Beginning Again

The First Move

Chapter 3/The First Move

Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.
~Shannon L. Alder

It was about two weeks (give or take a couple days) after Alyse stopped for a visit and life at the Singer house ran its operations like normal; answering phones in case any possible hunters were stuck, needed recommendations, customers dropping by in the Salvage Yard looking for car parts for restorations or just needed a quick fix. Whether it is answering calls or being out in the garage, there were some breaks in between which Alissa would use to their full advantage, switching from being online researching jobs and looking on lore, to drawing, reading her favorite books, even taking a nap or two. It wasn’t the most fun job in the world to do but it was something to past the time when she wasn’t out hunting. Sitting on the old rustic couch of the living room, she had her laptop out searching and checking to see if there were any new cases that might have come up.

I feel my wings have broken in your hands
I feel the words unspoken inside
and, they pull you under
And, I will give you anything you want, oh
you are all I wanted
all my dreams are fallen down
Crawlin' around and around and around

The Remy Zero song filled the silence of the room while she browsed the web, taking a break from cleaning the house (just enough to where Bobby wouldn’t have a hissy fit saying that everything was moved and not where he had originally put it) and helping out the garage for most of the day. It was an abnormally slow day, so she happened to get quite a bit done than what she would usually accomplish.

Somebody save me
let your warm hands break right through it
somebody save me
I don't care how you do it, just stay, stay
C'mon, I've been waiting for you

Her eyes started to droop slowly signifying her lack of the right amount of sleep. She was up most of the night due checking to see if she might have missed any jobs the last time she searched. She sat her laptop down on the small table next to the couch, turned down the music to where she could just barely hear it and shuffled around on top the cushions, getting comfortable. Closing her eyes, she let the sound of the songs playing drift her off to sleep. It didn’t take long for a dream to come floating in.

Bright sunlight shimmered from the luminous blue sky in through the emerald hues from the flittering leaves, down the hickory trunks, to the moss and shamrock shades covering the grounds. The smell of fallen rain hung in the air like a warm, clouding blanket of fog while the distant sounds of birds happily singing away their tunes in this large and wandering forest. The atmosphere had a calming effect that seemed to wash away all the troubles in the world. Crunching leaves and twigs sounded under the footfalls of a woman wearing mid-calf tanned boots, dark wash jeans, and a light blue tank top. Alissa took in her surroundings as they passed and something seemed to be pulling her along like a gravitational force; she tried to fight it, but eventually gave in. It gave her a sense of warmth and relaxation against the cool, breezy air that lead her to a wide open clearing that looked like it went on forever, the other side comprised of a row of great trees just out of reach. The grasses growing tall, wild, and free while the sounds of birds chirping and squawking dwindled until they died out completely, leaving an oddly comfortable quiet with a light and airy aura that people don’t experience often. That pull became stronger to where she was moving subconsciously, like an animal moving on instinct.

She walked until she made her journey to the very center, stopping to a halt as her gaze became fixed on the figure in front of her; someone she’s never met but somehow, someway, she knew this person, but that’s impossible, right? How could she, if she’s never met him before? She didn’t know for certain, but her eyes gazed upon him curiously as she drew closer. In the warm glow of the sun, he stood there looking above him basking in the warmness with his arms hanging to his sides inside a ratty, wrinkly, navy sweatshirt with faded white lettering on the front along with a patch on one of the upper sleeves and worn out, faded blue jeans sporting tears and dirt littering the fabric. Just like the clothing her wore, his tanned face and stance was ragged, worn and exhausted. As she drew closer to the man, more details came to light just how unstable he truly was; deep, dark, set–in bags hung under those oceanic blue eyes that were shiny like glass as they focused and unfocused slowly, the way his hands curled into fists then relaxing and back into fists again. He looked ready to break; collapse, if not fully in half from the metaphorical crack he sustained. Even though that was true, a smile rested contently on his chapped, tea rose, lips.

Taking a couple more steps forward to the ragged man, she felt a sudden nervous lump in her throat when he dropped his head carefully at the sounds of rustling grass and weeds. Her words were caught and she couldn’t figure out why, all she could do was stand and stare; it took what seemed like ages before she was able to get anything out. “Who are you?” Just that simple question changed his facial expression to hardened stone after a spilt second of what appeared to be hurt. His eyes blinked away what would be falling tears as they focused in again, pushing those emotions away as he concentrated on the woman in front of him. Alissa immediately felt the need to calm him down; to comfort him; to hug him and make sure that everything would be okay, but with every step she made forward, he took the opposite one back, she then shifted into a jog then a full out run to try to catch up to him, only he was just out of her arm’s reach.

“Wake...Up...” a deep and gravelly voice echoed, through the area around the two, trailing off with a hitch that caused Alissa to slow down to a walk, then fully to a halt. She couldn’t be sure but it sounded like it was coming from the man.

Her expression became confused and concerned. The lump in her throat was returning, so she took the opportunity to speak with him before she lost the ability again. “What..?” was all that she could muster at that moment.

“Wake Up,” the voice was harsher but this time it had a crack in it; like a sob waiting at the surface. Was this voice, or man, trying to convince himself of something? A twisted feeling rounded in her stomach and it was starting to get to her. “No…She can’t be-“the voice echoed again, distraught evident. “She can’t be gone! NO!” Frightened perfectly described what Alissa was currently feeling right then and there. The sky was darkening to nightfall, stars twinkling overhead and everything turned still for a minute until the sound of ice cracking resounded everywhere. She instantly regretted looking up because across the vast sky was a large, jagged line resembling lightning that was quickly spreading as the cracking sound continued. “WAKE UP,” the voice screamed, reverberating through the space. It was explosive and commanding, louder than anything she had ever heard in her entire life and caused her ears to ring. That was the final action before the cracking became louder until suddenly the sound of shattering glass and falling stars came crashing down on the two in utter chaos and in the midst of it all, everything overwhelmingly went black.

Abruptly she woke with a gasp of air, body rose like a slingshot hitting something, or someone in the process. A split second later she doubled over from the pain in her forehead. Letting out a growl, she sent out a steady stream of air from nose. “Dammit, what the hell?!”

Another voice called out in pained anger that was next to her. “What the fuck was that for?” he barked out gruffly.

Alissa froze before she lifted her head to view where the anger originated from. Despite the pain lingering on her head, a grin spread on her khaki rose colored lips when she darted off the couch to give the voice’s owner a tight hug, her face ended up at his lower chest. “Dean, hi!”

Feeling an added weight attached to him, he looked down to see a brunette with her arms wrapped around him. He chuckled and returned the gesture. “Hey Liss,” Dean greeted. “Okay, next time, don’t rocket off the couch like you did so we bump heads, alright? Shit, that hurt and you got a thick skull,” he rubbed his head where the pain still resided.

She pulled back away from him and gave him a look consisting of a raised left eyebrow and a tiny smile. “Yeah, okay; says the guy who somehow got the idea to hover over me while I was sleeping. That’s your fault, not mine,” she accused jokingly.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Unless that was your dastardly plan all along?” he teased her right back.

“’Cause that’d be exactly what I’m doing when I’m asleep,” she added sarcastically, rubbing the crusty sleep out of her eyes as she looked by the couch to make sure that her laptop was in the same spot she had stuck it before she drifted off.

“So you finally admit it,” Dean commented with a smirk plastered on his face. He wore a dark green, leather jacket on top of a black T-shirt while Levi jeans drooped over his bow shaped legs and dark work boots. Light brown hair covered his head, spiking up and out in the front as leaves filtering through sunlight colored the orbs in his eyes while cream and light tan pasted his skin.

Putting her hands to the sides of her head in fake distress, she added in the matching tone for effect “Oh no! No everything’s ruined! Damn you, Dean,” she crossed her arms over chest as he walked over and wrapped an arm over her shoulder. Alissa’s expression soon changed to blank. “By the way, where’s Sam?”

Dean raised his head and looked out the window behind the couch, towards the door and then back down to her. “Out in the back with Bobby I think he said,” a mischievous smile then played on her lips and a twinkle appeared in her eyes. “I know that look. Go ‘head if you wanna do it. Just make sure you let him know right away or it might turn ugly,” he smiled as he let go of her shoulder before he finally added, “don’t say I didn’t warn though,” and they both headed out of the house, towards the garage.

Bobby looked up from the engine block was currently working on at the perfect time to see Alissa sneaking carefully and Dean following behind her. Alissa then put a finger to her lips signaling not to say anything. When Bobby gave her a slight nod, she looked back at Dean, turned back around to look at the giant who just sat a box down from moving it and tore off down the gravel to the youngest Winchester brother. She jumped to hopefully land on his back and to possibly get a piggy back ride. “Sammy!” she yelled gleefully.

The large, whopping six foot four, man was caught off guard by the new weight behind him, pulling him down. The man had straight, dark brown hair that reached just past his ears, bright hazel with a sunflower design around the pupils of his eyes. He wore a Carhartt jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath, old blue jeans and a pair of steel toed boots. It only took him a second to realize who was hanging onto him and wasted no time to hoist her up farther by snaking his arms up underneath her thighs. “Wolfy!” He cheered as he started to spin around. She hasn’t heard that nickname in such a long time, or so it seemed anyways; probably since she was around eighteen.

“Okay Sammy, I think you better put her down before both of you get dizzy,” Dean said laughing at the sight before him, even Bobby was smiling. It’s been too long since both the brothers had something happy happen for once. Neither of them could remember a truly happy moment like this because with a hunting life, bad times were most likely a given; some were significantly worse than other but the jobs still got done no matter what it took. Alissa jumped off Sam’s back and received an arm over the shoulder hug that Dean gave her not more than five minutes ago.

After an hour or two of being out in the garage, all four of then headed back inside to settle down and catch up on things. Back to the couch Alissa went, Bobby and Sam in the kitchen, while Dean went to grab something from that black and chrome, nineteen sixty-seven, four door, Chevrolet Impala of his. Alissa grabbed her laptop and opened it. It was a small moment later and a pop up notification appeared on the screen stating that ‘Little Chickadee is calling you…’ coming from the Skype application she had on her computer. Without a second thought she accepted the call and a new window appeared sowing another familiar face. A woman with blonde hair reaching to her shoulder, bangs parting to the side that would sometimes fall into her chartreuse eyes, framing her rounded face ruby red lips and rested on her the light red V-neck she wore from what Alissa could see from the camera screen. “Yo, what’s up Amber?” she greeted her best friend on the other end.

“’Ey bae,” the other woman replied, waving a hand in front of the screen. She and Alissa have been friends since middle school and while it didn’t start off the best but once they figured out what they had in common, they grew closer with each passing year. She was and still is the go-to person for advice or anything and vice versa. They’ve had their fights like any friendship would have but when Amber told her that she was a hunter, they seem to be a whole lot closer, especially after that horrible day happened. “How’s it goin’?”

“Who’re you talking to out there?” Bobby called from the kitchen, grabbing something from one of the cupboards. Sam was out of the room, heading up the stairs.

“It’s Amber! Alissa called back loud enough for him to hear her. “She’s on Skype right now.”

Alissa turned back to the screen and Amber had a curious look on her face. “Was that Bobby?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s him, and his grumpiness-,” Alissa started to say.

“I heard that.” Bobby interrupted.

“You were meant to,” Alissa called back as Amber started laughing. “Anyway,” she spoke again. “I’m in Sioux Falls right now.”

Out of nowhere, a wandering Dean shuffled over and sat down next to Alissa’s left side, closest to the kitchen, making her jump from being startled. “Well hey good lookin’, how’re you?” he asked Amber, looking at the screen.

“What the shit, Dean?” Alissa complained scooting over to give them both room after he squeezed in next to her. “First off, don’t scare me like that and second, you could have gone on the other side of me since there’s more room over there.”

“I’ll remember that for next time, okay?” Dean asked but never go the reply he was looking for because both Amber and Alissa gave him an eye roll while Amber also gave him an ‘unbelievable..’ look.

“Anyways.” Amber too started to say.

“Who the fuck are you talking to now?” a man’s voice barked out somewhere on Amber’s side of the screen, interrupting the conversation, again.

Amber inwardly groaned at the oh-so-perfect timing ‘he’ somehow had; she absolutely hated it. “It’s Alissa,” she responded to the voice a bit monotonously and she hoped that neither Alissa nor Dean brought up anything about how she sounded in front of him because the very second the call ends, the third degree and barrage of questions begins and it won’t be pretty.

The man must have walked closer to her because the microphone picked up a faint grumbling, “What the hell does she want?” of annoyance by the tone in his voice which Dean and Alissa shared a quick glance between them of concern for Amber; but they never voiced it, which Amber was thankful for. In the next moment, a guy sat down next to her wearing a red-brown shirt and blue jeans. His hair was short and ruddy that matched his chestnut colored eyes and burgundy rims of his large, oval framed glasses. The expression on his place, square shaped face and rosy brown lips was that of botheration until it was wiped away to put on a mask of friendliness as he soon realized he was on web camera. “Uh, hey, Alissa. What’s up?” he asked her nonchalantly.

“Hi, Alex,” Alissa responded with small uncertainty which she trying to hide it and hoped it was working. “I’m doing okay,” Like Alyse, she hasn’t seen Alex since High school and the last time she had seen or heard him, he never acted like this. Maybe this was the front he put on when he was around Alissa’s friends in public? Once those doors to the outside were closed, the mask came off and his true colors spread like a miasma. As she thought before, people change after high school, some for the better, and others for the absolute worse. Her life way back in Michigan, for the most part, was mainly a blur; whether or not that was a good thing, she was didn’t know.

“So who’s your buddy?” Alex asked her, changing the subject after a short silence.

Oh shit, I was too caught up in my thoughts and forgot Dean was here,” she cursed to herself for the mistake. “Alex, this is Dean Winchester,” she motions her hand in front of her then points her thumb beside her, to Dean. “Dean, this is Alex Petipaw,” she says, moving her hand back to the screen again. “Old classmate and hunter contact.”

Alex’s eyes widen in shock while his mouth went slack-jawed. “Dean Winchester as in, the Dean Winchester? Holy Hell dude!” The other three all gave Alex looks of confusion, not understanding the ‘important’ moment he seemed to be having.

Dean sat there and blinked a few seconds until he answered him, “You’ve heard of me?” he was surprised that the guy on the other side of the screen knew who he was. Most of the time it was demons and angels that knew them, not so much other hunters unless their father, John Winchester, was somehow attached in the conversation.

Heard of you?’ Who hasn't?” Alex questioned in slight disbelief, “You guys are famous in the hunter's world!” Alex added. “I forgot about that too...” Alissa thought to herself. Alex is a hunter and has been since he was probably fourteen or so. His family was never in the hunting business to begin with and that’s probably a good thing because who’d want to be in this business anyways? The only good thing is saving or helping people and you can’t save everyone, which makes it so much more difficult to do while the rest is pain, loss, and grief.

A vampire going in for the kill was what got Alex so involved into hunting, the lore, the out in the field killing things that don’t belong and anything related to it. Alex was walking home one night from staying over at a friend’s house when the vampire had caught him off guard. He then took off running to hopefully escape the creature, but it was useless. Just before he was about to be drained, Alex was saved by a nearby hunter who was working on a case at the time, and ever since then Alex was became involved in the supernatural; which was also reinforced by the monster hunter games he was always playing, looking up various lore online, even learning a trick or two of how to kill off different creatures. It certainly came in handy. His mom didn't know that he was doing this until one day, a kitsune, found him and his mother when it broke in and went straight after him. He killed it and had to explain everything to her and from her reluctance to having anything to do with hunting and/or anything with the supernatural; she finally gave in and joined along. And to this day, they still never figured out as to why it broke in; it’s still a mystery.

Changing the subject, Alissa‘s face changed to emotionless then to curiousness. “So what's going on, Amber?” Her friend looked to her and her expression shifted into something more serious as Dean sent a glance over at Alissa before looking back to the screen with seriousness also etched on his face.

“Well, the reason I called was not just to say 'Hi'-even though that would awesome since we haven’t talked in a while. I call because I found something the other day; a possible case that I thought was interesting, and I think it’s worth checking out,” Amber stated over the screen.

Alissa furrowed her brows “Okay,” she drew out the last part of the word to emphasize her confusion. “What would that be?” Amber cleared her throat inconspicuously and looked over to Dean as if to hint something. Alissa was sent into bewilderment until she followed her friend’s line of sight up to Dean, who was leaning back against the cushions. “Hey Dean?” Alissa asked him, as she now understood what Amber was getting at. “Do you wanna to see if Sam or Bobby need any help out in the back or something?” She asked him without trying to be rude.

Dean looked over at Alissa, “Yeah. I suppose,” then to Amber and Alex on the screen with a fake smile forming on his face. “It was nice meeting you Alex, and it was nice to see you again Amber,” he smiled one more time followed by a nod as he leaned forward, pushing himself off the couch and headed towards the door.

Alissa leans forward with the laptop on her lap as she watches him leave. Once he’s finally halfway to the garage, “Myep,” she pulls back and starts down at the screen again. “He’s gone now. Alright, seriously, what’d you want to show me?”

Amber then turns to Alex, shifting a little in her seat. “Hey Alex, would it be all right if Alissa and I talk alone here? It’s kinda a girl thing,” Alex looks to Amber then to Alissa, his eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion then nodded his head as he gets up from the couch he and Amber were sitting on and walks out of the frame. “Thank you,” she said to him tonelessly.

Alissa didn’t say anything until a minute later, making sure that Alex wasn’t any place close by, or so she guessed anyways. “So, what’cha got for me?”

Looking back at her friend once again, Amber asks her, “’Kay. Do you remember that supposed ‘bear’ attack that happened a few years back at your Grandma B’s place?” she asked, flipping her hair away from her face while her eyes look back and forth across her screen like she’s searching for something.

“Yeah,” Alissa drew out the last part of the word for emphasis. “Why?”

A quick couple seconds of silence passes between the two before Amber speaks again. “Well” she dragged the last syllable out as she spoke, “take a look at this,” sharing her screen with Alissa over the Skype application, a new window appeared and inside displayed what looked to be a newspaper article that had a picture of a white, single story, house with yellow police tape surrounding it. The windows were broken, the front door was busted down, and a part of the back porch deck at one of the corner’s was snapped off, along with the steel railings on the front steps as well. It was really hard to see through the broken windows to assess how damaged the inside of the house looked since some parts of the photos were blurry, but from what she could tell there was heavy amounts as well as blood splattered in various spots across the walls and floor. “It seems there’s another one,” Amber finalized.

Alissa’s eyes widened in disbelief of the damage caused to the house. A sudden realization struck her as she narrowed her eyes, moving closer to the screen to see well. “Wait. This is the neighbor’s house right next door to hers,” she said. “I don’t understand, they always have bears though and maybe one of the people living in the house provoked it? It could have been a momma bear who was protecting her cubs and they sometimes don’t stop just at the door,” Alissa reasoned. “How would this make it a ‘normal’ case?” She became more confused and worried as she looked more into the newspaper article.

“Touché. But take a look at this,” Amber then zoomed in on the article and highlighted a section on one of the paragraphs. “It says here that the police found “a strange yellow substance by the windows and the back door entryway”. They collected sample and sent them to a lab to be researched,” she read aloud, moving her eyes back and forth, scanning the text.

“Just from that alone it sounds like sulfur,” Alissa commented. “Yes, it does sound promising. I guess it couldn’t hurt to see what’s going on,” she added before looking the article over again.

“That It does and I think it might be a good idea to check it out; get you out of out the house since you’ve been cooped up for who knows how long,” Amber smirked at the last part, swishing the blonde hair out of her eyes.

“A good idea to check out what?” A voice cut through the air before Alissa had the chance to reply. She then looked up to see Sam walking into the living room from the stairs.

“Just some case Amber sent over for me to check out,” Alissa told him just as he started to slow down to a stop in the room.

“What’s it about?” Sam asked as he made his way over to the couch and decided to sit down next to her, on her right hand side; compared to Sam in height, Alissa was about the size of a teenager, or so it seemed anyway.

“Hey Sam.” Amber waved her hand to him from the other side of the screen before she raised her eye brows up and down inconspicuously to Alissa a couple times suggestively, which caused her to roll her eyes while putting a hand over her mouth to stop a laugh from escaping as a little bit blush surfaced on her cheeks.

Sam was starting to get a little curious at the scene playing out between the two girls, but decided to push it aside for now. “Hi Amber. How’re you?” he asked courteously.

“I’m doing very well. How are you, Sam?” Amber was trying to get Alissa to start blushing even more, to at least get some sort of laugh out of her; she knew it wouldn’t take too long because Alissa would be able to do that completely on her own without meaning to; it surely doesn’t take much to make her laugh and once she starts, it’s hard to make her stop.

“I’m doing pretty well, for a change, I guess,” he chuckled, shifting a little in his spot on the cushion. After a little dose of small chatter, they decided to get down to business of discussing the information regarding the case; going over possible theories as to what broke in, why it did, how it broke in, what it was looking for, just anything and everything they could possibly think of. It was sometime later when a small silence came, and Sam then took that opportunity to speak up. “Uh, hey, it was nice seeing you again Amber. I hope everything goes well for you and hope we see you soon,” He smiles his signature dimpled grins once again.

“Yeah it was!” she agreed. “I hope we get to chat more often and hopefully next time it won’t be something job related,” Amber smiled warmly shifting her eyes between the two on the other side of the screen. Alissa tried her best to remain cool and keep her composure, but Amber knew; she somehow always knew and not only did that surprise her at times, it also annoyed her to some degree. Was she seriously that easy to read? Was she an open book to her best friend?

“Yeah, yeah. I hope so too,” He agreed while nodding his head.

“I’ll talk to you later, Amber,” Alissa finalized to try and hurry the conversation along so Sam wouldn’t get suspicious. “See ya,” before the call ended, Amber looked to Sam and then to Alissa with an obvious wink, finally disconnecting the call. Sam looked sidelong to Alissa wanting ask a question, but she quickly got up off the couch, grabbing her laptop in the process before he even got the chance to do so.

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