Beginning Again

Don't Get Any Closer

Chapter 8/Don't Get Any Closer
"When you think your life is falling apart, it's usually falling together in disguise."
~Charlotte Eriksson

It was one second that they were all standing at Mr. Dunley's place and the next, in front of the green and white barn back at Alissa's. Castiel was somehow nowhere to be seen. Alissa looked at Amber with the same wide eyes that she was giving her. It took a moment for it all to process but once it did, that flick of the switch is when everything changed; her body language shifted, her eyes grew dark with anger and a snarl pulsed on her lips. Amber took a few steps back matching Alissa's steps forward. Amber knew that this day was coming. She knew it from the start but she didn't expect it to go down like this. "A-Alissa just hold on a minute, and let me explain," Amber tried to reason but all her friend could see was red. Alissa charged at her then threw a hard packed punch to her left cheek strong enough to send Amber down to the gravel below. Amber got up as quick as she could by a backwards somersault, then standing back up only to be kicked under the jaw and punched severalmore times. Alissa's bright eyes were now dark in rage. She couldn't believe this. Any of this.

Just before Amber took another tumble to the ground, she swung her leg around to knock Alissa off balance. As Alissa made her fall to her back, Amber shot up and she ran as fast as her heels could take her through the gravel of the large open area of the driveway. Amber first looked to see where her angel 'buddy' was but once she saw that he was gone, she then glanced around for something to stall Alissa with in case Castiel couldn't intervene. Which was kinda stupid. Where the hell is he? There's a brawl going on over here and he's not there to stop it.

"Castiel? Buddy? It would be so, so, so helpful for you to lend some of your angel assistance right about now," Amber pleaded as she came across a small wooden board that was laying on top of one of the piles from where the old barn stood. She quickly grabbed it and swung around her just in time to hit Alissa across the face with it.

Alissa fell to the ground with a huge gash on the side of her face that was starting to bleed. It took a couple moments for her to get her bearing backs after that wallop but once she recovered, she felt something warm flow down the side of her face. She touched it and examined it in front of her, she angered even more, "You bitch," She spat up at her with a sneer.

"I could say the same to you too," Amber retorted back, tightly hanging onto the board like a lifeline. She was unfortunately ready for another go 'round. She kinda wished that Castiel would hurry up and get his feathery ass over here and stop this crazy woman before things got even nastier. Alissa got up again and headed towards her. She held up the board for a shield as Alissa tried to go for another punch. Amber swung again but Alissa ducked out of the way as her first made its impact to Amber's gut causing her to stumble back as the air was knocked out of her lungs. "Castiel, where are you?" Amber wheezed, trying to keep her 'shield' held up.

Alissa was just about to go in for one more punch and Amber was bracing for it until a hand grabbed at her arm. She tried to yank it out of the grip but the grip was too strong. Alissa whipped around to see the face of Castiel. For a split second he was startled by the look of sheer anger that was on Alissa's face but it was quickly erased to one of determination. "Let me go, Castiel," Alissa commanded as she exhaled a quick angry huff.

"You need to calm down," Castiel replied still holding tight to her arm.

"Have you lost your mind?! She's a freaking demon! I swore the next time I came across those black eyed freaks, I would nothesitate to kill it," She turned to face him again, eyes stormy, and spoke to him with a low, threatening tone. "Now. Let. Me. Go. Castiel."

He almost did, but he shoved down that decision and held on. He gave her a stern expression and a definite answer. "I'm sorrybut I can't do that. You need to calm down and think about what you're doing."

"I know what I'm doing. Do you? Let go," Alissa replied as she tried to once again break free. Castiel pulled her close to him with his arms wrapped around and clasped in front of her chest, holding her in place. "What the hell Castiel? What is this? "She struggled even harder, kicking, yelling, anything and everything just to break free. She lifted her legs up close to her chest as she leaned back against him then rocked forward, with the momentum she kicked back like a donkey would, her boots hitting him in the knees, causing him to lurch forward and drop that tight hold.

While Alissa was stalled, it gave Amber enough time to recover and get some needed air into her lungs. She grabbed the board and swung it like a baseball bat as fast and as hard as she could swing it. But just only grazed over Alissa's head and it would've made its mark if she hadn't moved out of the way once again. Amber then got the idea to just chuck it at her, run and hope for the best. She heard the thump of the board when it hit the gravel but didn't bother to turn around to see if it worked or not. She ran past Castiel and skidded to a stop. She knew that Alissa couldn't keep this up for long. As Alissa turned around to follow Amber, Castiel stood in front of her, he did not give her the chance to do anything else as he placed two fingers on her forehead and out like a light she was. He caught her just in time before she fell to the gravel.

As Castiel picked Alissa up and carried her bridal style, he looked back at Amber who was standing there with her armscrossed over her chest. "Are you alright?" He asked her as he walked closer to her.

"Yeah. I'm doing just fine," Amber replied shortly. "Not like I was getting my ass beat over here while you're who the hell knows where. By the way, where the fuck were you?! I had to take a freaking two by four and whack her with it-

"You what?" Castiel interjected as his facial expression changed to worry then to anger when he saw the injuries on her face,he quickly turned at Amber with a hard glare.

"Hey, no, don't you put that blame on me! I had to do something to give me a little time to get away from Miss Crazy. "

"I am here now," Castiel replied as they both walked up back to the house with an unconscious Alissa in his arms.

"Yeah. Now. It's not like I've been calling you or anything," she held the doors open leading into the mudroom and into the main part of the house after finding the hidden key that was stashed in the chicken coop. Once they brought her in the house, Castiel went into the living room and laid Alissa gently onto the couch, careful not to wake her. Even though that wouldn't happen, he still felt the need to do so. Amber plops down on one of the chairs to the loveseat, taking off her heels in theprocess. "And for future reference, don't piss off the Capricorn because holy shit can she do damage."

"Yes she can," Castiel mumbled to himself as he sat in the opposing chair, elbows above his knees that still hurt just a bit, his hands folded out in front as he gazed out looking to the faded light purple rug under his feet.

"What?" Amber asked while pulling the cord up to recline back in her chair.

"Hm?" Castiel hummed back glancing between Alissa and Amber as he followed her lead on reclining back.

"Never mind," she took a pause. "Right now, all I wanna do is relax and hopefully heal these wounds. If I fall asleep and she starts waking up, you get my ass up immediately. Not five minutes from then, immediately," Amber clarified, trying to get comfortable.

"Demons do not require sleep. Neither do angels," Castiel stated, he then looked back down on the floor, running his hands along his face like he was thinking about making a big decision.

"Yeah, yeah, Details. I still like the feeling of sleep thank you very much," she retorted back, flipping over so her back faced to him as she tried to imagine dozing off.

It was a few short hours later, the sun was starting to set, it was around six or seven in the evening and Alissa was starting to wake up. She slowly opened her sleepy eyes to look around at her surroundings but it only took a couple seconds for her to realize what happened and where she was. She abruptly sat up as all of the anger she had earlier started to flow back in again. Castiel and Amber were now sitting at the dining room table until they heard a few thumps of feet hitting the hardwood floor. They both turned towards the sound, Castiel was the first out his chair and over to Alissa's side as she came quickly stomping up, pissed off once again. He stepped in between both of them to stop something before it started. "Alissa wait. Stop and think before we do something we might regret later," Castiel reasoned with her while blocking her view of Amber who was now standing with hands on her hips and a look on her face that signified that she was partially done with the situation.

"Why the hell are you defending her in the first place?!" Alissa asked accusingly as she pushes Castiel out of her road, walking up to her and stopping within arm's reach, "How the hell can I even begin to trust you again? Huh? Answer me that," a bitter laugh escapes out of her mouth. "Oh look," Alissa hold out her right hand pretending to hold an object in it. "Here's your trust," Alissa then pretends to drop it, try to catch it and then imitates the sound of glass shattering. "Oops. Can't put that together again, now can I?" She put up a fake smile as those horrible words slithered along.

The words just kept pouring out. The way that she spoke and her facial expressions could be compared to a snarling wolf. Each word seemed to be laced with daggers or knives. The physical injuries Amber could deal with, it was the emotional ones that made her shut down. "You know. I've know you, for what? Twelve years now? Twelve years. Twelve. Freaking. Years. And not once have you tried to tell me," Another laugh echoes in the living room that seemed to turn ice cold as the verbal onslaught continued. "How fucking could you?! I trusted you! You were my closest friend and now that's out the damn window," Alissa took a moment to pause. "Wow. Who knew? Who knew what piece of work you are?"

Amber looked ready to break down and let that dam that was being held back, go. She tried to not let any of her emotions show what she was really feeling inside. Castiel couldn't take this anymore. He couldn't stand by and watch this all unfold. Itwas becoming too much, even for him. He forcefully stepped between and stood in front of Amber to shield her from anymore horrid words being slung her way. "Okay, that's enough!" Castiel's voice boomed in the small environment that caught both of them off guard. "There's absolutely no reason for this to happen. None. There's also no need for this kind of torment. Especially from you. She's been through so much already, like you have, why add more to it?"

He looked at Alissa carefully, his ocean orbs into her steely blues. She let out a loud huff before walking off to the kitchen. Finally having the courage to speak after that rapid fire of poison, Amber was able to get the courage she needed to speak out. "If I was going to hurt you then I already would have. I didn't tell you because Castiel specifically told me not to even breathe a word of it. I almost came close. I wanted so bad just to let everything out. I felt like I had to but if I did then, Castiel would have my hide. And on top of that can you honestly recall one moment where I didn't throw myself in the line of fire to protect you? Name one moment."

Alissa stopped dead in her trail and turned to face her. "How would I know if that was true or not? That could've all just been a cruel game to string me along then dump me someplace in the middle of freaking nowhere."

Now it was Amber's turn to get mad. "Are you seriously shitting me right now? Use some fucking common sense, Alissa! You would've known for a fact-For. A. Fact. If I was so called 'stringing you along'. You would've known from the get go if that was true or not."

Alissa just shook her head in disbelief. "Know what? I'm done. I'm through with all of this. This 'friendship' never happened. Good fucking bye," she then started walking to the corner to go out to the mudroom.

Castiel jogged after her to try and get her to stop, "Alissa. Wait," he called. He followed her out to the garage where she was grabbing her duffle from the backseat. Once he ran down the small flight of steps and to the dark gray space, she was gone without a trace.

The next thing she knew, she was walking down the gravel driveway of good ole Bobby Singer's house. She stopped dead with a duffle hanging off of her shoulder, and looked around. She stood there in bewilderment, "What in the hell?" Why was she at Bobby's? How did she manage to get there?

A/N: WHOA, AMBER'S A DEMON. WHO KNEW? Didn't expect that, did ya?

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