Beginning Again

Oceanic Angel

Chapter 6/Oceanic Angel
"Do actions agree with words? There's your measure of reliability. Never confine yourself to the words."
~Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

It was back on the road again for Alissa. She wished she could have stayed longer but it was time for her to get going. One thing was for certain though after being up north, her grandmother was going to be just fine. She knew for a fact. Her minddrifted over the memories they made, the laughter they shared and the tears shed while she was there. But there was one thing out of all of that she couldn't stop thinking about. It was a dream she had a couple nights before she left that somehow managed to dig in deep to her subconscious, and boy, was it ever bugging the crap out of her.

Dull, gray bricks were layered halfway up the wall with small torch-like lights lined the length of it all, while dark, wooden doors with golden lettering spaced every few feet completed this bland palette of monotone hues. The only sources of liveliness where the distant voices in which were in the middle of a heated argument, words indistinguishable, that echoed through the corridors. One of the voices sounded vaguely familiar but she couldn't quite put a finger on why. Curiosity ended up getting the better of her, so away Alissa went to investigate further. With her back against the wall, she slid along the lengths while keeping the lookout for anyone or anything that came her way. She could never be too careful; don't know just what could be around the bend.

Closer and closer she inched her way along the twisting and turning of those long halls, which finally led into a much larger, warmer, sense of light contrasting the depressing colors. The voices became louder and crystal clear, but all the more confusing for Alissa to understand. Sneaking a peek just around the corner, everything came into view.Inside was a large library of sorts, large and long book cases with marble columns pressed together all down both walls. In some spots had smaller book cases to hold up ancient artifacts; one even had a curved sword! In the middle of the gigantic room, sat two elongated wooden tables. Each having four chairs and a small table lamp illuminating them both with a soft yellow glow.

Two figures stood next to those tables as heated words and animated limbs filled the air. She could see them perfectly clear without either of them noticing her from where she was crouched down along the side of the archway connecting the two rooms. The person closest to her was a tall man who's back as facing her. He was wearing a dark red, long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up halfway on his forearms. Dark jeans and work boots covered the rest of his body. His skin was slightly pale with short brown hair spiked up and out in the front. The one thing that stood out most was his deep and somewhat rough voice that boomed the area. He sounded oddly familiar, it couldn't be who she thought it was, could it? "Dean?" she silently asked herself.

Just to the opposite of the man, a woman wearing a white, form fitted tank top underneath a black leather jacket. Her faded red jeans stood out the most with her ankle high, hiking boots. She had shoulder length, ombre colored hair with striking sea green eyes. Her voice was orotund and not backing down in the slightest. Based on the facial expression and her stance, she was just about ready to tackle him to the floor with punches flying, but held back that notion toactually carry it out that plan.

Alissa listened closely to the exchanged words while trying to get in as close as possible without being spotted. She was only a few feet away now.

"Just what do you mean I can't go with you?" The woman asked with full anger as she leaned against one of the wooden chairs while trying to not snap as she narrowed her eyes.

"I mean exactly that! You can't go with me," he yelled back at her with his hands balled into fits, trying to keep his anger under control.

"And why the hell not?"

"Because I have to do this on my own, that's why!" He spat back at her.

"On your own, my ass!" She yelled, walking closer to him, "There's Croats and Angels everywhere, and you wanna take down big bad all by yourself? Yeah, good luck with that plan."

"Don't you think I already know that?" He spread his arms wide.

"No, not really. You two Winchesters're always like that. Someone's gotta save your hide and that's always been me ever since Blondie and Bitch McGee left," she retorted with a smile and poison on her tongue.

That was thing that made him snap. In a split second, he lunged at her, threw her against one of the columns by a bookshelf. His eyes were full deadly fire in those deep emeralds as he held up his forearms against her neck, keeping on a strong pressure to hold her in place. He spoke through gritted teeth with his warning venomous. "Don't you everspeak of them like that or so help me. I will send your skanky ass right down in that dungeon and once I'm done with you, all that'll be left of you is charred bone. You are not-or ever will be-apart of this team," He stared at her for what seemed like forever before he shoved her forcefully against the column behind her and stomped off.

Before Alissa had the chance to process what went down, a voice from behind jolted her out of her skin, or at least that's what it felt like to her. "Alissa..?" The voice was gravelly but sounded shocked. Quickly, she turned to face the source and came face to face with another man. His skin had a tan tinge with short and ruffled, dark hair and ocean blue eyes. He wore a navy long sleeved T-shirt with a black leather jacket, faded blue jeans, and dark brown work boots. There were some things that stood out about him. His height was the first thing (standing about six foot), and his bright eyes the light blue teardrop shaped necklace he wore over his shirt. It was the exact same as the one Alissa was wearing! But the more important thing that stuck out was the same oceanic blue eyes she definitely had seen before and she couldn't mistake them. They were the same she had seen of the man who stood in that field in the last dream she had. "How are you here?" the man asked her as his eyes start to become shiny.

"I-I'm sorry?" She answered with her own question, eyebrows knitting up in confusion.

"No..." The blue eyes man looked down as he shook his head, "You're not her…"

Becoming all he more confused, she tilted her head slightly and creased her brows together. "I'm not whom?"

"You must wake up now. Go," he lifted his head and looked right into her eyes as a small smile formed on his lips.

"What? I don't underst-" before she even had the chance to finish her sentence, the blue eyed man lifted two fingersto her forehead and whispered softly. The words were the last thing she heard before everything went black.

"Goodbye, Wolfy…"

Cruising down US-10 was smooth sailing. The windows were rolled down, letting in the wonderful summer breeze of July. The radio playing The Permanent Rain by The Dangerous Summer blared through the speakers, her fingers tapping on the steering wheel as she belted out the words.

"So where the hell's my hope, and why can't I just try?

You know I've lost a lot, but I won't let this die.

I know I've got a friend up in the atmosphere,

And another reason not to fear the sky;

No, not tonight."

The sun was shining beautifully against the bright blue sky with barely a cloud in sight. "It's gonna be a good day today. I knowit," Alissa thought to herself as another verse came on the song.

"Can I pull out all the stops, and get out of this town?

I want to make you proud, but I really don't know how.

I know it's not helping to hear me say,

'I wish it was me in the car that day.'

Though something made me stop and think of what you said.

You know it meant a lot, but I was just a kid,

One with all these dreams of growing up and playing music on the road.

I've been screaming all these years and thinking of you both."

Just after the final chorus sounded, Alissa thought she head the faint ruffle of wings just to the right of her, but she could'vebeen hearing things, and it wouldn't be the first time it happened. By this time, another song was playing, and fate would always have their hand in something to make it looks like it was coincidental. Alissa happened to look to over and came across a man sitting in the seat, riding shotgun. With a jerk of her hands on the steering wheel, from her being startled, caused the car to swerve a little on the road. "Jesus! What the hell?" She yells to the man, doing her best to get not only the car, but herself too, back under control.

"No. My name is Castiel," the man responded with monotone in his gravelly voice.

Not really paying attention to the man as she finally gets the vehicle set straight again and trying to not freak out. "What?" She asks, turning the volume down as Trench Coat Angel by Tyler Ward hums through the speakers. "Know what? I don't care," flicking on the blinker, she maneuvers over to the shoulder of the road and puts the car in park. "Okay, first off," she huffs out a breath of air, narrowed her eyes, and points a hard finger at him as she turns to face him. "How did you get in my car? Because you weren't there a minute ago," as she waited impatiently for his response, she thought this was a good time to fully look at 'Castiel'. He was wearing a beige trench coat over top a dark blue suit, a white button down shirt, and black slacks with matching dress shoes. His complexion was slightly tanned with the deepest of blue eyes and short, dark hair with the front combed over to the left. Something looked familiar about him, but, Alissa couldn't figure out why. Was it something about the eyes? The voice, maybe?

"I flew here," Castiel replied monotonously as he turned to face her.

"You flew here," She deadpanned before crossing her arms along her chest while leaning back into her seat. "If you did, where are your wings; or are they invisible?"

The smallest of smiles appeared on his face and if one wasn't paying any attention they would surely miss it. "They aren't. It's because they are on another plane so your human eyes can't see them."

That caught her off guard. She wasn't expecting anything like that, which made her suspicious of the man named 'Castiel'. It wasn't like she was already suspicious enough as it is, but, that just majorly increased it. "Uh-huh," was her only reply as she nonchalantly leaned closer towards her door, ready to make an escape.

Castiel squinted his eyes and furrowed his brows. "I'm sensing some discomfort here," His face relaxed a little. "I didn't mean for that to occur. My Apologies Alissa."

At the sound of her name, her eyes widened but tried her best to stay calm. Her hunter's instincts were raring to go. "How do you know my name? More importantly, just what the hell are you?" She had her hand right on the door handle, itching to go.

"As I have said before, I'm an Angel of the Lord," Castiel answered her back a little confused of the situation.

"Yeah, okay," she scoffed at him. "I'll believe it when I see it. Why're you here then, oh, 'Angel of the Lord'?"

"You need to go home," his response toneless.

"What?" Alissa scrunches her face in confusion. "Home? Dude, what are you talking about? What you need, is to get out of my car."

"We are getting nowhere with this petty argument. We need to go, now," he said, completely disregarding her earlier suggestion.

"We?!" she raised her voice in anger. "There is no we, buddy. So what you can do, is hop your little self outta my car is fly away with your so-called 'wings'," she put up her fingers as air quotes surrounding the last word. "I don't think angels even look like a random dude in a business suit and an over-sized trench coat anyways," she thought to herself, getting somewhat annoyed.

"This," he moves one of his lapels as he glances down for a second and looks back up to her again as if he read her mind. "Is only a vessel," he replies monotonously.

"Vessel?!" She yells and that was her cue to get the hell outta there. She opened the door and jumped out, but, before she was fully out, Castiel grabbed her forearm to stop her. Alissa whipped around, pulling out the long silver blade that was in the waistband, tucked in by the small of her back, and slashed his left arm that held her back. He immediately let go with a yelp as instead of blood being the first to seep out, it was a bright, blue light, shortly after, blood followed and stated to soak the sleeve of the coat. Slammed the car door, she ran as far away from her car and him, putting as much distance as possible. She looked back for a split second to see if he was following, but her get away was cut short because when she turned back around, he was standing there, as if he was waiting for her. She skidded along the ground, raising her blade in the process to deal as much damage as she could in that short amount of time. She slashed at him, but the angel dodged, grabbing her wrist tightly to try make her drop the weapon. Using that moment, she jumped, springing forward and used both feet to kick him in the side. He let go of her wrist and lost his balance causing him to stagger back a couple of steps, almost falling to the ground. That gave her enough time to get back on her feet, grab the dropped weapon from the act, and get away as quick as possible. "What do you want from me?" She asked him, breathing a little heavy.

"You need..," he grunts as he tries to stand straight but the injuries are preventing him from doing so, "to go home," he grunts to himself again. "Something's...Not right."

"What the crap are you talking about, dude?" She asked him, getting slightly annoyed with him. "He's getting on my nerves..." She thought to herself.

"Home… You're old home. It's," he let out a huff of air. "There's something that we need to get from there," he finally got the energy to stand up straight and took a few steps towards Alissa, trying to get to her.

She follows suit and heads the opposite way. Her instincts are screaming at her to take him out but she's holding off for now to get more a little more info, and to stall as much as she can. "Just stay away. Stay right where you are," a high pitched hum whizzes by Alissa causing her to wince in pain, thus causing a headache to start to form. She puts a hand to the side of her head as the headache worsens.

Castiel looks at Alissa with a tilted head and furrowed brows, slight concern laced his voice "Are you alright?"

She stumbles a little as walk back from him, holding her head with one hand and pointing the weapon at Castiel with the other. "Stay back!" She exclaims, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment, only opening them to find that her vision is a little blurry andwhen she lifts her head up to Castiel, something large and black was behind him. They shook slightly, like they were ruffled, but were fading in and out of her vision. Alissa couldn't keep her eyes open for long since the headache was turning into a migraine and got worse as time went on.

"Alissa?" Castiel asked again, walking closer to her.

"Stop!" She yelled at him as a sharp inhale with a groan of pain through gritted teeth escaped her lips. She dropped to her knees as the humming grew louder and her head felt like it was going to explode.

That was it. Castiel couldn't stand by anymore, he needed to help her. He jogged over to Alissa-limp included-with his injuries still present; he could deal with his wounds later. Right now, it was hers he needed to tend to. He knelt down next to her on theleft side and gently put his hands onto her shoulders and spoke calmly. "Alissa," she tried to back away but he held her in place. "I need to get you out of here. Can you try and stand?" She nodded, not being able to speak due to the amount of pain she endured and not wanting to fight against him any longer fearing it would make her injuries worse. Slowly, she got to her feet, her balance was anything but stable. "Just let me help you. I mean no harm. Hold on," he bent down, putting his left arm under her legs by the calves, while his right arm was wrapped around, underneath her left shoulder. He hoisted her up bridal style and carried her to the other side of her car. Quickly, he opened the door and gently lowered her into the passenger seat, shut her door, briskly went to the driver's side, wincing as he did so. He made a double check on Alissa's condition before flipping on the blinker and on down the highway he drove.

A/N: And so we have our favorite Angel has arrived in a not so subtle way.. On the way to the very special chapters ahead. Tissues are mandatory for the next chapter or two, or three. Be ready. It's gonna hurt.

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