my heel. I needed to get away, so I used it as a weapon. I didn't realize it was Sam until I backed off, heard his gun drop on the floor, and I saw the heel lodged in the upper part of his arm," she finished with a little nervousness playing in her smile.

A grin appeared on his face as he lowered and shook his head, emitting a laugh. He looked back up to see Amber had visiblyrelaxed somewhat. "So let me get this straight. Out of self-defense, you stabbed Sammy in the arm with your heel that ended up in his arm?" And when he saw that Amber nodded her head in confirmation, he sent out a laugh, or two. "That's hilarious," he said, trying to laugh any harder than what he already was, eyes squinted with crinkles protruding from the sides and mouth wide with happiness until he finally calmed down after a minute. "Oh, Sammy. Of course, it'd be you who gets stabbed with a women's shoe," he finally added, a grin sported on his lips.

"Okay," she started to say and when Dean saw that her contented smile faded to a thinned mouth, he knew that whatever she was about to say next would be something serious; and he was right. Amber then let out a small sigh, mentally preparing herself for any answers she would be receiving. "Not to shut down this happy moment but this has been bugging me for a little while, and I was hoping you could tell me. I just...You and Sam said that I…died," she let out a short breath. "Even I can't say that fully without pausing," she said more to herself than to him. Just those two little words she uttered made that pill so damn hard to swallow. How could anyone be comfortable saying those two words? She died, and dying really wasn't a foreign thingto her because for one she was demon. A person would have to die, be sent to Hell and tortured until the soul becomes blackened beyond recognition, and finally crawl out in to the air that was once familiar to them. And two, she was a hunter after all. Death seems to follow them like a puppy following their master. "I guess what I'm trying to ask is," Amber started off her sentence.

"How exactly you died?" until Dean finished it for her. "I'm guessing you don't remember what happened?" When Amber shook her head, he knew this was going to be hard for him to bring all those memories back up to the surface, especially thatone. It was one that would always keep playing over and over in his brain, weeks and even months after it happened. Nownormally he wasn't one to let those emotions have such a hold onto him, but it's been ten years of true happiness he never got to fully experience until now, only to have the rug yanked out from underneath him without warning, and it still broke his heart all over again in ways he couldn't even identify-let alone try to explain to someone what he was feeling. He pulled in a breath, gathering up everything he was going to say. Maybe, if he talked about it would make the weighted emotions he carried lighter in some way, he would be ever so grateful not to have this heavy heart he toted around anymore.

"I'll start off at the beginning of why we were there in the first place," Dean starts, running a hand down his face, back up through his hair and finally resting on the table top along with the other one. He leaned forward and laced his fingers together, getting ready to tell this tale of his. "Apparently Metatron, who used to be God's scribe at one point, sent a couple of dickwad angels our way. We-Sam, Cas, Alissa, You, Aza and I- were trying to track him down because he wanted Heaven all to himself since, you know, God left and everything. He felt that he could do a better job at it. We figured out that plan and tried to stop him. Well since we always have the best of luck, we were stopped by the majority of his crew," he rolled out the sarcasm briefly, then continued on. "In the midst of all that chaos, Alissa was nabbed. We didn't know it until Cas said something,"Dean stopped talking for a moment to gather up the strength to continue because what would eventually be coming up soonwas the thing he never thought he would have seen in his life. We looked everywhere for her. Aza left to go check that maybe she ended up in Heaven somehow. You and Cas were getting worried, anxious and knowing him, he was probably fearing for the worst to come. You went on ahead to check things out and about two minutes later we heard all this shouting. It was some sort of commotion going on. So we ended up following it and what we saw-what I saw…" he broke off his sentence and put a hand over his mouth, his eyes were starting to shine from the forming tears threatening to fall. A shaky breath exited his mouth while lacing his hand back to the other one. It took him another moment more to compose himself.

Amber go up off the ground as fast as she could after being knocked down from Metatron's henchmen-now dead on the floor-that were in his library turned into an office. "ALISSA! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Amber yelled once she got to her friend. Metatron's third henchmen held the Angel blade skillfully and swung it just as Amber pushed her way in front of Alissa to shield her from the incoming blow. She didn't stop to think, she only sprang into action. The blade entered into her stomach and a jolt of electric, white hot pain surged through her. Then, and only then did she realize exactly what she had done. Alissa was stunned. She knew that Amber would keep her friends safe but she never would have guessed it would resort to literally throwing herself in the line of fire as if it was her sole duty to make sure the ones she loved stayed alive. Alissa held onto Amber as she fell back and lowered carefully to the floor from the blade that was now stuck in her abdomen. A fearful laugh slips out of Amber's mouth once the realization of her actions started to sink in. There'd be no way out of this one. Not this time.

"When Alissa told me what happened…I couldn't believe it," Dean told Amber. Tears were now freely flowing down her face as she listen to the words he spoke. She first thought what he said wasn't true. No way in Hell, but the more she pondered it, the more believable and shocking it became. Yes, she would go those great-sometimes absolute terrifying lengths to keep her friends and family safe and there was no single question about it. "I mean…I understand why you did that," she heard him say as she wiped away more tears from her eyes. "If I was in that position and that was Sammy instead of her…I would do the exact same thing, no doubt about it," she had heard him send out a mirthless laugh and then continued on. "I don't know whether to consider that a good or bad thing anymore. Which is a scary thing to think about after all those years," he added as she tried to hold back the rushing tears, but they just would not stop. She mentally scolded herself saying that she should not be crying this much and how she needs to pull it together. She never expect this many tears to fall, but she also never expected this kind of story either. It was almost too much to choke down at once.

Dean was about to keep going but was stopped short when the two of them heard rustling of paper bags enter in the room, signaling one giant named Sam had returned from his food run. Both of them turned towards the noise to see that Sam was carrying three bags and three medium soft drinks in a plastic carrier from a local burger joint. "Hey," he alerted. "Hope you guys don't mind the food; had to stop somewhere," he told them as he walk to where he originally sat and started handing outrespected food choices and drinks. Sam was about to say something to Amber until he had seen the looks on both of her and Dean's faces. He stood there not knowing what had happened just before he walked in. "Hey, you guys okay? What did I miss?" he questioned them both carefully.

Dean blinked back a couple times to stop the threatening tears on the surface from breaching over the edge. "I was just explaining to her how…she died and what happened afterwards," Dean looked up to his brother as Amber wiped away stray tears that had already fallen from her misty, puffy red eyes.

Sam's face contorted in sympathy and understanding of what he was just told. He soon felt rueful for what he had just did; for walking in on such an emotional time. "Oh, man. I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

"Nah, dude. It's okay," Dean waved off Sam's start of an apology. "He didn't know what was going on when he walked in," he thought to himself. "Just grab what you need to, sit down and…I'll continue explaining the rest of it," by the way his voice sounded when he told Sam, it broadcasted how he had felt deep down since dredging up these old memories; enervated. "Anyways…As I was saying earlier, you went up ahead to check things out…and it was a minute or two later that we heard some shouting and commotion. We all ran as fast as we could trying to get to you guys. I swear we ran like a bat outta Hell."

"Once we, uh, got there in that room, Alissa was hovering over you, kneeling on the floor crying her eyes out," Sam explained, taking over for Dean, who definitely need a break and he was thankful for it. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Both he," he gestured quickly to Dean with his hand as he glanced down then up after shifting his position in his chair, "and Cas rushed past me. I felt like I couldn't move," Sam paused for a second. "Aza popped back in and immediately she noticed something was wrong and that broke me out of it. I looked around and saw that Metatron was nowhere to be found, probably took off during the whole fight. As soon as I saw the look on Alissa's face, I knew something had happened but I never realized just how bad it was until I saw it for myself," as Sam was telling the story, Dean stared at the drink he subconsciously toyed with inhis hands, letting his vision drift in and out of focus while Amber idly sipped hers; the food growing colder with each passing minute.

Dean knelt down in front of Amber's body just as Alissa got up shakily to give him some room. "Amber..?" Dean asked aloud, not trying to fear for the worst. "Amber sweetie, wake up. C'mon. Don't be joking with me now-I know you can hear me. Don't die on me, please," his voice started to falter as everything start to settle in, 'What about all those jokes we used to make, huh? About settling down and raising a family; have a beautiful daughter named Esme who'll look just like her momma with those big green eyes, sassy attitude and a big, caring heart. That apple pie life, white picket fence and everything," Dean smiled a brittle smile but soon faded away as he casts his head low when he had received no response and the reality set in, he then pulls Amber's body close to him while stray tears start to fall. "Please...come back," he murmurs the words like a plea as they slip from his trembling lips. "D-Don't leave me behind, I can't do this without you..." He pauses and readies his final word in hopes it wouldn't be the thing that brings his fears to reality. "Please..." It was all in vain when he heard the sobs echoing in the space from her best friend who was held in the embrace of Castiel, whom shared the emotions they all felt in that very room. It was another minute more before anyone said anything. They all gave a moment of silence until it was time for them to leave, carrying heavy hearts as they walked out of the building and to the Impala, Azafreal leaving to meet them all at the bunker. Not only had Dean lost the love of his life (to which he would proudly admit), he had also lost a potential son or daughter in the process, and that made his heart sink to the very pit of his stomach, cracking and breaking on its way down.

Immediately after Sam had informed that Amber had been pregnant with Dean's child, both brothers heard a choking sound that was quickly followed by the start of a coughing fit. They broke out of their doleful reveries to look over in her direction, finding that she held a hand up to her mouth to try and keep the coughs to herself, not letting the germs spread elsewhere.What she had meant to do was a spit-take after taking a gulp of her Diet Coke, but it had backfired terribly which caused the liquid to go down the wrong part of her throat, thus resulting in an annoying cough-a-thon. Sending a curious glance between them, they then faced Amber to express their weird expressions on their face and concern in their voices.

"You okay?" Sam asked

"Y-Yeah," Amber answered in between her pesky coughs.

"You sure?" Dean then asked her.

Her coughs started to die down giving her enough air and time to answer like she wanted to. "Yeah, I'm f-fine," she answered. "Just went down the wrong h-hole." Both of the brothers gave her a look of uncertainty until Amber waved them off. "G-Guys, seriously I'm fine. Just go b-back to what you were explain e-earlier," a couple more coughs exited before Sam gave her a strange look then went back to what he was saying earlier. Dean then took a sip of his drink absentmindedly.

"Okay," Sam started. "Uh, not long after we made it back here, we…gave you a hunter's funeral upon the pyre out in back…and paid our respects. All of us were in mourning for a while," Sam continued to tell the story.

"But during that time we found ways to cope whether it was on the jobs we found, or researching or taking out some fallen Angels, Demons or Croats, whatever we could find," Dean spoke up, interjecting him as he continued to stare at the cup in his hands.

"Croats?" She drew her brows together, once she finally calmed down from the fit.

"Yeah, those nasty things are a part of a demon virus that made anyone infected via blood to blood contact into murderous zombie-like creatures. They're a pain in the ass to kill," Sam answered.

"Demon virus?" She sounded a little surprised when hearing that. A virus. Created by demons, and it could do that to people? "Oh God, where did I end up at?" she thought to herself, like she was going crazy.

"Yeah, it was supposedly created by Lucifer, but somehow Aliyah and Abaddon got their hands on it," Dean replied.

"Abaddon? Who's he?"

"She," Dean corrected. "Is-or should I say was, a Knight of Hell that Aliyah brought back to life because Aliyah managed to find some sort of spell to bring her back along with a way to create the damn thing. Abaddon took what Aliyah found and caused this demon virus to spread everywhere. She not only wanted to rule the Earth, but also take over Hell and push Crowley off his throne-"

"Whoa, whoa. Crowley?" she interrupted. "How's he involved?" Astonishment fell over her immediately as she leaned forward to sit straight up in her chair with eyes widened and brows raised.

Dean sent a look of concern her way then glanced over to his brother who showed something similar. "How could she not remember? This all happened before she died. Unless this isn't the real her and this my brain creating a version of her in somesort of dream. Wait, if that's true, then how is Sam here?" The thoughts ran in his mind. It wasn't making sense to him and he was going to figure out why. "I thought you knew all this?" He inquired as he shifted in his seat to lean over the table, moving his drink out of the way in the process.

"What was the last thing you remember?" Sam asked a question of his own right after Dean's. He had a sneaking suspicion of why she was asking something that she should have already known, or at least somewhat know.

"I wouldn't be asking if I did, now would I?" she returned. "As for the last thing I remember," she moved her eyes to look at Sam then to Dean as she placed her arms on top of the table, overlapping them lazily, just as she too moved her drink out of the way so she wouldn't knock it over accidentally. "Just walking out of Bobby's place once I found Alissa," she told them, rubbing a small itch she thought she had on her arm, by the crook of the elbow with her thumb.

"Hold on," Dean said immediately after she did. "At Bobby's? What were you doing at Bobby's?"

"And what do you mean you 'found Alissa'?" Sam inquired, again following up after his brother.

"I found Alissa there after she somehow disappeared from her place back in Michigan. Wait," she suddenly stopped in her explanation. "What do you mean by 'What do you mean I found 'found Alissa'?" she asked, accusation subtlety placed in her voice. "What's wrong? She's okay…right?" When both of the brothers instantly went silent for a moment, knots started to twist inside her gut signaling that something wasn't right and she suddenly felt that she couldn't breathe because if they meant what she thought they meant…She didn't dare finish that thought crossing through her mind. No way would that happen.

"Yeah, yeah. She's okay, she's good. She's off on a supply run; should be back within a couple hours," Sam stated, his voice a smidge higher than normal, which caused Sam to internally wince not only at the sound of his voice, it was also the word choice he decided to use. Even Dean immediately noticed what Sam had done but chose not to address it. "Now, you were saying?" Sam asked, switching the subject to an earlier one.

But it was enough for Amber for the sudden knots in her stomach and loss of breath to dissipate. She then sent out a quiet and relieved sigh as her one of her worst fears hadn't come true. "Um, yeah. We were having an argument and Castiel defended me because she found out I was a demon-," Amber stopped her sentence short, instantly regretting the words that came out of her mouth. "Shit!" She cursed to herself. "Oh, this is going to be fun…"

With a cautious look on her face, Sam then took action to hopefully stop those warning bells that were blaring in the back of her mind. "Hey, hey, hey, Amber. It's all right, we know you're a demon," Sam reassured her. "You're okay."

"Whoa-WHAT?" Amber was taken completely aback. Nervousness started to creep up through her body once again. She was seriously hating how close she was to Dean and Sam at the moment because in the back of her mind, there was a warning blaring in her mind to get the hell out of there. "How did you-"

"We found out from Alissa years ago," even with what Sam told her, she still didn't feel safe in the room they were all in. She had to get out.

The need to move was growing steadily. She slowly pushed herself away from the table and started rising up out of her chair "And you're not going to kill me?" She hesitantly asked. "Last I checked, you slaughtered fuckers like me. We're the bad guys in all this," she thought to herself. The need only seemed to increase further when Dean rose up out of his chair as well and started towards her, causing her to move away in fear. "No, no, no. Stay back," she told him holding out her hand in front of her, palm facing out as she kept moving backwards, bumping her hip into the chair she was sitting in as she moved further back.

Dean moved slowly with his hands shown, palm facing her to show that he meant no harm but it was useless her senses were in overdrive. "Amber," he said to her coolly and once she noticed that Sam too got up, it only made it worse.

"S-stay back guys," she insisted. It only took all three of them a couple more steps before she turned around and bolted out of the library to the war room and down the hallway, trying to get as much space between them as possible, heels clacking downthe tile with every step taken.

"Amber, wait!" Dean called out, then mumbled to himself "Dammit…" He almost chased after her until his brother stopped him with a hand on his left arm. Dean looked back at Sam to see the look of the gears turning in his mind. "What?" Dean asked his statement-like question as Sam released his hand from his arm.

"Dean. What if the Amber we're seeing," Sam paused the train of thought for a second until picking it up again at the spot he left off. "Isn't the Amber we know?"

"Well yeah, how could she be? You said it yourself, we burned her body. She can't come back if there's no body to possess and when demons die, there's nothing left to them anymore," Dean didn't mean for those words to sound as harsh as they came out to be in which he mentally winced at them. All in all, it was the truth; a sad, melancholy truth.

"I know that," Sam said. "What I mean is…What if this 'Amber' was brought here from the past somehow. I remember when I was talking with her earlier, she said that the last time she saw me was back at Bobby's on a Skype call with Alissa. The only time that I can think of was back in twenty fifteen, with that case she had to go to her grandma's in Michigan," he stated. "I mean there's a high possibility that someone could have brought her here."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Dean agreed, letting out a quick sigh. "And it's been that long? Wow…can't believe it's beenfifteen years already," he said, mulling over the fact of how time sure had flown since then.

"And plus, you've seen her reactions to some of the stuff we were telling her. She had no freaking clue what we were talking about," Sam pointed out, to which Dean agreed as well.

"Yeah," Dean said, which was soon was followed by a short silence. "Do you think we should have told her everything?" He asked, staring in the direction Amber was previously running towards.

"Dean. Right now, she's trying to choke down the fact that she ended up with you, died protecting her best friend, and all the while being pregnant with your kid," Sam remarked.

"I get that, I do, but don't you think she should at least know that her best friend-the one she died protecting for is-" Dean stated.

"She can only handle so much at one time," only to be interrupted by his younger brother. "Why overload her?"

"It's not going to be pretty once she finds out," Dean mentioned. Another small silence passed between them until Dean's eyes widened in sudden remembrance. "Oh shit," he cursed.

"What?" Sam asked, his voice spoke like he should be preparing for the worst.

"Annabel," was all Dean answered with in return before Sam too also widened his eyes. Both brothers then sprang into motion taking off the down the same way Amber ran just a few minutes ago, hurriedly racing down the halls in a furor of stomping boots across the tiled floor.

A/N:Oh wow! What an interesting chapter this was! Sorry if anyone seems a little OOC.

Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since my last upload and I'm sorry for that but July and going into August haven't been so good for me which included not being at to go to college due to the tuition cost, not able to get any funding from all the grants/scholarships I've filled out, and an end to a long friendship of 7/8 years, I didn't think it would ever end the way it did. This person has helped me tremendously with this story and after the ties have been cut, I just didn't feel like writing and even if I did, I felt like re-doing everything but I also didn't want to go back and spend all that time again reworking when I just basically got back from doing it. So I think the best way for me to move on is just finish up what I have for this section of the story and give this character a send off. I'm sure she is/was one of your favorite characters but I can't keep putting myself through this pain. These upcoming chapters are going to be harder to write and excuse them if they seem to fall short compared to my other ones. I'm trudging through.

Anyway guys, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get chapter 12 done but I hope I can get it up soon so you won't have to wait as long as you did this time and the time before that. Take care!


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